Ten tips on writing a good essay

By Sathyavathi



Ten tips on writing a good essay – Essay writing is an essential task in the academic curriculum and entrance exams. It can be an easy task for natural writers and language lovers. But it could be tedious for others. For those taking exams, the writing section could be challenging if it is not practiced sufficiently. But, it is necessary to remember that the ability to write effectively is a performance indicator, both in schools and the workplace. One need not worry much; it is possible to hone the writing skills through consistent practice. One should also be aware of practical techniques of writing well. Here are ten tips that will help you come up with a good essay:


  1. Check the instructions carefully:

First of all, please pay attention to the instructions given. The guidelines will help you determine the tone of the write-up and the primary purpose of the essay. One can find out if the article needs to inform or persuade readers. You can always plan while keeping the word limit in mind.


  1. Start early:  

We all know that haste makes waste. The same applies to essay writing too. The earlier you start, the more time you have for research and review.


  1.  Familiarize with the topic given:

You are not always given an easy or well-known topic. So, it is better to get comfortable with the subject so that you could brainstorm ideas and find reliable sources. You can also form your opinions and evaluate them when referring to related topics.


  1.  Prepare an outline:

Decide on the essential items that you intend to cover in the essay. Once it is ready, you can research and write the topics individually. This will help you frame the body paragraphs. You will not go blank until the end of the process. This is a must, especially if you are writing in a time-bound situation like giving an exam. 


  1. Introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion:

The essay should have an eye-grabbing introduction. Based on the first few lines of the introduction, the readers will decide whether to go further or not. The intro should be like a high sales pitch, that makes the reader curious and want more.  
It is better to subdivide the body of the essay into smaller paragraphs. Each paragraph can have its subheadings too. At the same, one should ensure that the points are not repetitive. The more economical you are with the number of words the better is the outcome and readability.    
A convincing conclusion reinforces the main objective of the essay. It should be short and clear. 


  1.  Proper transitions in the write-up:

The essay should have a good flow. The paragraphs should be related. You cannot change abruptly from one point to another. The best way to determine the links is to read the whole essay carefully after writing. You should organize the paragraphs well and put the essential points in the front.


  1. Provide citations

You can support the information with relevant quotes by respectable authors. But please check if they are allowed. One should not include content from Wikipedia, anonymous bloggers under this section.


  1.  Don’t plagiarize:

While writing, one can get the relevant ideas from various resources. But, one should not copy the content as such. We have plagiarism detectors that do not allow more than two same words in the write-up. It is essential to run the essays on plagiarism checkers and change the content accordingly.


  1. Check the grammar and vocabulary:

The sentences should be clear and to the point. While framing sentences, keep in mind that the reader must understand it in one go. After finishing, one should read the article and correct grammar and spelling mistakes, if any.    


  1.  Cultivate the reading habit:

Finally, to write well, one has to read well. Reading books, newspapers, and other people’s writing, will significantly enhance your writing style. You need to read carefully and find out how the writer supports his arguments or points. One can also make a note of the seamless flow in the articles. This helps in vocabulary building too and lets you communicate more clearly. 

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