Essay on Importance of Computer in our life, Uses of Computer in various field


Importance of Computer in our life | Importance of Computer in Student life and uses of computer in various fields


By Sathyavathi

essay on the importance of computers in our life


Essay on the importance of Computers in our lifeComputers have become an inevitable part of human life. We cannot overlook the importance of computers in education with the launch of so many education portals and apps which have made it necessary to use computers in education.

In this essay on the importance of computers in our life, students can get the use of computers in education, uses of computers in different fields like defense, medicine, business, entertainment, communication, and what is the importance of computers in today’s world. We have also compiled the importance of computers in points.

In case you have to write the 5 uses of computers, you can take help from this essay on computers. Also, any question based on the 10 points on the importance of computers can be easily answered once you have read this essay. So, let us check out this helpful essay on the importance of computers.


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We live in a world where Alexa plays the music in the living room, and Siri sets the alarm on the phone. Not far is the day when most of us will have robots in our homes, loading the dishwasher and assembling our furniture. We already have drones, and experiments on driverless cars are going on.

Computers are vital in the communication and transportation industries. They control our satellites and traffic signals. Through Big data and analytics, companies make business decisions.

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT (Internet of Things) could bring a sea of changes in our daily lives. A range of industries right from agriculture, textiles to our defense field is highly dependent on computer technology. There does not exist a sector, which is untouched by the magic of computers.


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If we acknowledge that our mobile phones are computers-based, then our life is not imaginable without them. Can we survive without phone calls and text messages?

Our gas bills, bank payments, groceries, meals, clothes, and all basic needs are met via a smartphone. So, let us now look in detail the role of computers in various fields:



Uses of Computers in Education

Computers, smartphones, and cheap internet data packs have revolutionized the field of education. A data-enabled mobile phone opens the door to vast resources.

Online learning and distance education has changed the fortunes of many. The curiosity to learn and diligent efforts are sufficient to succeed. High-quality, world-class courses are available at affordable rates through MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) from top-notch universities. The software programs are better than print media in presenting the subject to the students.

In this way, they are more interested in learning and take the initiative to know further. It increases the quality of education that people receive. Moreover, computers have vast storage spaces, and the durability of the study material is also high.

In specific fields like architecture and mechanical engineering, there is a paradigm shift in pedagogy. They learn and use software technologies like CAD and CAM (computer-aided design and manufacturing).



Uses of Computers in Defence

We know that the word ‘computer’ comes from compute and thus, they were mostly computing devices. The first computer was for the military, and the U.S. Army used it for calculating artillery firing tables.

Today, computers are used in tanks, planes, and ships to target enemy forces. They play a vital role in providing training and simulations to soldiers. They are essential to safeguard the confidential activities of the defense forces.



Uses of Computers in Medicine

Modern healthcare would become void without these wonderful machines. The hospitals require computers in all stages of treatment right from diagnosis to surgery. The advanced scans such as MRI and CT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scans help you detect life-threatening conditions.

The entire department of radiology is dependent on these electronic machines. Then we have fitness trackers and ECG bands that could warn you of imminent heart ailments and strokes.

Our doctors perform robotic surgeries by looking at a monitor. We are moving towards a time when we can swallow the computing devices in the form of a pill to get accurate images of the internal organs like the intestines.



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Uses of Computers in Businesses

The business communities are always quick in adapting to the latest technologies. Today, even in small shops, electronic book-keeping and PoS( Point-of-Sale) machines are indispensable. The supermarkets have computerized inventory management systems and barcode readers.

The factories have numerous automated manufacturing processes and software packages for sales, payrolls, and logistics are readily available in the market. Moreover, we have live access to global financial markets round the clock through the internet.

We should also remember that the flourishing E-commerce industry owes its existence to the internet and mobile technologies.



Uses of Computers in Services

The data-processing and storage facility has made life more comfortable. Automation of billing, book-keeping, and security services are due to smart devices. The Information Technology sector thrives on the quick, reliable services it provides. The concept of standing in queues for paying the electricity bills and taxes is no more in practice.

Banking is highly sophisticated due to the enhancement of data storage and retrieval technologies. ATMs, digital payments, and cashless transactions are changing the way we deal with money. Security and authentication services also are going through a sea of changes because of biometric identifications.

The use of computers in weather forecasting and disaster prediction and management is beneficial for people. It prevents loss of life and material. It is useful for farmers and tourists.



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Uses of Computers in communication

The way we communicate today is primarily due to the rapid developments in computer and internet technologies. We can control the satellites, traffic signals, locate trains, etc. from remote places. The GPS (Global Positioning System) has a myriad of applications in life.

We use Google Maps to get directions on our way, we can share our lives travel routes with the family, and we can also check the arrival of our food orders through services like zomato and Swiggy.

Instant messages, social media, video conferences, and Skype meetings attribute their existence to advanced communication systems. Emails are not for sending and receiving messages alone; companies use them as marketing tools.



Uses of Computers in Entertainment

The entertainment industry has become highly versatile due to advancements in file processing and internet technologies. Live- streaming of videos, downloading music, and advanced video games give recreation facilities at the click of a mouse.

The internet stage has also become an open venue for many amateur artists. It helps the industry people to identify and recognize raw talents. It brings in a kind of transparency in the system. People are more willing to take up music, dance, and acting as mainstream professions.



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Let us see the main points on the importance of computers-

Online application process – Nowadays, the application process for almost everything – admissions to courses, job recruitments, passport, etc are done through computers. So, everyone needs a computer at one or the other point of time.

Communication – these days all type of important communication is done through emails for which one needs either a computer or a smartphone.

Education – some of the best facilities for education can be availed online at the comfort of sitting at home. Students can download educational apps and enrol for online classes and webinars too.

Defence – Computers are used extensively in defence forces for targeting weapons and finding locations.

Business – E-Commerce has changed the way businesses work. Consumers have adopted the system of buying online. Sellers like Amazon and services like Zomato have made e-commerce a daily thing for us.

Healthcare – the most advanced healthcare facilities like scans and various treatments have been made possible by the latest technologies in computers.

News – People stay updated with the latest news which is provided to us instantly through online resources.

  1. We can see our favorite movies and serials at any time of the day with the help of computers.
  2. Readers can avail e-books and free downloadable editions of their favorite books through online resources.
  3. We can talk to our friends, family, and colleagues located in any part of the world through computers with the help of Skype and Whatsapp.

We can conclude that computers which were simple machines aimed at storing and transferring data are becoming an integral part of our lives. They are not limited to banks or military operations.

These modern machines permeate our home, work, and even entertainment. It has changed the way many industries operate. For example, travelers no longer need guides, the booking process is mostly online, and people are ready to take the path less known.

We want our farmers to become modern and tap the potential of the internet to get weather updates, seed availability, and market prices.

But, these advancements have their flip side too. People tend to have health issues because of long sitting hours, constant staring at the screen, and ensuing lethargy. For youngsters, social media addiction and virtual highs seem to be a complete menace.

It is in our onus that we take the pluses of the computers alone. In the race for catching up with the latest technology that is changing in the blink of the eye, let us not forget our roots.


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