Essay on Corruption | Essay on Corruption in India for Students

An Essay on Corruption in India and the Impact of Corruption in India

By Sathyavathi

essay on corruption


Essay on Corruption: A roadblock to progress – A corruption-free system is transparent, trustworthy, and predictable.

Corruption, in a broad sense, could include everything that deviates from righteousness. But all of us have qualities like fear, selfishness, greed, laziness, and anger.

When the proportion of these qualities is significantly higher than the good ones like truthfulness, purity, and peacefulness, we tilt towards the wrong path.

The inherent nature of getting influenced by circumstances is the root cause of corruption. It has existed since time immemorial.

But honesty and integrity are essential in every sphere of life, ranging from relationships, workplaces, businesses, governance, and judiciary.


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Essay on Corruption – The present view of corruption

Corruption is the abuse of power for private gains. We consider that the price of food grains, availability of drinking water, employment opportunities, shelter facilities, are essential requirements for every citizen.

But the government allocates a lot of money on infrastructure projects like building flyovers, renewing airports, and promoting businesses.

  1. Have you ever thought about why this is so?
  2. Why are we not able to eradicate social evils like poverty, illiteracy?

It is because corruption has become the norm, and we have learned to live with it. We are least bothered about the probity of our actions and that of others’ too. Consequently, there is a lack of integrity in financial, intellectual, moral grounds. Even after years of independence, we fear economic slowdowns, inequality, safety, and bias in our society.

We live in a world where there is bribery for purchasing government contracts, licenses, patents, evading taxes, etc. Abuse of entrusted powers, by low and mid-level officials for providing essential goods and services is widespread.

We tend to account for bribe along with the stipulated cost. But, high-level corruption in public and private sectors results in the manipulation of policies and rules that could adversely affect the public.



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Essay on Corruption – Impact of corruption

Corruption affects every sphere of society. It causes inequality and instability. It is the reason for the situation where few people cannot meet their basic needs, whereas others make fortunes.
Let us look in detail: the harmful effects of corruption in various sectors.


Impact of Corruption in Politics

Today, people believe that politics is based on corruption. Few politicians are exposed, and the remaining ones have a namesake clean chit. One party might be less corrupt than the other, but all are corrupt to some extent. People have lost their trust in the democratic system, the government offices, and institutes.


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Impact of Corruption in Economy

The prosperity of a nation is at stake due to the prevalence of rampant corruption in the system. The huge pile of Non Performing Assets, lack of foreign investments, time and cost overruns of infrastructure projects are the adverse effects on our progress.

Moreover, we have red tape ridden administrative procedures, and we need to give bribes at every stage. We need a set of documents and have to comply with thousands of rules to start any economic activity.

It makes us unfriendly and difficult for foreigners to come to invest here. Red tape is also a reason for delayed and stopped projects.


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Impact of Corruption in Society

Social inequality is mainly because of corruption. It hits the poor hard. Not all can pay bribes. Moreover, in our community, there are more projects for pipelines, dams, refineries, but still, the primary needs such as schools, hospitals, and roads are not available for everyone.

A divided society could be detrimental to the stability of the country. It gives rise to criminals, and they challenge law and order in the system.


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Impact of Corruption in Environment

The politicians, administrative officials, and private companies degrade the environment for their benefits. The exploitation of natural resources and non-observance of the rules related to ecological balance result in unexpected consequences.

Activities like irregular mining, mindless deforestation can occur due to the bribes accepted by the officials.


Essay on Corruption – Steps to tackle corruption

We should sensitize the entire population and bring together all the people who want to fight corruption. We should calculate the total money lost due to corrupt practices and let everybody know about it.

It is high time that we keep track of the funds collected by the political parties. The income and assets of the politicians should be made public.

The Jan Lokpal bill was a game-changer in the fight against corruption. But as with other measures, it was tweaked to suit the corrupt people.

The general public is so used to the malpractices that we now endure injustice and corrupt practices.

Businesses and people with a long term view don’t like to have fights with bureaucracy. Moreover, the punishment for corruption is not severe, and the conviction rates are low too.

We should know that corruption is anti-national, anti-ecological, and anti-poor. We citizens should strive for a corruption-free society. Rooting out corruption can be a difficult task, but all citizens can come together and fight the menace.


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