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English Essay Writing Topic – My Father


My Father

Parents have different roles in their children’s upbringing, and this is true for both parents. In a family, the father’s role is incredibly significant. He usually provides the household with their daily bread. He’s regarded as the family’s patriarch as well. 
My father is a businessman. Although he has a strong commitment to his work, he never forces any of his kids to choose a similar career. We are inspired by him to pursue our aspirations. He constantly encourages us and serves as a mentor for us as we look for our areas of interest and passion in life. Instead of following in his entrepreneurial footsteps, he makes every effort to support us as we pursue our goals. My father is a very affectionate and kind man. In order to keep us in line, he might be severe at times. Every little need that we have is taken care of, and he is always there for all of us as a family to support us whether we face emotional or financial hardship. Every time we ask for his assistance, he is constantly striving to make us feel comfortable and has our best interests at heart. 
He always attempts to be of assistance to us by sharing his life’s lessons or the morals that he has attained over the years. His life experiences and how he overcame them are always an inspiration to us. In order for us to grow, he not only shares his accomplishments with us but also his failings. 
My favorite individual and my life’s inspiration is my father. My father is quite funny. He and I get along well. I discuss all my daily activities with him. When I need him, he always looks out for me and is there for me. He leads a calm, disciplined, and virtue-filled life and is a very straightforward individual. He manages to squeeze time with his family into his busy daily routine. 
He plays badminton with me during our frequent joint games. Additionally, he does yoga and encourages leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle. For fun, he enjoys cooking. His creations include shahi paneer, rajma, and other such delicacies that I love to eat. He frequently makes our meals and packs our lunches, and always assists my mother in the kitchen. 
My father has instilled in me the morals and manners that will serve me well in the future. He instructs us to practice humility and give to those in need. Not just me, but everyone around us, finds inspiration in my father. Along with being a good father, he is also a decent husband, a good son, and a nice person in general. 
To sum up, my father is a gentleman who understands that when choosing between his family and his career, the former comes first. In addition, no matter what he is doing, he is always willing to assist others. Additionally, he says that money is not everything in life and one must not give up one’s ethics for it. Most importantly, we stick with him since he is the inspiration for all our good deeds. Mydad is my hero!
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