Learn Basic English Grammar Rules with Examples


English Grammar Examples – English Grammar can be seen as a mirror reflecting the structure and rules of the English language. Originating from sounds, language evolves into words, phrases, and sentences. Grammar is the comprehensive understanding and comprehension of language. Grammar is not necessary to learn a language, but it is extremely important to understand the language in order to communicate effectively. With the help of English Grammar examples, we will help the students to understand, learn, and applying English grammar in their everyday life.


Antonyms Examples | Examples of Antonyms in English

This article ventures into the realm of linguistic duality, exploring an array of examples of antonyms that showcase the dynamic interplay between opposite words


Adjectives Examples, Adjectives in Sentences Examples

Check your knowledge of Adjectives. Adjectives are the words that manifest the attributes of a noun or a pronoun. Check out the examples and see how they can be used in sentences effectively.


Adjectives of Quantity Examples| Examples of Adjectives of Quantity

Adjectives of quality are those adjectives that describe the quality of a noun. Discover the power of adjectives of quantity with example sentences.


Adjectives of Quality Examples | Examples of Adjectives of Quality

This article embarks on a journey through a diverse array of examples of Adjectives of quality, enabling the speaker to form better communication


Abstract Nouns Examples| Example Sentences on Abstract Nouns

Here is the list of abstract nouns and example sentences to help you understand what are abstract nouns and how to use them.


Collective Nouns Examples| Examples of Collective Nouns

Collective is a word that describes a group of people acting together. Explore what is Collective Nouns and how you use them.

Apostrophes Examples| Examples of Apostrophes

Apostrophes are used to form possessive nouns and represent omitted letters. Explore and understand what are Apostrophes and how do you use them.


Auxiliary Verbs Examples| Examples of Auxiliary Verbs

The Auxiliary Verbs are used along with a main verb to express tense, mood, or voice. Explore and understand the use of the auxiliary verbs with example sentences.


Adverb of Time Examples Past, Present, Future

Discover the power of adverbs of time with examples and sentences. Explore the impact of time adverbs with examples. Dive in now!”


Adverb of Manner List and Example Sentences

Adverbs of manner help us to express how we do something. Discover the power of adverbs of manner with example sentences. Let’s dive in now!”


Adverb of Frequency Examples  

Adverbs of Frequency tells how often something occurs or did occur. Experience the strength of adverbs of frequency through example sentences. Let’s dive in now!”


Adverb of Degree Example Sentences

Adverbs of Degree help us to express how much or to what extent we do something. Grasp the significance of adverbs of frequency through example sentences.


Adverb of Quantity Examples| Examples of Adverb of Quantity

An adverb of quantity modifies the adverb, adjective or a verb. Discover the power of adverbs of quantity with example sentences. Let’s Dive in!


50 Affirmative Sentences – Examples of Affirmative Sentences

Check your knowledge of Affirmative. Explore the usage of affirmative example sentences and observe their effective application in various contexts.


Suffixes Examples | Examples of Suffixes in English

Check out 30+ super useful Suffixes to increase your English vocabulary. Understand the different types and how to use them correctly.


Active and Passive Voice Example Sentences

Given here are the example Sentences of Active Voice and Passive Voice. Learn the difference between Active and Passive voice.