Essay on Importance of Discipline | Essay on Importance of Discipline in Students life


Essay on Importance of Discipline, Types of Discipline, and Importance of Discipline in Students life


By Sathyavathi

essay on importance of discipline for success in life


Essay on Importance of DisciplineDiscipline is vital to life. Discipline refers to the set of rules that regulate our lives. It brings orderliness. It is ingrained in every aspect of human life, right from learning to use a litter bin to having good thoughts.

Without it, people would do whatever they wish. They may not lead a healthy lifestyle and may indulge in malpractices. Thus, without discipline, the world would be chaotic.

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Types of discipline:

Discipline can be broadly classified into two categories:

Internal discipline and external discipline.

Let us discuss them one by one-

  1. The internal discipline is about self-control and helps you to judge the difference between right and wrong. One takes the right decisions and spreads positivity.
  2. The external regulations or discipline refers to the laws and practices accepted as the norm in society. They make you socially fit. A person is expected to follow certain norms as per the society where he lives.



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Benefits of a disciplined life:

Leading a disciplined life is beneficial in the following ways-

1. It helps you stay healthy:

Discipline is related to regularity. You take food, do your duties, and sleep at the right time. You are more regular while exercising. Time-bound activities are essential for a fit body. These are the foundation for time management skills.


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2. You can lead a stress-free life:

As one gets the habit of doing every work within the stipulated time, the fear of deadlines does not affect them. Young children have ample time to concentrate on extra-curricular activities. They can develop hobbies that act as stress-busters later. Students in higher classes have a routine study time.

They are more prepared for their exams and do not have the last minute tension. A disciplined person executes his work well in the office too. Discipline lets you overcome laziness. As one follows the social norms, they have amicable personal lives also.

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3. You can stay happy and active:

Discipline boosts your self-confidence. You are proactive and plan all your work. You become self-confident and are ready to take up challenges. By having self-control, one becomes careful with the words to use and behaviors to display. You do not hurt others knowingly or unknowingly. You lead a conscious life and are aware of your deeds. You find it easy to build relationships with people. You can avoid many problems in life.

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4. You can develop leadership qualities:

Discipline teaches you to be responsible. You can maintain consistency in life and observe the well-defined rules. You take the right decisions at the right time. These qualities earn your respect, and you are seen as a natural leader. A good leader must possess a magnificent personality. You can improve your personality and become impressive.


5. Discipline enhances your mental strength:

Self-discipline is the base for mental toughness. It gives the willpower required for facing challenges and adversities. Restraint and practice help you determine your weaknesses. You tend to have clear plans and execute them well. You can visualize the long term rewards, and not bicker over small things. It also increases your tolerance levels. You are not bogged down by failures. You know that making mistakes cannot be avoided, and they are a part of the process that helps you in becoming better.


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6. You can enjoy the real freedom

Discipline frees you from laziness and lethargy. You carry out all your responsibilities well and become self-sufficient. Thus, you get freedom from expectations and demands. Similarly, you are free from fear, doubt, and weakness. When you lead a disciplined life, you become the master of your thoughts and emotions.

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Thus, we see that a lot of problems can be solved by becoming a disciplined person. It is a must for the progress and welfare of society. At the same time, it is not easy to follow a disciplined life. It requires practice and strict adherence. If not followed correctly, it could lead to a dubious life. Imagine what will happen if the Sun doesn’t rise or set. Nature is the best example of discipline. The Sun, the planets, and the entire universe are under systematic forces.


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Any disharmony in the cosmos could result in catastrophic events endangering our existence.

It is essential, especially for students, to understand that talent without discipline is directionless. You should utilize the knowledge and wisdom at an appropriate place and time. It is feasible only through discipline.


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