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Leave Application for Marriage


Leave Application For Marriage | Leave Application for Marriage Format, Examples, Sample

How to Write a Leave Application for Marriage?


A Leave Application for Marriage is a formal letter written by a person who needs to take some days off for getting married or attending any marriage in the family or the wedding of a friend. Sometimes, a student needs to give a leave application for marriage in school when he / she has to accompany the family to the wedding of any relative or family friend.

Generally, when a child is studying in a school, the parents write a Leave letter for marriage to the principal, seeking leave from the school on behalf of the student. With the help of this article, you can learn how to prepare a leave application for brother’s marriage and even leave an application for your cousin’s marriage.

Leave application for wedding in office basically means to inform the boss about your absence so that necessary arrangements can be made. Also, if an employee is himself/herself getting married, one can apply for one’s wedding leave and also invite the boss by attaching the wedding invitation card.

This type of document should be written with utmost care. Marriage Leave Letter can be written by oneself or the student himself or the parents of a student. We will discuss a  application for leave for marriage samples covering various examples of Leave letters for marriage.

This article covers a common format of leave application for marriage and leave application for wedding samples for different occasions.

Tips for Writing a Leave Application  for Marriage:

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Format of Marriage Leave Application:

Let us check out the format of Leave letter for the wedding

Sender’s name

Sender’s address



Receiver’s name and address


Subject: Request for leave for attending wedding of ____ for ___ days.

Sir/Ma’am (or Respected Principal),

Body of the letter

Thanking you

Your’s Sincerely

Sender’s signature and name


Format of Leave application for marriage image-

marriage leave application Format


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Samples for Leave Application for Marriage

1. Leave application in school for attending a marriage – The parents of a student write a Leave application addressed to the Principal in case their ward has to take a leave for attending a wedding. Let us see how a parent can write a leave application for marriage-

Rajiv Sharma
A 40, Rohini
New Delhi

Date: 20th March 2023.

The Principal,
XYZ Public School
Rohini, New Delhi – 110085

Subject: Leave Application to attend a Marriage function

Respected Sir/Ma’am,
Kindly grant leave to my ward, Akash Sharma, a student of class 8 C of your school. He has to accompany the family to attend my cousin’s marriage on ____ (date). As we need to travel out of town to attend several functions, please grant him leave from _____ (date) to _____ (date).
Thank you for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Rajiv Sharma
F/O Akash Sharma
Class 8th – C
XYZ Public School
Rohini, New Delhi – 110085.

2. Leave application for brother’s marriage- An employed person has to take leave for attending a marriage function. Here is an example of a leave application to attend brother’s wedding-

Rajesh Singh
123, Sarita Vihar
Delhi – 110076

13th March 2023.

The Manager,
ABC Corporation Ltd.
A1, Rohini
Delhi – 110075

Subject: Leave Request to attend Brother’s marriage

Herin, I request you to grant me leave on the occasion of my brother’s marriage function on _____ (date). Kindly grant me leave from _____ (date) to _____ (date).
Thank you for your cooperation.

Your’s Respectfully,
Rajesh Singh.


3. Leave application in office for marriage – Let us see how to write a leave application in office for attending a marriage-

Ajay Kumar
1234, Street 45
Shahdara, Delhi – 110032

3 March 2023.

The Manager
QW Private Ltd.
Shahdara, Delhi – 110032

Subject: Leave a request for __ days/weeks to attend a marriage
This is to state that I need leave from ___ (date) to ___ (date) on account of my brother – in – law’s marriage. I have to travel by air to Hyderabad with my family. I will be back to work on ____ (date).
I have managed to complete all my assigned tasks in advance and for further query, please feel free to contact me on my number or on my personal email abcd@xyz.com.
Thank you for your consideration.

Your’s Sincerely,
Ajay Kumar.


4. Leave application in office for your marriage– In case one is getting married, one needs to leave from work, and a prior intimation of the same is required. Let us see how to write a leave application in office for your marriage-

Akanksha Singh
123, Sarita Vihar,
Delhi – 110076.

4 March 2023.

Mr. J.K. Verma
Manager, Sales
ABC Corporation Ltd.
A1, Rohini
Delhi – 110075
Subject: Leave application for leave for my marriage.
I am glad to bring this to your attention that I am getting married on 12th May 2023. I would like to take leave from 6th May 2023 to 20th May 2023 for relevant arrangements. Please find a marriage invitation along with the letter.
Kindly grant me leave for the same and please show your presence at the wedding function. I have asked my team member Kajal Joshi to fill up my work in my absence.
Thank you for your understanding.
Your’s Sincerely
Akanksha Singh

5. Leave application for son’s/daughter’s marriage – In case your son or daughter is getting married, you can write a leave application to organize the wedding of your child. Let us see the example of a leave application for son or daughter’s wedding-

Dear Sir/Madam,
With due respect, this is in the request for leave on occasion of my son’s/daughter’s marriage on ____ (date). I have to make necessary arrangements for the same and there is no other helping hand in my family.
Kindly grant me leave from ______ (date) to _____ (date). I will be back on the job on _____ (date). I have sent you a marriage invitation and please attend it and give your blessings.
Thank you for your understanding and consideration.
Your’s Truly,

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