Class 8 English Chapter 6 MCQs The Open Window

The Open Window MCQs

NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Book Chapter 7 “The Open Window” Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

The Open Window MCQs – Here is a compilation of Free CBSE Class 8 English It So Happened Book Lesson 7 The Open Window. Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new Exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 8


1. Who is the writer of the lesson “The open window”?

A. T.S. Eliot
B. Pablo Neruda
C. Ruskin Bond
D. H. H. Munro


2. How old was the niece?

A. Twelve
B. Fourteen
C. Fifteen
D. Sixteen


3. What was the niece’s name?

A. Vera
B. Vara
C. Vira
D. Vari


4. Did Framton Nuttel know her aunt personally?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Not mentioned in the story


5. Why had he come to the country?

A. For retirement
A. For enjoyment
A. For nerve cure
A. All of the Above


6. What did his sister give him?

A. Letter of recommendation
B. Map of the country
C. Her place of residence
D. Letters of Introduction to people


7. How many years ago did his sister stay in the country?

A. Seven
B. Four
C. Five
D. Six


8. What did he say when the niece asked, “Do you know many of the people round here?”

A. “Yes”
B. “No”
C. “Many”
D. “Hardly a soul”


9. “ An undefinable something about the room seemed to suggest_________ habitation”

A. Masculine
B. Feminine
C. Animal
D. Human


10. When did her tragedy happen?

A. One year ago
B. Two years ago
C. Three years ago
D. Four years ago

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11. “You may wonder why we keep that window wide open on an _______ afternoon”

A. October
B. November
C. December
D. March


12. Who all went for shooting?

A. Mrs Sappleton’s husband
B. Mrs Sappleton’s two brothers
C. Spaniel
D. All of the Above


13. How has the niece been described?

A. Not confident
B. Self-possessed
C. Cheerful
D. Anxious


14. What was the name of Mrs Sappleton’s younger brother?

A. Framton
B. Ronnie
C. Ruskin
D. Robert


15. “ That is why the window is kept open every evening till it is quite ____.”

A. Dawn
B. Night time
C. Morning
D. Dusk


16. Framton Nuttel had come for a _____.

A. Vacation
B. Rural retreat
C. Business meeting
D. None of the above


17. Was Framton aware that her hostess was giving him only a fragment of her attention?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Not mentioned in the story


18. What did the doctors not agree on?

A. Framton’s complete rest
B. Absence of mental excitement in Framton’s life
C. Framton’s diet
D. All of the above


19. What suddenly caught Mrs Sappleton’s attention?

A. Framton’s detail about his illness
B. Her husband and three brothers
C. Vera
D. None of the above


20. What were Mrs Sappleton’s family just in time for?

A. Breakfast
B. Lunch
C. Dinner
D. Tea

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21. Did they appear to Mrs Sappleton as they were muddy up to the eyes?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Not mentioned in the story


22. “Framton shivered slightly and turned towards the niece with a look intended to convey ___________ comprehension”

A. Empathetic
B. Consoling
C. Comforting
D. Sympathetic


23. Why was the child looking through the window with dazed horror in her eyes?

A. She saw a ghost
B. She saw Mrs Sappleton’s husband and two brothers coming
C. She was afraid that everyone would come to know about her made-up story
D. Both B and C


24. “In the deepening twilight three figures were walking across the lawn towards the window, they all carried ____ under their arms,”

A. White coat
B. Guns
C. Sapiens
D. None of the above


25. “and one of them was additionally burdened with a _____ hung over his shoulders”

A. White coat
B. Guns
C. Sapiens
D. None of the above


26. What were the dimly noted stages in his headlong retreat?

A. Hall door
B. Gravel drive
C. Front gate
D. All of the Above


27. Who was Framton about to have a collision with?

A. Mrs Supleton
B. Mrs Suppleton’s husband
C. Cyclist
D. Sapien

Answer- C.Cyclist

28. What according to the niece, scared Framton away?

A. Ghost
B. Mrs Suppleton
C. Sapien
D. None of the above


29. “He was once hunted into a cemetery somewhere on the banks of the ______ by a pack of dogs”

A. Ganges
B. Countryside
C. Village
D. Yamuna


30. “_______ at short notice was her specialty”

A. Romance
B. Drama
C. Storytelling
D. Lying

Answer Key for Class 8 English It so Happened Book Lesson 7 The Open Window MCQs



Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 D 11 A 21 B
2 C 12 D 22 D
3 A 13 B 23 D
4 B 14 B 24 B
5 C 15 D 25 A
6 D 16 B 26 D
7 B 17 A 27 C
8 D 18 C 28 C
9 A 19 B 29 A
10 C 20 D 30 A



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