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English Essay Writing Topic  – Importance of English



Language is a tool for intercultural dialogue and communication. Language is a powerful tool for expressing one’s emotions. Because they are used for communication, all languages have their own significance.

Literature can be found in every language. Many poets and prose writers use language to convey their emotions. Through their poetry and prose, they convey the state of the society.

The ancient Germanic people known as the Angles immigrated to Great Britain, which is now known as England.  The language of the country inspires other countries through its literature and culture and has spread throughout the world. It includes more than 35 dialects and is recognized as a primary language in more than 67 nations. According to a 2005 estimate, there are more than 2 billion speakers of this language worldwide.

English is the main language at many schools all around the world. We can term English as a Universal language. People from all across the world can communicate with ease thanks to this universal language. English proficiency is currently required in many different areas. But the actual advantage of using language is that it makes life’s many challenges easier to overcome. Whether it is to travel around the globe or to look for a new job. In other words, it facilitates growth in both the professional and personal spheres of life.

Although one’s body language is a very powerful medium of expression, we express our thoughts, verbally or textually through language, which is our main way of communication. We also infer that in today’s time of social media and powerful social networking, having a firm grip over the mode of communication is a must have. The ability to express one’s sentiments, attitudes, or beliefs is language’s secondary purpose. One language that satisfies both of the aforementioned criteria is English, which is spoken all over the world. The term “first international language” is frequently used to describe English. Almost every field that exists now has it incorporated. In a range of settings, from entertainment to business, it serves as the common language for communication.

As we realize the popularity that English has earned as an effective medium of communication, we also observe that many nations encourage and train children to learn English as a second language. Many engineering and science curricula are written in English, even in countries where it is not the official language. Your commercial endeavors will undoubtedly benefit from your proficiency in English. Many large firms will only hire qualified workers after confirming that they have good English language skills. English language classes will be helpful for you if you really want to work for a multinational corporation since they will teach you the communication skills you need to network with other professionals in your field or further your career.

The majority of information on the internet, around eighty percent of it, is only available in English. It is an understandable and straightforward language. It serves as the common language for all print media, including newspapers and journals. English is the language used in the key works that are meant to be read by a large portion of the population.

We cannot undermine the importance of vernacular languages and the essence of one’s mother language. However, when we think of globalozation and consider the world as one, a global language that English unifies us. Anyone who speaks English wherever in the globe has access to a vast array of professional options. Similar to how it has become a necessary requirement for many different industries and professions including computing, medicine, and more.

We must communicate in a common language if we are to make the best use of the data and knowledge at our fingertips in a world that is changing quickly. Because of this, the English language has evolved into a source of information on a variety of topics, from the cultural to the political.

English has evolved into a way of life in modern society. English is followed by Chinese and Spanish as the language that is bespoken the most. This language has a very large and varied vocabulary, and on average, one new word is added to the English dictionary almost every two hours. It is a dynamic language that is always changing. Social media, where most of the interaction takes place in English, is largely to blame for all of this development.


Reasons to Learn English

We now move on to the reasons why it is necessary to study the English language since its significance is evident. 

Firstly, it is an international language. One in every five individuals is able to speak or understand it because it is so widespread.

Furthermore, learning the English language can make it simpler to find employment. It automatically boosts the likelihood of finding a decent job in a reputable company because it has become the language of many disciplines.

It also facilitates networking with new people. Learning English aids in removing obstacles due to the fact that it is the official language of 53 nations. The language of the Internet is the most significant among these.

Learning this language will make traveling easier, which is a crucial factor. Being a widely spoken language worldwide, it will make communicating with people simple. In the same vein, it is crucial in the corporate sector.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, everyone benefits from it. Students who want to pursue higher education overseas should definitely take this course. Therefore, it can present pupils with an excellent chance.


Why and where do we need English?

Use of English on the Internet – Due to the Internet’s phenomenal growth and the astronomical increase in information technology, English is the language of choice for Internet users. As more and more people are exposed to it and English has also taken on the status of the internet’s official language, the internet has also played a significant role in promoting and disseminating the English language throughout the globe.

Use of English in Education – English is now frequently used to comprehend, learn, and explain ideas from a variety of academic disciplines. English is the primary language used in the writing of instructional tools, resources, and texts. English as a foreign language is necessary for the international educational systems at institutions all over the world.

Use of English for Travel – As we are all aware, English is the official language of 53 nations, and over 400 million people around the world speak it. Therefore, when someone travels abroad.

Use of English for Communication – The ability to communicate effectively is the most crucial function of a language. English has for long been the world’s most extensively used and respected language. In other words, English turns to become a useful tool for connecting with individuals around the globe. Whether for business, pleasure, relocating, or any other reason, they will find it helpful to communicate in English.


Historical background of English

English was originally the language of England, but because of the British Empire in many nations, English has now replaced many other languages as the primary or second language in countries that were once British colonies, including Canada, the United States, Sri Lanka, India, Australia, and Sri Lanka. Currently, English is widely spoken in both the corporate and cultural realms that are dominated by nations that were directly impacted by British imperialism. English is used as a second language in 27 countries, while it is the official language in 67 other nations.


Benefits of Learning English

Given that English is the language of science and technology, someone who speaks it well can find employment anywhere in the world. The internet, a potent weapon of the modern age, is inaccessible to those who do not speak English.

Websites in English cannot be used by those who lack proficiency in the language. Learning English also exposes us to English culture, which enriches our own.

Hindi is regarded as the national language of India by all, but learning other languages, especially English, is essential if you want to succeed in life. Finding diverse employment opportunities abroad and forming friendships and contacts with English-speaking natives are both simple processes. We must communicate with our fellow inhabitants of the world, and only English makes this possible. Anyone with decent English skills can obtain employment at multinational corporations throughout the world or join the global workforce.

The ability to comprehend the cultures of other countries is the English language’s greatest asset. It provides more enjoyment and entertainment. English-language dramas, songs, and movies can be enjoyed by those who are proficient in the language. English has a very extensive vocabulary. One thing can be said and expressed in a variety of ways and with a variety of words.



Even while it is true that one should never lose touch with their mother tongue, learning English is still a good idea because it is useful everywhere. There are others in addition to the importance stated above. English gained popularity because, as compared to other languages, more people worldwide are familiar with it. English was created by the British, but after they departed, it was entirely our decision. English is now ubiquitous; whether it is a signboard or the name of a station, it is always bilingual. When they receive information in English as well, travellers from other nations experience convenience in addition to those from India. India is a developing country, and learning a new language can totally transform your life by giving you more alternatives. If you just have access to jobs in your immediate area and speak your original tongue, learning English will open up a world of opportunities for you. It is therefore best to learn it. Some of us are opposed to learning a foreign tongue and want to boycott it, but in my view, those who resist change are always left behind. While promoting your original tongue is a good idea, one should also be aware of market trends. Keep learning and developing because there are many advantages to this language. It will be very helpful to you.
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