Letter of Enquiry Class 10 | Enquiry Letter Format, Sample and Examples

Letter of Enquiry Class 10


Letter of Enquiry Class 10 | Enquiry Letter Format, Enquiry Letter Class 10 to 12 and Examples


How to Write an Letter of Enquiry for Class 10 ?


Letter of Enquiry – An Enquiry letter is a formal letter, written to enquire and get details regarding something that a person wants to gain further knowledge about.

The method for writing a letter of Enquiry has been discussed in detail here (stepwise). The students can see how to compose an enquiry letter and practice writing the following method and format given below.


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Letter of Enquiry Class 10 Format


Letter of Enquiry  


An Inquiry letter is a formal letter, written to enquire and get details regarding something that a person is interested in. It could be written with respect to an item that a person is interested in buying, a course that a person wants to study, a vacation trip that a person wants to go on, etc.

As the sender of a letter of Enquiry needs information about something, the enquiry letter must mention the contact details of the sender where the said information has to be sent. It must contain the particulars of the thing enquired about.

It must also list down all the aspects of the thing about which the sender wants detailed information.


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letter of enquiry structure


Letter of Enquiry Format 


The Enquiry Letter Format is as follows –

1. Sender’s address: Include an email and phone number, if required.

2. Date: Below address. Leave one space or line.

3. Receiver’s address

4. The subject of the letter

5. Salutation (Sir / respected sir / madam)

6. Body

Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and the purpose of writing the letter

Paragraph 2: Detail of the enquiry

Paragraph 3: Conclude / end

7. Complimentary Closing

8. Sender’s name, signature and designation (if any)

letter of enquiry introduction format




Enquiry Letter Samples


Here are a few examples of inquiry letters. Students can get an idea of the format of enquiry letter and how to write an inquiry letter by learning from these samples


1. You intend to join coaching classes at Success Coaching Centre situated in Chennai. The institute specializes in teaching science to classes XI – XII. Write a letter of enquiry in 100 – 120 words addressed to the Administrator in – charge of the institute seeking clarification about the timing, duration, staff, transport and other necessary details for joining the institute. You are Sonia / Shiv of 2, Murthi Road, Chennai.



2, Murthi Road



Date : 20th March 2018


Administrator in-Charge

Success Coaching Centre



Subject : Enquiry for Class XI – XII two year study course.


Respected Sir / Madam


I am Sonia, a student of class X of KV, Murthi Nagar Chennai. I want to pursue non-medical stream and am planning to join a coaching class for the same. I came to know that your institute is the best and so I am keen to join it.  I am interested in joining the two year classroom course. Kindly give me the following details- 

  1. Details of the course structure.
  2. The timing of the class.
  3. The details of the faculty.
  4. Availability of transport facility.
  5. Fee structure for the course.

I request you to reply at the earliest so that I can take a decision.


Thank you

Yours Sincerely



2. You are Mrs. / Mr. Gupta. Your son is a student of Class XII and wants to pursue a course in Mass Communication. Write a letter in 120-150 words to the Dean, Institute of Mass Communication, University of Delhi,  seeking information about the course admission procedure, eligibility criteria, fee structure, hostel facilities, placement opportunities,etc.


302, Hi life Apartments

Malad, Mumbai.


Date 12 October 2022



Institute of Mass Communication 

University of Delhi

New Delhi.


Subject : Enquiry for course in Bachelor of Mass Communication.




I am Mrs. Gupta M/O Saransh Gupta. My son is studying in Class XII and wants to pursue Mass Communication. So, I am writing to you to enquiry about the said course. Kindly give me the following details.

I want to know the course content, course duration, fee structure, eligibility criteria, admission procedure for the B. Mass. Comm. Degree course. Also, information on hostel availability will be required. Also, I want to know about the placement opportunities that will be available to my son once he completes the course.

Kindly give any other additional information that you think is required.

Please reply with the same at the earliest so that I can make an informed decision.


Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Mrs. Gupta

Phone Number XXXXXXX


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To see a solved example of an Enquiry Letter, Please see the video below –



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