CBSE Class 10 English Complete Study Guide


Complete Study Guide for CBSE Class 10 English (Language and Literature)


CBSE Class 10 Exam pattern, marking scheme, syllabus, books, chapters, Sample papers, videos, lesson explanation notes, NCERT Solutions and Extra Questions as per latest pattern

Are you looking for the Class 10th English Syllabus 2024–25 for the CBSE? Well, your search ends here. You can get the complete guide to ace CBSE Class 10th English curriculum for 2024–25 in the article below.

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CBSE Class 10 Section-wise Weightage

English Language and Literature is of 100 Marks. These 100 Marks are divided into 80-mark Theory Paper and 20-mark Internal Assessment. The section-wise break-up of 80 marks is as follows-


class 10 english score full marks


CBSE Class 10 Detailed Syllabus




Question-based on the following kinds of unseen passages:

1. Discursive passage of 400-450 words.

2. Case-based passage (with visual input- statistical data, chart etc.) of 200-250 words.

3. (Total length of two passages to be 600-700 word

Multiple Choice Questions / Objective Type Questions will be asked to assess inference, analysis, interpretation, evaluation and vocabulary.


1. Formal Letter based on a given situation in 100-120 words. One out of two questions is to be answered.

2. Writing an Analytical Paragraph (100-120 words) on a given Map / Chart / Graph / Cue/s . One out of two questions is to be answered.


1. Tenses

2. Modals

3. Subject-verb concord

4. Reported speech

  • Commands and requests

  • Statements

  • Questions

  • Determiners


First Flight – Textbook for Class X

Footprints without Feet – Supplementary Reader for Class X

Note- Both the books are published by NCERT. You can download the books by clicking on the above links.

You can check out the official syllabus published by CBSE on their website or by clicking the link below.
CBSE Class 10 English (Language and Literature) Syllabus


CBSE Class 10 English Syllabus 2024-25 Prescribed Books

To prepare for the English Board Examinations for class 10th, CBSE recommended the NCERT books. It is suggested that students go through the NCERT literature textbooks first, and then refer to reference books for further practice.

First Flight – Class X Textbook
Footprints without Feet – Class X Supplementary Reader

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CBSE Class 10 English Marking Scheme

CBSE Class 10 English Marking Scheme

(Total length of two passages to be 600-700 words)
Multiple Choice Questions / Objective Type Questions, and Short Answer Questions (to be answered in 30-40 words) will be asked to assess comprehension, interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation and vocabulary.

Grammar and Writing Section    

20 Marks

1. Grammar

Note- The secondary-level courses aim to solidify a strong professional command of grammatical concepts and degrees of correctness. Exercises including gap filling, editing, and transformation will be used to evaluate how accurately spelling, punctuation, and grammar are used. 

Ten out of 12 questions will have to be attempted.

10 Marks

2. Writing Skills

  • Formal Letter                        5 Marks

  • Analytical Paragraph             5 Marks

10 Marks

Literature Section


Class 10 CBSE Sample Paper

Students move on answering CBSE class 10 Sample papers after reading the NCERT English textbooks’ syllabus in order to improve their grades and assess their level of preparation. Additionally, by using sample papers, students are able to identify their areas of weakness and  work on them. You can go through CBSE Sample Paper and its marking scheme by clicking on the links below.

CBSE Class 10 Sample Paper 2024-25
CBSE Class 10 Marking Scheme 2024-25


CBSE Class 10th English Exam Preparation Tips:

To prepare for the CBSE Class 10 English exam 2024, you should:

  • Read and understand all the prescribed chapters thoroughly. SuccessCDS provides you chapter explanations in an easy manner so that the concepts are etched in your mind. You can check out the expert curated chapter explanation here- SuccessCDS CBSE Class 10 Chapter Explanations
  • Practice writing exercises such as letter writing and paragraph writing. You can go through the links below to understand the format and tips to ace the Writing Section. 

SuccessCDS CBSE Class 10 Letter Writing
SuccessCDS CBSE Class 10 Analytical Paragraph Writing 

  • Revise grammar rules and practice exercises everyday. You can read important grammar rules and solved questions in the link below.

SuccessCDs CBSE Class 10 Grammar 
Poetic Devices are an important aspect of understanding a poem thoroughly. Read about important Poetic Devices employed in the poems listed in CBSE Class 10 Syllabus here- SuccessCDS CBSE Class 10 Poetic Devices


class 10 english score full marks