Active and Passive Voice Example Sentences


List of Active and Passive Voice Example Sentences


Active And Passive Voice Examples – Understanding the distinction between active and passive voice is a basic requirement in effective communication in English. In active voice, the subject of the sentence performs the action, while in passive voice, the subject undergoes the action, with the emphasis on the receiver of the action. The choice between active and passive voice can significantly impact the tone, clarity, and emphasis of a sentence. Through these examples of active and passive voice, we can explore how sentences are constructed in both voices, shedding light on the nuances of each and providing insights into when to employ them for optimal expression. The article gives an elaborate list of active and passive voice example sentences for better understanding of the topic


Active Voice: The mother prepared a delicious meal.

Passive Voice: A delicious meal was prepared by the mother.

Active Voice: The company launched a new software.

Passive Voice: A new software was launched by the company.

Active Voice: The ad-hoc teacher explained the lesson to the students.

Passive Voice: The lesson was explained to the students by the ad-hoc teacher.

Active Voice: The cat chased the mice.

Passive Voice: The mice were chased by the cat.

Active Voice: The construction crew built the building.

Passive Voice: The building was built by the construction crew.

Active Voice: The artist painted a beautiful scenery.

Passive Voice: A beautiful scenery was painted by the artist.

Active Voice: The government formulated a new policy.

Passive Voice: A new policy was formulated by the government.

Active Voice: The gardener planted different plants.

Passive Voice: Different plants were planted by the gardener.

Active Voice: The students completed the homework.

Passive Voice: The homework was completed by the students.

Active Voice: The goalkeeper blocked the way.

Passive Voice: The way was blocked by the goalkeeper.

Active Voice: The police arrested the thief.

Passive Voice: The thief was arrested by the police.

Active Voice: The mechanic fixed the truck.

Passive Voice: The truck was fixed by the mechanic.

Active Voice: The author wrote an interesting autobigraphy.

Passive Voice: An interesting autobiography was written by the author.

Active Voice: The committee approved the proposal.

Passive Voice: The proposal was approved by the committee.

Active Voice: The storm damaged the huts.

Passive Voice: The huts were damaged by the storm.

Active Voice: The scientist discovered a new planet.

Passive Voice: A new planet was discovered by the scientist.

Active Voice: The nurse gave the patient a flu shot.

Passive Voice: The patient was given a flu shot by the nurse.

Active Voice: The manager assigned the tasks to the team.

Passive Voice: The tasks were assigned to the team by the manager.

Active Voice: The students asked the teacher questions.

Passive Voice: Questions were asked by the students to the teacher.

Active Voice: The company designed a user-friendly application.

Passive Voice: A user-friendly application was designed by the company.

Active Voice: The coach trained the athletes for the Olympics.

Passive Voice: The athletes were trained by the coach for the Olympics.

Active Voice: The actor performed the scene with great emotion.

Passive Voice: The scene was performed with great emotion by the actor.

Active Voice: The mechanic repaired the broken engine.

Passive Voice: The broken engine was repaired by the mechanic.

Active Voice: The committee discussed the proposal thoroughly.

Passive Voice: The proposal was discussed thoroughly by the committee.

Active Voice: The artist sculpted a beautiful statue.

Passive Voice: A beautiful statue was sculpted by the artist.


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