Letter to Police Station, Format, Topics, Sample and Example

Letter to Police Station, Format, Sample and Example


Letter to Police | Letter to Police Example, Topics | Sample of Letter to Police

Letter to police is a type of formal letter. A formal letter is a letter which is written for an official purpose using a designated format and language.


Letter to Police 

A Letter to Police is a type of formal letter.

  1. It is written to inform the police (or police official) about a certain situation, to lodge a complaint or any other sort of disturbance/ problem faced by the sender.
  2. It is a letter, which requests the police to take the necessary action in order to solve the issue mentioned in the letter.
  3. It clearly mentions the situation and is to the point.

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Letter to Police Importance

  1. Helps to reach out in case of any issue
  2. Helps to raise public voice
  3. Helps the police to resolve public grievances
  4. Helps in maintaining law and order
  5. Ensures that society works under an ethical framework


Letter to Police Format

letter to police station format


Sender’s Address


Receiver’s Address

Subject Heading


Body of the letter

Complimentary Close

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Letter to Police Points to remember while making the format

  1. Sender’s address is usually written in 3-4 lines
  2. The subject of the letter should always be underlined
  3. Informal salutations like “Dear” or “My dear” should not be used
  4. The introductory paragraph of body should tell the purpose of the letter
  5. The main paragraph of the body should contain details of the event/problem/issue
  6. The concluding paragraph should enclose the action required or request made
  7. “Yours truly/faithfully/sincerely” should be used as the complimentary close


Letter to Police Tips

  1. The authority should be addressed properly.
  2. The problem/ issue should be mentioned clearly and precisely.
  3. The date, time, place of the occurrence should be mentioned, if any.
  4. A request should be made for the required action to be taken.
  5. Proper format should be followed.
  6. Remember to use formal language.
  7. Unnecessary or irrelevant details should not be provided.
  8. The letter should be short, crisp and not lengthy.


Letter to police Examples | Letter to Police Sample

Letter to Police Example 1: Write a letter to the Police Inspector of your area informing about an attempted theft that took place in your house. You are Naresh/Neelam. (100-120 words)


House No. 684
Punjabi Bagh West
New Delhi- 110026

06 September 2023

The Police Inspector
Punjabi Bagh
West Delhi District

Subject- Regarding theft attempt in house number 684 on 5 September 2020


I hereby write this letter to inform you that there was an attempted theft in my house, numbered 684 during the afternoon hours of 5 September 2020.

The thief tried to break in through the back entrance, after climbing down from the roof. Fortunately, he was seen by the neighbour who informed us on time. My wife and daughter were alarmed and informed the society guard. However, the guard was unable to catch him and the burglar ran away. I have attached a CCTV recording with the letter. It may prove useful to identify the suspect.

There have been quite a number of theft cases in our area for the past few weeks. Since it is a matter of our safety, I request to look into this matter and take the necessary action at the earliest. Looking forward to your kind assistance in this matter.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely
Naresh Sharma


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Letter to Police Example 2: You are Sunil/ Sunita. Your exams are approaching but the neighbours play loud music even past the appropriate time. This has caused a lot of disturbance. Write a letter to police regarding this matter in no more than 120 words.


House No. 18/521
Borivali East, Mumbai
Maharashtra- 400066

10 September 2023

The Deputy Superintendent of Police
Borivali East, Mumbai

Subject- Regarding disturbance in the neighbourhood

Respected Sir

I want to draw your kind attention to the issue of nuisance being created in my neighbourhood. It is very troublesome.

Sir, the residents of house no. 18/519 play music all day and night at a high volume. They use loudspeakers, even past 10 pm, which makes it impossible for us to do any other activity. Since my exams are around the corner, it is important to study but loud music makes it impossible to focus and concentrate. The president of the Housing Welfare Association has tried to talk to them but all his efforts have gone in vain.

I request you to look into this matter as soon as possible and take the rectifying action. I look forward to your cooperation.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully


Letter to Police Example 3: Your car got stolen last week for which you had filed a report at the police station. Write a letter to the police inquiring about the case and its progress. Sign yourself as Sameer/Sonal. (100-120 words)


102, Sector 6
New Delhi- 110063

8 September 2023

The Sub Inspector
New Delhi

Subject- Inquiring about complaint number 23/T-08/2020


I hereby write to inquire about a complaint filed on 29 August 2023 regarding a stolen car w.r.t. complaint number 23/T-08/2023.

Sir, when my Hyundai car got stolen, I filed a complaint the following day. It has been two weeks but I haven’t received any update on the complaint filed. It was a new car, so I request you to look into the case as speedily as possible. Otherwise, I need to process the insurance for the car to recover the amount.

It is a kind request to provide an update on the progress of the case and report any new findings. I ensure full cooperation from my end. I have enclosed a copy of the complaint for your reference. Looking forward to your timely response.

Thanking you
Yours truly


Letter to Police Example 4: Your bag got stolen in the metro. Write a letter to the police filing a complaint for the same. Sign yourself as Akshit/Akshita. (100-120 words)


18/963 Uttam Nagar
West Delhi
Delhi- 110095

8 September 2023

The Sub inspector
Uttam Nagar
West Delhi

Subject- Filing complaint regarding bag that was stolen in metro


I wish to report about a bag that was stolen from Subhash Nagar metro station while I was travelling back from my workplace around 7 pm on 7 September 2023

I board the metro everyday from Uttam Nagar West station and exit at Rajiv Chowk. Yesterday, my bag was stolen while I was returning. It is a black-coloured leather bag. The items in the bag were as follows-

  1. some official documents
  2. Apple iPad
  3. 20000 INR

I request you to file a complaint for my stolen bag and take quick action to find it at the earliest. Looking forward to your response and cooperation.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely


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Letter to Police Example 5: You are a college going student. While returning from college, you see some boys hitting street dogs with sticks and stones. Write a letter to the police informing them about the same. (100-120 words)


P-584 Sector 5
Jhilmil Colony
Delhi- 110004

10 September 2023

The Sub Inspector
Rajendra Nagar
New Delhi- 110038

Subject- Regarding harassment of street dogs


I want to highlight that there are some boys who tease and harass street dogs near XYZ College.

I go home back from the College, I notice boys throwing sticks and stones on street dogs. It has been a few days and they have been doing it repetitively. It is unfair to treat animals with such cruelty. It is an act of animal cruelty and hence those boys should be punished for performing this act.

Therefore, I request you to kindly look into this matter and take the necessary action. Looking forward to your quick response.

Thanking you
Yours truly


Letter to Police Example 6: You live in Amravati District, Nagpur. You have noticed some non-residents enter your locality frequently and create nuisance. Write a letter to the police station of your area to complain about this happening. (100-120 words)


House no. 698
Amravati, Nagpur
Maharashtra- 444601

9 September 2023

The Police Superintendent
Amravati District

Subject- Unusual entry of non-residents in locality


I am a resident of Amravati District living in Neelam Apartments. I want to draw your attention to the unusual entry of some non-residents into the locality.

I have been observing that some non-residents enter our locality everyday at around 6pm on their motorbikes and create nuisance by driving speedily through the narrow lanes. The guard tries to stop them from entering, however all in vain. The warnings of the president haven’t brought any changes in their behaviour as well.

It is high time that an action should be taken. Therefore, I kindly request you to take this matter into consideration and take the rectifying step. Looking forward to your early response.

Thanking you
Yours sincerely


Letter to the Police Samples


Q1. You are Aman/Amani, a resident of the Sunshine Society. Your car got vandalised on the day of Holi. Write a letter to the police filing a complaint for the same in 120 words.


Sunshine Society
ABC Nagar

10 March, 2023

The Sub Inspector
Police Station
ABC Nagar

Subject: Filing complaint regarding vandalisation of a property

Respected Sir/Madam,

I wish to file a complaint regarding the vandalisation of my car while I was buying groceries from the market at MNO Nagar. The act occurred at 6 p.m. on the day of Holi i.e. 9 March.
The four vandalizers were males not more than 22 years of age. All were tall and skinny with brown complexion. They adorned white handkerchiefs on their face, black kurtis and blue denim jeans. They used eggs and spray paint cans to vandalise not only my car but many other vehicles parked in the market.
I hope that, with immediate and quick action, the police can find them and take strict action against them for their inappropriate conduct.

Yours Sincerely,
(Resident of the Sunshine Society)

Q2. You are Rohan/Rohini. Your child has gone missing while you were shopping in the mall. File a report to the police in 120 words. 

Sector – 1

25 April, 2023

The Sub Inspector
Police Station
Sector – 3

Subject: Filing a report for a missing child

Respected Sir/Madam,

I want to file a missing person’s report for my missing ward. He went missing while we were at the Superstar Mall, Sector – 26, ABC around 1 p.m. on 25 April.
My son and I were on the third floor and had entered an elevator to go down. Around five minutes later, after I had come out of the lift, I saw that my son was not with me. His name is Aarush, a five-year old boy with a fair complexion, buck teeth and black hair. He was wearing a blue and white t-shirt and beige capris. He is a little healthy.
I have attached his photograph for your perusal.
I hope the police will find my ward as soon as possible. 

Yours Sincerely,

Q3. You live in Vikas Nagar, Hyderabad.  You wish to use loudspeakers from 6 to 8 p.m. for a wedding at your house. Write a letter to the police seeking permission to use loudspeakers for the event. Sign yourself as Nandan/Nandani.


Vikas Nagar

16 December, 2023

The Sub Inspector
Police Station
Vikas Nagar

Subject: Seeking permission to use loudspeakers for a wedding event

Respected Sir/Madam,

I wish to use loudspeakers for an event organised by me to celebrate the wedding of my ward. I am writing this letter to you as I seek your permission to use the loudspeakers for the event.
I am hosting the wedding of my ward at my place on 24th of December. I wish to use loudspeakers to play music and create a joyous environment. The timings of the loudspeakers are set to be from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. We wish to use the loudspeaker to its maximum volume.
I hope that you will give your permission to use the loudspeaker and make this auspicious day more cheerful. 

Yours Sincerely,

Q4. Your troubling neighbours are creating another nuisance by encroaching your land. File a complaint against them and sign yourself as Ram/Romi, the resident of a Jharna Village.


Jharna Village
Vikas Nagar

26 July, 2023

The Sub Inspector
Police Station
Vikas Nagar

Subject: Filing a complaint against land encroachment by neighbours

Respected Sir/Madam,

I want to file a complaint of land encroachment done by the neighbours, the Jha family, on my farming land.
On 25 July, my neighbours took their farming equipment and started sowing seeds on my plot. I showed them the attached documents, which show that the plot belongs to me and my family since 1 July, 2009. They encroach the lands of everyone in the village whenever their harvest is damaged due to harsh weather conditions. Not only land encroachment but their conduct and attitude towards us is inappropriate too.
The residents of the Jharna village and the Panchayat cannot tolerate their behaviour anymore. We hope that this letter will lead to some strict and immediate actions towards the Jhas. 

Yours Sincerely,
(Resident of Jharna Village)

Letter to police FAQs


1. What is a letter to the police?
A1. A letter to the police is a formal letter written to a police officer or the SHO and is addressed to a police station.

2. List down 10 topics for letter to police.
A2. 10 topics for writing a letter to the police are as follows-

  1. Reporting missing item.
  2. Reporting a theft.
  3. Complaint against use of loudspeakers late at night.
  4. Request for patrolling in the area.
  5. Request for verification of details for issue of passport.
  6. Request for issue of duplicate document.
  7. Complaint against misbehaviour of traffic police.
  8. Re-issue of driving license.
  9. Submission of servant identity documents.
  10. Submission of tenant verification form.


3. Who can write a letter to police?
A3. The citizens of a particular region write a letter to the police of their region. Even a visitor can send a letter to the police for any matter or problem.

4. What should I include in a complaint letter to police for theft?
A4. The details you should include in a complaint letter to police for theft are as follows:

  1. The details of the problem or issue
  2. Date, time and venue of the incident should be mentioned.


5. How to start a letter to police?
A5. We should start a letter to the police by introducing ourselves and mentioning the purpose of the letter.

6. Is a letter to the police an official letter?
A6. Yes, a letter to the police is an official letter.

7. Give 5 examples of official letters.
A7. The following are examples of official letters-

  1. Letter to the editor.
  2. Letter to the Bank manager
  3. Letter to the Government.
  4. Letter to police
  5. Letter to the principal


8. What 5 things must be kept in mind while writing a letter to the police?
A8. The following points must be kept in mind while writing a letter to the police-

  1. Use polite language.
  2. Mention your address.
  3. Write the correct date.
  4. Give the necessary details relevant to the subject of the letter.
  5. Use the format of a letter to the police.


9. How should I conclude a letter to the police?
A9. You should conclude a letter to the police by enclosing the action you want to see or a request to do a particular action as soon as possible.

10. What complimentary closing is best for a letter to the police?
A10. ‘Yours truly’ and ‘Yours sincerely’ are the best complimentary closing phrases for a letter to the police.

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