Studying Hard – Tips to de-stress and Improve Concentration

Tips to De-stress through Yoga

For those of you who are appearing for the forthcoming Board Exams and Entrance Exams, here are tips that can help minimise the stress. A few tips to to help you relax and improve your concentration

● Keep your mind work-oriented instead of result-oriented. Do you work best. Have faith that whatever result you get, is the best for you.

Long hours of static studying affects the lower body and the blood circulation. Change your position and if possible, the location as well, every now and then.

● Staying awake at night to study is actually going against the law of nature. For human beings, it is best to study actively in the daytime and follow the ‘early-to-bed-and-early-to-rise’ routine.

● Have lemon juice twice or three times a day.

● After reading for some time, close your eyes and reflect for a few minutes in silence. It will help you relax and in retaining whatever has been learn.

● Do not panic at the last minute. At that time do slow pranayama. Breathing in from the nose and breathing out from the mouth and suspending the breath for four seconds will be great help.

As Hansaji Jayadeva Yogendra of the Yoga Institute says, “Examinations actually provide a good learning opportunity. It helps in concentration.” She feels that a person should give time pressure to every act. In this manner, one will be aware of the time being spent on one activity and will find more time for other valuable things in life.

Some Yoga postures

You could choose some of the postures like Ekpadasna for concentration, Yoga mudra (top) for humility and letting go of the ego and relaxation and Bhujungasana (for strength and will power).

Check out this video for – Yoga Excercises to De-stress



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