Tips for Developing Confidence

Confidence means ‘self belief-a strong feeling that ‘I can do it’. This instinct of self belief electrifies and energies us in a way that the best of our abilities are put to work and fortifies our efforts to achieve our goals. One may not succeed every time, but the real self confidence never diminishes. It provides us with the insight to identify the weaker areas, ability to strengthen them and try again.

Avoid Overconfidence

One must anyhow avoid being a victim of over confidence as it is a reflection of an erroneous judgment of one’s strengths and capabilities. It often leads to miscalculations and failures. Over confident people are also more prone to depression and disappointments because they are unable to accept defeat. They mostly blame luck and claim that unfair treatment is being meted out to them. What they actually need is a positive attitude and a right dose of confidence to achieve their targets.

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Tips for Developing Confidence

  • Every morning sit down for a minute and repeat to yourself-I am a unique creation of God-He has empowered me with certain abilities to achieve targets that I judiciously set for myself in life.
  • Analyze your weaknesses honestly and objectively. Get set to work on them one by one. Also identify your strengths and build on them further as they can provide you with the much needed courage to handle any situation.
  • Set achievable goals and do not aim very high. Remember that one success leads to another. If your own rating to achieve any task is at a 40 per cent level, you can aim at an achievement level of 60 per cent but not a much higher level of 80 per cent.
  • Learn to pat your back after small achievements to boost your confidence. Never lose sight of your goal and move steadily towards higher planes.
  • Ask yourself frankly ‘do I suffer from any inferiority complex?’ If the answer is ‘yes’, then start to weed it out from your personality. ‘Complexes are like dents in a beautiful car and should be repaired as fast as possible. In order to achieve this, one must understand the origin of one’s complex-what does one feel inferior about. Is it because you lack money or some physical attribute like height or fair complexion etc.

The resolution of these is easy. Do not move in the company of very    moneyed people and socialize with those having the same economic status as yours. You should also understand clearly that the physical attributes can be improved upon but can not be changed completely. You should therefore build on the better/other attributes of your personality. Remember that excellence in any field makes one tower over mediocres and that is what one should strive to achieve.

  • Practice makes one perfect. A constant effort to improve your performance in any activity/area, physical or mental will yield results and improve your confidence.
  • Although good looks and personality are not the sole determinants of success but they do help people win, as far as the first impression is concerned. So dress up smartly-neat, well fitting, simple clothes will do. Follow trends in clothes and accessories but take care to dress up suiting your personality and do not blindly follow someone else.
  • Follow rules of hygiene. Bad body odor makes people cringe. A person smelling foul from under the layers of perfume is avoided or made a butt of ridicule. So always take care to smell fresh and clean.
  • Last but not the least ‘be positive’. A positive attitude towards things and happenings in life is the greatest panacea for several mental blocks that inhibit confidence. A positive attitude makes one optimistic and helps to propel one’s efforts in the right direction. Optimism strengthens determination to achieve your goals in life.
  •  Remember that the world views a well turned out confident person with a positive attitude and a winning smile with a lot of respect.

Ranjna Vedhera