Class 8 NCERT Honeydew Book Chapter wise difficult word meanings 

Do you need help with the meanings of the difficult words you’re reading in Honeydew book, the Class 8 English book? We’re here to provide a helping hand. The Honeydew Book Prose glossary is organised chapter wise to make it easier to find the meanings you the words you need. Everything from “The Open Window” to “The Best Christmas Present in the World” is here for you. The meanings we provided were written by subject matter experts to ensure that you not only learn the meaning of each word, but also how it is used in the larger context of the lesson. If you want to appreciate the depth and details of Honeydew’s Prose lessons, don’t let a lack of English vocabulary hold you back. Get started right away using our CBSE Class 8 English word meanings for prose.

Here, the difficult words and their meanings of all the Chapters of CBSE Class 8 English Honeydew Book have been compiled for the convenience of the students. This is an exhaustive list of the difficult words and meanings of all the Chapters from the Honeydew book for NCERT Class 8 English. The difficult words’ meaning have been explained in an easy language so that every student can understand easily.

Class 8 English Honeydew Word meaning of Prose

Chapter 1  The Best Christmas Present in the World


  1. Bathsheba- (in the Bible) the mother of Solomon, also a character in the book, Far from the Madding Crowd
  2. Boarded-up – covered with wooden boards
  3. Bridport- A market town in Dorset, England 
  4. Brute force- achieved through the application of a lot of force
  5. Burned out- destroyed by fire
  6. Cello- a musical instrument like a large violin
  7. Clumsily mended- unprofessionally repaired as if by someone unskillful 
  8. Crisp- (of the weather) cool, fresh and invigorating
  9. Dugout- a shelter for soldiers made by digging a hole in the ground and covering it.
  10. Frame of mind- a particular mood that influences one’s attitude or behaviour
  11. Fritz- (here) a name for a German soldier (Fritz is a common German name) 
  12. Frosty- (of the weather) very cold, with frost forming on surfaces
  13. Gabriel Oak- a character in the book Far from the Madding Crowd
  14. Goalposts- either of the two upright posts of a goal 
  15. Gripping – (here) holding
  16. Huddles- crowd together
  17. Junkshop- A shop selling miscellaneous second-hand or old out of use material
  18. Lit up- became bright with excitement, happiness
  19. Lopsided- asymmetrical
  20. Marzipan- a sweet covering on a cake made from sugar, eggs and almonds
  21. Matron- a woman in charge of domestic and medical arrangements at an institution
  22. Mingling- mix or cause to mix together
  23. Muddle-headed- confused
  24. No man’s land- disputed ground between the front lines or trenches of two opposing armies.
  25. Outstretched- extend 
  26. Parapet- a protective wall or earth defence along the top of a trench or other place of concealment for troops
  27. Ration- fixed amount of a commodity officially allowed to each person
  28. Restore- repair (here)
  29. Roll-top desk- a writing desk with a flexible cover sliding in curved grooves
  30. Schnapps- a German drink made from grain
  31. Scorch marks- burn marks
  32. Scruples- feelings that make you hesitate to do something wrong
  33. Sello-taped- fastened or sticked with transparent adhesive tape
  34. Sergeant Troy- a character in the book Far from the Madding Crowd
  35. Spotted it- saw it; found it
  36. Standing to- taking up positions
  37. Stuck fast- shut tight
  38. Suffused with- spread all over her face
  39. Taken their toll on- damaged
  40. Tenderly- with gentleness, kindness and affection
  41. Tommy- a common English name, used here to refer to British soldiers
  42. Trenches- long deep ditches in the ground where soldiers hide from the enemy
  43. Veneer- a thin layer of plastic or decorative wood on furniture of cheap wood
  44. Was going for- was selling for
  45. White flag- The white flag is an internationally recognized protective sign of truce request for negotiation
  46. Wispy- (of hair) fine

Chapter 2  The Tsunami


  1. Acute hearing- reacting readily to stimuli or impressions; sensitive
  2. Archipelago- a group of many islands and the surrounding sea
  3. Carcasses- the dead body of an animal
  4. Chaos- complete disorder or confusion
  5. Clinging- hold on tightly to
  6. Cooperative society- A co-operative society is an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly-owned and democratically-controlled enterprise.
  7. Daze- a state of stunned confusion or bewilderment 
  8. Enticed- attract or tempt by offering pleasure or advantage
  9. Eyewitness- a person who has seen something happen and can give a first-and description of it  
  10. Fled- run away from a place or situation of danger
  11. Forewarned- inform someone of a possible future danger or problem
  12. Guest house- a private house offering accommodation to paying guests
  13. Hysterical- affected by or deriving from uncontrolled emotion; when you are hysterical, you shout, laugh or cry in a wild excited way, without any control over yourself
  14. Kamorta- one of the Nicobar Islands 
  15. Nancowry island- an island in the central part of the Nicobar Islands
  16. Perished- die, especially in a violent or sudden way
  17. Port Blair- Port Blair is the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, a union territory of India in the Bay of Bengal
  18. Recede- move back from where it was
  19. Refuge- shelter or protection from danger
  20. Relief helicopters- helicopters bringing help to people (e.g. during floods)
  21. Resort- a place where people go on holiday 
  22. Resort- a place where people go on holiday 
  23. Sixth sense- a supposed intuitive faculty giving awareness not explicable in terms of normal perception
  24. Slammed- hit something with great force 
  25. Sumatra- it is a large Indonesian island
  26. Sumatra- it is a large Indonesian island
  27. Surge- force; momentum
  28. Traumatised- greatly shocked and distressed
  29. Tremor- a slight shake (Earth tremors: the Earth’s shake during an Earthquake)
  30. Uprooted- pull (something, especially a tree or a plant) out of the ground 
  31. Whirlpools- a quickly rotating mass of water in a river or sea into which objects may be drawn, typically caused by the meeting of conflicting currents
  32. Withstood- endured without collapsing

Chapter 3  Glimpses of the Past


  1. Adjutant- a military officer who acts as an administrative assistant to a senior officer
  2. Angrez- Englishman
  3. Arrears- money that is owed and should have been paid earlier
  4. Brewing- something is about to happen and something is being prepared
  5. Child marriage- marriage of a girl or boy before the age of 18
  6. Clerk- Clerks perform a variety of clerical and administrative duties such as answering the telephone, typing documents, filing, and liaising with clients
  7. Conquests- the subjugation and assumption of control of a place or people by military force; conquering
  8. Cripple- cause (someone) to become unable to walk or move properly
  9. Despise- feel contempt or a deep repugnance for 
  10. Dethroned- remove (a monarch) from power
  11. Discontent- dissatisfaction with one’s circumstances
  12. Famines- extreme scarcity of food
  13. Grievances- a real or imagined cause for complaint, especially unfair treatment
  14. Incidentally- used to add a further comment or a remark; by the way
  15. Inevitably- as is certain to happen; unavoidably 
  16. Intellectuals- a person possessing a highly developed intellect
  17. Learned man- a person great and varied learning
  18. Massacred- deliberately and brutally kill (many people)
  19. Merchants- a person or company involved in wholesale trade, especially one dealing with foreign countries or supplying goods to a particular trade
  20. Oppression- prolonged cruel or unjust treatment or exercise of authority
  21. Peasants- a poor smallholder or agricultural labourer of low social status 
  22. Petty- of secondary or lesser importance, rank or scale
  23. Pitched battle- a violent confrontation involving large numbers of people
  24. Pittance- a very small or inadequate amount of money
  25. Preached- publicly proclaim or teach 
  26. Prosper- succeed in material terms; be financially successful 
  27. Rebellion- an act of armed resistance to an established government or leader
  28. Reform- make changes in something in order to improve it
  29. Revolted- take violent action against an established government or ruler
  30. Santhals- a member of a large indigenous group living mainly in eastern India
  31. Scorned- feel or express contempt or disdain for
  32. Sepoys- an Indian soldier serving under British or other European orders  
  33. Short-sighted- lacking imagination or foresight
  34. Sore- upset and angry
  35. Subdue- overcome or bring under control; conquer
  36. Superior- higher in quality
  37. Superstitions- a widely held but irrational belief in supernatural influences, especially as leading to good or bad luck, or a practice based on such relief
  38. Untouchability- the practice of ostracising (excluding) a minority group by segregating them from the mainstream by social custom or legal mandate (now outlawed in India)
  39. Upsurge- an upward surge in the strength or quantity of something; an increase

Chapter 4  Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory


  1. Affluence- the state of having a great deal of money
  2. Anxiously- in a matter resulting from or revealing anxiety 
  3. Bawarchi- hindi word for a cook
  4. Boulder- a very big rock
  5. Bracing- stimulating
  6. Came round- regained consciousness
  7. Carry on- continue
  8. Clamped- (here) put
  9. Close quarters- very near to a person or thing
  10. Conscientious- careful and correct
  11. Deliberate- done consciously and intentionally
  12. Didn’t beat about the bush- came straight to the point
  13. Getting into other people’s hair- to annoy or bother someone
  14. Going nuts- going mad or crazy
  15. Hastings- rapidity of action or motion
  16. Having a rough time- having a lot of problems
  17. Head reeled- he was shocked and confused
  18. Head was in a whirl- confused and able to think clearly (here)
  19. Idle chat- unnecessary; routine conversation 
  20. In retribution of- as a punishment for
  21. Inconceivable- not capable of being imagined or grasped mentally; unbelievable
  22. Incredulous- unbelieving or doubtful 
  23. Intimate- very personal and private
  24. Intruder- a person who intrudes
  25. Lingered- spend a long time over something
  26. Losing his mind- becoming mad
  27. Meek- quiet; humble
  28. Must see about consulting- (here) may have to consult
  29. Nuisance- a person or thing causing inconvenience or annoyance
  30. Off and on- now and then
  31. Procured- got (with a little difficulty)
  32. Ruthless- having or showing no pity or compassion for others
  33. Shook his head- an act to show agreement
  34. Sighed- emit a long, deep audible breath expressing sadness, relief, tiredness, or similar
  35. Sleuthing- carry out a search or investigation in the manner of a detective
  36. Snuggling- settle or move into a warm, comfortable position
  37. Spoke quietly- speaking in a calm and even tone
  38. Thoughtful- absorbed in or involving thought
  39. Thrillers- a novel, play or film with an exciting plot, typically involving crime or espionage
  40. Throw your mind back- think back and recall a past event
  41. Tranquilliser- a medicine to reduce stress and anxiety
  42. Tried to gather his wits together- make an effort to become calm and think clearly
  43. Turning up like a bad penny- appearing at a place where one is not welcome
  44. Unfeeling- unsympathetic
  45. Utter disbelief- complete surprise
  46. Utterly- absolutely
  47. Wits- intelligence

Chapter 5  The Summit


  1. Akin- similar 
  2. Aloofness- distant 
  3. Ascent- climb
  4. Belays- fixes a rope
  5. Brutal- unpleasant or harsh
  6. Communion- the sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings, especially on a mental or spiritual level
  7. Conquest- conquering
  8. Defied- frustrated; resisted
  9. Endurance- tolerance
  10. Ennobling- give someone a noble rank or title
  11. Exhilarating- very exciting
  12. Firm in- make yourself firm
  13. Glimpsing- catch or get a sight of
  14. Grim- harsh
  15. Humility- the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance
  16. Jubilant- very happy because of success
  17. Majesty- magnificence or great beauty
  18. Mystical- inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe and fascination (other-worldly)
  19. Obeisance- deferential respect
  20. Ordeals- painful experiences
  21. Overwhelmed- have a strong emotional effect on Formidable- strong and powerful 
  22. Panorama- view of a wide area
  23. Persistence- the fact of continuing in a course of action in spite of difficulty
  24. Relic- artefact
  25. Remote- distant
  26. Resolutely- with determination or firmness
  27. Reverence- deep respect for someone or something
  28. Ruggedness- roughly irregular, heavy or hard in outline or form 
  29. Summit- the highest point of a hill or a mountain
  30. Surged- arose suddenly and intensely
  31. Tinge- race; shade

Chapter 6  This is Jody’s Fawn


  1. A close shave- a narrow escape
  2. Abandoned- having been deserted or left 
  3. Acorns- small brown nuts
  4. Adjacent- nearby
  5. Alarm- frighten
  6. Balked- was unwilling 
  7. Bleat- the weak, wavering cry made by a sheep, goat, or calf.
  8. Bleated- make a characteristic weak, waving cry
  9. Bough- a main branch of a tree
  10. Butted- hit something with the head or horns
  11. Buzzard- a large hawk like bird of prey with broad wings and a rounded tail, often seen soaring in wide circles
  12. China deer- a clay deer that is easily broken 
  13. Clacked- make a sharp sound or series of noises 
  14. Clearing- an open space in a forest, especially one cleared for cultivation
  15. Clutched- to grasp something tightly 
  16. Convulsion- shiver
  17. Crackling- sharp sound
  18. Dangling- hanging or swinging loosely
  19. Delirious- (here) extremely excited
  20. Dilated- enlarged
  21. Doe- a female deer
  22. Drift back to- go back to
  23. Ecstasy- an overwhelming feeling of great happiness or joyful excitement
  24. Enchanted- filled with delight, charmed 
  25. Endure- (here) handle
  26. Every which way-in different directions
  27. Fawn- a young deer in its first year
  28. Flapped- (of a bird) move (its wings) up and down when flying or preparing to fly; flutter
  29. Fondle- Stroke or caress lovingly
  30. Frantically- in a hurried, excited or disorganised manner
  31. Gasped- catch one’s breath with an open mouth, owing to pain or astonishment
  32. Gave himself over to- to spend all your time and energy doing or feeling something 
  33. Gurgling- making or characterised by a hollow bubbling sound
  34. Hemmed in- (here) caught in a situation where one can’t say no
  35. Hissed- make a sharp sibilant sound as of the letter s
  36. Hoist- an act of raising or lifting something
  37. Hooves- the horny part of the foot of a horse 
  38. Kept your head- stayed calm in a difficult situation
  39. Light-headed- Unable to think clearly
  40. Limply- lacking stiffness
  41. Makes a bearing- acts as a compass and helps to identify directions
  42. Mounted- riding an animal, typically a horse
  43. Obliged- be grateful
  44. Quivering- trembling or shaking with a slight rapid motion
  45. Romp- play
  46. Scrawny- thin and bony
  47. Scrub- small form of a plant
  48. Sidled back- walked back quietly, trying not to be noticed
  49. Sleek- smooth and shiny
  50. Startled- feeling or showing sudden shock or alarm 
  51. Stride- walk with long, decisive steps in a specified direction
  52. Stroked- move one’s hands gently over a surface, repeatedly; caress
  53. Thicket- a dense group of bushes or trees
  54. Thieving- the action of stealing 
  55. Tumbled- having fallen or collapsed
  56. Twigs- a slender woody shoot growing from a branch or stem of a tree or shrub
  57. Vines- climbing or trailing woody-stemmed plant related to the grapevine 
  58. Wander- to roam 
  59. Wavered- move in a quivering way; flicker
  60. Wobbling- move unsteadily in a particular direction (particularly from side to side)

Chapter 7  A Visit to Cambridge


  1. Accessory- not essential, but extra, though decorative
  2. Amusing- causing laughter and providing entertainment
  3. Anguish- severe mental or physical pain or suffering 
  4. Astrophysicist- scholar of astrophysics – branch of physics dealing with stars, planets, etc 
  5. Buoyant- intensely active and vibrant
  6. Chronically- in a persistent and recurring way
  7. Claustrophobic- very small and suffocating (‘Claustrophobia’ is abnormal fear of being in an enclosed space)
  8. Cliche´- phrase or idea used so often that it loses its meaning
  9. Disembodied- separated from the body
  10. Exhilaration- a feeling of happiness, excitement or elation
  11. Gleefully- very happily
  12. Incandescence- inner glow or light
  13. Inflection- rise and fall of the voice in speaking
  14. Metaphor- a thing regarded as representative or symbolic of something else.
  15. Patronise- to be kind or helpful to someone, but to talk to them as if they are inferior
  16. Propelled- drive or push something forward (here, it means come)
  17. Rumbling- a continuous deep, resonant sound (probably of the wheels, here)
  18. Sentimental- prompted by feelings of tenderness or nostalgia
  19. Slump- sit, lean, or fall heavily and limply.
  20. Synthesiser- an electronic musical instrument, typically operated by a keyboard, producing a wide variety of sounds by generating and combining signals of different frequencies
  21. Torso- upper part of the body
  22. Wasted- weak or emaciated

Chapter 8  A‌ ‌Short‌ ‌Monsoon ‌ Diary


  1. Admonishes- warn or reprimand someone firmly
  2. Attics- a space or room inside or partly inside the roof of a building.
  3. Blankets- covers
  4. Bloodletting- losing blood (decades ago, leeches were used to remove blood from a patient’s body)
  5. Blunders- act clumsily
  6. Bobbing-make a sudden move so as to appear or disappear 
  7. Burrows- a hole or tunnel dug by a small animal, especially a rabbit, as a dwelling
  8. Caress- touch gently 
  9. Chopping up- to cut something into small pieces
  10. Chuchundars- hindi word for shrew
  11. Cobra lily- common name of several plants
  12. Conceal- not allow to be seen; hide
  13. Contrive- manage to do something
  14. Corrugated- (of a material or surface) shaped into a series of parallel ridges and grooves so as to give added rigidity and strength
  15. Creeper- any plant that grows along the ground, around another plant, or up a wall by means of extending stems or branches 
  16. Crevices- narrow openings or cracks in rock or wall 
  17. Dearth- a scarcity or lack of something
  18. Disconsolately- unhappily 
  19. Drainpipe- a pipe for carrying off rainwater or liquid refuse from a building
  20. Drenched- wet thoroughly; soak
  21. Drongos- a song bird with a stout bill
  22. Drumming- falling noisily
  23. Ferns- a flowerless plant with feathery green leaves
  24. Flitting- move swiftly and lightly
  25. Heralded-  announced or brought the news of 
  26. Hushed- very quiet and still  
  27. Imprecations- curses 
  28. Insectivorous- (of an animal) feeding on insects, worms and other invertebrates
  29. Landour- a small cantonment town touching Mussoorie
  30. Leeches- an aquatic or terrestrial annelid worm with suckers at both ends. Many species are bloodsucking parasites
  31. Lush- (of vegetation, especially grass) growing luxuriantly
  32. Melancholy- very sad (the mist is called melancholy because it makes people feel melancholy)  
  33. Menace- be a threat or possible danger to
  34. Mist (noun)- a cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth’s surface that limits visibility (to a lesser extent than fog; strictly, with visibility remaining above 1 km)
  35. Mist (verb)- cover or become covered with mist
  36. Ravine- valley
  37. Rears- grow or cultivate (plants) 
  38. Scarlet minivets- bright red bird like a cuckoo
  39. Shrew- a small insectivorous mammal resembling a mouse, with a long pointed snout and tiny eyes 
  40. Snapping up- to take someone or something quickly or eagerly
  41. Squatted- sat (here)
  42. Suffused- gradually spread through or over
  43. Swish- move with a hissing or rushing sound
  44. Thrush- a small or medium-sized songbird, typically having brown back, spotted breast and loud song

Chapter 9  The Great Stone Face-I‌‌


  1. Affectionate- loving, caring  
  2. Banquet- feast
  3. Beheld- saw 
  4. Benign- kind, gentle 
  5. Clustering- gathering 
  6. Dashed- (here) stopped forcefully
  7. Enormous- very big 
  8. Fanciful- over-imaginative and unrealistic
  9. Folly- lack of good sense; foolishness
  10. Gazing- look steadily and intently, especially in admiration or thought
  11. Gigantic- immense
  12. Heap- pile 
  13. Idle talk- foolish or irrelevant talk
  14. Immense- huge 
  15. Industrious- diligent and hard-working
  16. Inhabitants- people living in the valley; dwellers 
  17. Labour- work 
  18. Likeness- the fact or quality of being alike; resemblance
  19. Majestic- having or showing impressive beauty
  20. Marvellous- extremely good or pleasing; splendid
  21. Native- a person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not
  22. Noblest- having or showing fine personal qualities or high moral principles
  23. Pardonable- able to be forgiven; excusable
  24. Pensive- thoughtful 
  25. Perpendicular- (cliff or rock-face) rising very steeply
  26. Proclaimed- (here) said loudly, announced
  27. Prophecy- statement that tells what will happen in the future 
  28. Remarkable- worthy of attention; extraordinary
  29. Renowned- famous 
  30. Shrewdness- the quality of having or showing good powers of judgement; sharpness
  31. Spectator- onlooker; watcher
  32. Stirred- arouse strong feeling in someone
  33. Sympathies- feelings (of sorrow, understanding and approval)

Chapter 10  The Great Stone Face-I‌‌I


  1. Ceased- come or bring to an end
  2. Corresponded- been in harmony with
  3. Custom- habit
  4. Customary toil- usual work
  5. Diffused- spread all around
  6. Furrows- deep lines
  7. Harmonised with- corresponded with, agreed with
  8. Hospitably- (here) gently, kindly 
  9. Obscure- not well known
  10. Sage- wise man
  11. Unawares- unknowingly
  12. Vain- producing no result; useless

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