Online Education : A Boon or A Curse?


Is Online Education Good or Bad – Know its Pros and Cons

By Nandini Mittal

The pandemic has changed our lives in various ways. We have no alternative but to change our lifestyle according to the rules and preventive measures taken up by the government. These changes include online education.

Educational institutions are closed. Earlier, this would have meant that students could not receive education any longer. However, we have found a way out of this through technology. Using technology as a key, we have opened the lock of a more convenient educational system. However, a question is still left unanswered : is online education a boon or a curse?

As we all know, everything has its pros and cons, and each has numerous reasons. First, we’ll discuss and analyse the merits.



Merits of Online Education

1. Convenient and cheap

The first merit is that it is convenient and cheap. Students can send files to their teachers through the internet, which requires only a device and a strong internet connection. It is convenient and cheaper too as we don’t require a vehicle to go from one place to another.

We don’t even have to spend a huge amount of money on the stationery as we are getting the information from teachers from which we get printouts. Moreover, the study hours have become flexible which has made education relaxing.

2. Faster

Second : it is faster. We can send many files at once in just a few minutes! This also results in the third merit.

3. Decrease in workload

It has decreased the workload of teachers. To check answer sheets of exams, they just have to enter the answers of the questions and the computer evaluates the marks itself. Moreover, they can send edited files of the students, in which they can just highlight the mistakes so the students themselves can correct it.

4. Technical upgradation

The fourth merit is : the teachers who weren’t technically sound before are now computer-literate, which is essential for their future and also to ensure cybersafety.

5. Growth of Online platforms

The fifth merit is : online education has given rise to more platforms. It has also enhanced the softwares of online conference, which is a boon for technology. With the feedback of the users, the software developers now know what exactly the users demand, so that they can satisfy them.


Now, we will discuss the demerits of online education.

1. Poor connectivity

The first disadvantage is : poor internet connection and inaccessibility of different devices for video calls makes it hard for children to study. This can be applied in case of teachers also, especially for those who aren’t technically sound.

2. Distractions

Second : devices are used not only for online education but for recreational activities. So, most of the students can’t focus on their studies as they are constantly distracted by their favourite movies, web series, games, songs, memes and many more notifications.

3. Technical glitches

Third demerit is : technical difficulties give teachers and students a hard time. Technical errors were quite normal before. However, since electronics have become a major part of our day-to-day life, such glitches become unbearable to us. Same goes for students and teachers as well. Teachers are sometimes unable to send messages or upload homework. Similarly, students are sometimes unable to open or send some files.

4. Increased screen time

The fourth demerit is : the increase in the screentime is harmful for students and teachers. Since education is now dependent on electronic devices, homework and notes, explanation, almost everything is now accessible in our devices, which has increased the screentime of students and teachers. This has resulted in children and teachers weakening themselves in the following ways – the eyesight of some people have become weak and some have even lost their vision, same goes for their hearing sense due to the prolonged use of the earphones, their body become stiff which prevents them to do their work efficiently and it has also resulted in people becoming lethargic and avoiding manual work and exercising. This gradually leads to the fifth demerit.

5. Physical inactivity

The immunity of students and teachers can deteriorate. They don’t have enough time to exercise as they are busy working and studying. Moreover, as we have learnt in the previous disadvantage, some become deaf or blind, some lethargic or some get body pains which prevents them from being healthy. We all know that to remain healthy, one needs to be physically, mentaly, emotionally and socially happy and stress-free. However, online education can hamper a person who is on their way to being healthy.

6. Lack of interaction

Sixth : online education is not as much fun and interactive as normal education.




Now, let’s do a recap : we have learnt that there are five merits and six demerits of online education. However, in my opinion, online education is a boon for us, especially for students. If a student drafts a perfectly balanced time-table and follows it diligently, he or she can avoid many demerits and the student can maintain their health and pass with flying colours simultaneously.


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