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Amongst the top portals on higher education and entrance exams, SuccessCDs.net has been up and about since 2004. SuccessCDs not only keeps you updated on the latest information on entrance exams and admissions in India but also brings the hands on approach of keeping updated on test preparations.

We carry out information on self improvement, study tips, career guidance, career options and other such arenas for students so that they are ready to face competition at the academic front and in the process churn out as smart and confident individuals. Our focus is to keep the students updated and the parents in loop of the latest developments and information required.

SuccessCDs is amongst the top in Alexa Ranking in both education and test preparation categories. We also have a subscriber base of more than 1.5 lakh who receive regular updates.

Being the official YouTube partners, we run two channels by the name of SuccessCDs Education and English Academy; where our expert teachers provide world class education on subjects such as English, Hindi , Science, Sanskrit , Science, Social Science (K12) and that too free of charge. Our Channels also keep you updated on entrance examinations, career options, career advice and much more. This information caters to students from Class I – XII and is in accordance with their School Curriculum as per CBSE, ICSE and other state boards.

SuccessCDs is an exclusive branding and lead generation opportunity for anyone whose focus is to expand contact points with the target audiences.


Recent Statistics of SuccessCDs.net :

  1. Registering more than 58,66,642 page views per day
  2. Registering an average of over 24,89,269 Unique Visitors in a month.
  3. Ranked among the Top in Google Search for few 100 “Education and Entrance Exams” related keywordsÂ
  4. Target Audience – Students pursuing Higher Education (Engineering, Medical, MBA, MCA, law, Biotechnology, BBA, Distance Education and many others ……..and/or their parents)
  5. We also own and / moderate largest Entrance Exam and Admission Alerts Group (present membership Over 1, 50,000 students and/or parents)


Our mission – our vision

Our target Audience – Students pursuing Higher Education (Engineering, Medical, MBA, MCA, law, Biotechnology, BBA, Distance Education and many others ……..and/or their parents)Â – We provide the latest information on our website.

We are also running two YouTube channels that are dedicated to provide educational content to the students.

Our YouTube Channel Successcds Education – https://www.youtube.com/user/successcds1 with almost 9,00,000 subscribers provides video content on K12 Education, career guidance, exam related information.

Our YouTube channel English Academy – https://www.youtube.com/user/englishacademy1 with almost 7,00,000 subscribers is a platform for English speaking lessons, school lessons in English subject and content of non native English speakers.


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anurag chopra

Anurag Chopra -Â CEO / Editor-in-Chief

The captain of the ship and the man behind the success of SuccessCDs. His masters in Sales and Marketing along with more than 30 years of experience makes him the driving force of the company. His crucial market knowledge and understanding of the needs of the students makes us amongst the top education websites.



Pankaj Dhiman – SEO Manager

Having worked in various fields of SEO, Pankaj with almost 5 years of experience in doing On-Page and Off-page SEO. He is Responsible for Content Optimization, Keyword Research, Content Ideas, and all other tasks i.e under SEO. He Also Does Technical SEO for SuccessCDs. Pankaj holds a B. Tech Degree and has completed many SEO projects and undertaken related activities to hone his skills.




Puja Kumari- Technical Team

Puja holds a Masters degree in Computer Applications. Her past work experience as a web designer and Digital Marketing expert have provided her great exposure. She handles many portfolios at SuccessCDs and is an asset to the organization.




Meenu Saini -Technical Team

Actively working as part of the Technical Team, she works tirelessly and sees that the latest content is updated on time.





Kamlesh Kumar- Web Designing & Technical Support

With almost six years of experience he is the backbone of all our data and our go-to man in case of any and all design issues. His talent for web designing is a great asset to SuccessCDs.




amber sodhi

Dr. Amber Sodhi Dhillon : Content Manager

Pro-actively involved in checking relevant and up-to-date content; her past experience of working in the education sector and newspapers, magazines makes her skillful and perfection oriented in her work. With more than 11 years of experience she is relentlessly making sure that the content on our website is apt.


Ruchika Gupta – Content Manager (Academic content and Video content)

Having worked in the education field for 15 years, she not only manages the video content on YouTube but has brought in vast academic content through video teaching. Her experience works as a plus one for our educational content and makes our aspirants and parents rely more and more on our YouTube channels, SuccessCDs Education and English Academy.


Jatinder Kaur – Content Writer

Actively involved in the content writing and management, she fills in for variable requirements of content work and SEO content writing. Her management acumen is a great help to the entire content team at SuccessCDs.


Priyanka Saini- Content Writer

Priyanka is dedicated towards her work and her ability to meet the stringent deadlines is a plus for the company. She is an avid learner and takes up new tasks and responsibilities.