Exam Stress Management Tips for Parents

exam stress management tips


Examination time is mostly marked by stress, anxiety and apprehension for both the students as well as their parents. But think about it, don’t you think your child is coping with enough already, do you really want to pass your stress onto them. Parents mostly feel more pressure and anxiety for their children is appropriate, but it is their duty to make sure that they along with adding to their child’s tension to make sure that it is under control.

In recent times exam related depression, black outs, suicides have become much more common than they ever before. It has become important; more of a necessity to make sure that parents are in constant touch with their children and know what is going on in their lives. With so much at stake the parents have now a huge role to play in their child’s life and help them cope with whatever they need help with. It is the need of the hour to keep yourself calm in order to be able to do the same for your child. Parents should play an important role in providing quiet and clean ambience to study.


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Some amount of stress is essential for the optimum performance of your child and and the parent needs to play the role of a motivator as well. But keep in mind that too much stress can hamper his physical and mental strength. Children are bound to become irritable, depressed, lose appetite, have sleep disturbances, low concentration and other such symptoms incase of high stress. The parents need to keep a lookout and try and counter stress in the below mentioned ways. If you feel your child is unable to cope, it is a good idea to get him/her to speak to a counselor.


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Boost self esteem

Examination time is not a good time to feel low or bad about yourself. Your child needs to know that and you should try and boost this confidence whenever you get a chance to do so. It is essential that parents provide supportive gestures and not pressurize their child.


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Healthy body for a healthy mind

You might feel that with so much going on already, is it a good idea to instill healthy habits at this very moment. But the fact is that healthy eating habits and a little bit of workout is not only good for your child but will also keep his mind racing for longer than usual. Fruits with antioxidants, yoga, walking and fresh air are some of the things that will give the required push to your child. The point is not to exert your child but to keep him fresh and up and about.


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Give breathing space

Your child needs to feel comfortable speaking to you and you should know as to what is going on in your child’s life but not to a point that he/she feels suffocated. What used to work for you as a kid might not do wonders for your child. It is essential for you to give some liberty to your child and let them understand as to what works best for him or her. It is good to be supportive but one must not come across as overbearing.


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Know your child’s limit

Your child and you are not defined by one examination alone. Your expectations from your child should be in sync to his as well. Unrealistic hope and achievements will only bring in more of stress in your child and you. You can always start early and maintain activities at a constant speed instead of hurrying them up towards the end. Your child will learn a lot about time management as well.


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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

you might think how that is not true in examination time. But remember in order to make your child study more and work hard do not forbid him/ her from watching television or playing games. Be firm in setting some boundaries, like recreational time during exams needs to be restrained but not restricted.


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Parents play a huge role in curbing their child’s stress especially in today’s world of cut throat competition. However remember that this is not the only examination in your child’s and your life but only the starting of many more to come. Also instill in your child that success is a process and not an overnight phenomenon.