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How to Write an Order Letter for Class X & XII English Syllabus

Order Letter – An order letter is written for the purpose of purchasing something. It is composed in a formal method of writing. The method for writing an order letter has been discussed in detail here (step –wise). The students can see how to compose an order letter and practice to write the following the method and format given below.

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How to Write an ORDER LETTER


order letter



Order Letter format – An Order Letter is written to place an order for any items. It mentions the and details of the items required. It must specify details like an address for delivery, the deadline for delivery, mode of payment, etc.

Features of an Order Letter Format are as follows –

  1. Formal letter: An Order letter is a type of Formal Letter.
  2. It is written to place an order for goods, articles or items.
  3. As it is a formal letter, we have to follow the format and write within the word limit (1oo – 120 words).


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The Order Letter Format is as follows –
1. Sender’s address: Include an email and phone number, if required.
2. Date: Below address. Leave one space or line.
3. Receiver’s address
4. Subject of the letter
5. Salutation (Sir / respected sir / madam)
6. Body
Paragraph1: Introduce yourself and the purpose of writing the letter
Paragraph2: Detail of the articles ordered
Paragraph3: Conclude / end
7. Complimentary Closing
8. Sender’s name, signature and designation (if any)


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To see a solved Example of Order Letter, please see the video below –


Order Letter Samples

  1. You are Padam, office in-charge at Vayusena School, Sant colony, Vishakhapatnam. Place an order of stationery items for the school office to Modern store, New Market, Vishakhapatnam.


Vayusena School,
Sant colony

20 August, 2022

Modern store,
New Market,

Subject: Supply of stationery items for the school office.

Dear Sir

I am the office in-charge of  Vayusena School. I am writing to you with regard to the telephone chat we had where we talked about the stationery items that you sell. We received the things from your company well on schedule and in acceptable condition in the past. Consequently, we are pleased to order the following stationery items for our school.

List of articles No. of items
White Paper 10 reams
Blue Pens 10 boxes
White Chalk Stick 12 gross
Carbon Paper (Black) 12 boxes


We would want you to provide us with an estimate of the prices, including sales tax and other fees, for the supply of the aforementioned items. Please send the above mentioned items no later than August 26 between 10 AM to 1 PM at the mentioned address.

Thanking You
Yours faithfully
Office In-charge

  1. You are the Librarian at Devi charitable school, Lucknow. Place an order of school books and other story books for the school library with Chitrakoot book shop, Mall road, Lucknow.

Devi Charitable School

August 21, 2022

Chitrakoot Book Shop
Mall Road

Subject – To place an order for school books and other story books


I work as the librarian at Devi Charitable School in Lucknow. wish to order something for the school’s library. The required text books are:

Gulmohar Readers (Class V and VI) 12
Together with Biology (Class XI and X) 12
Together with Chemistry (Class XI and X) 7
Mathematics by R S Agarwal (Class X and XII) 10
NCERT Physics (Class VI, VII and X) 12
Percy Jackson 2
Harry Potter 12

Please ensure that the books be delivered by September 1, 2022. On receipt of the order confirmation, 50% payment will be made. After delivery, the other half of the payment will be made. I anticipate receiving a discount on the overall cost of the books because I am a regular client. I’m eagerly awaiting your confirmation. Additionally, there is something I want to mention. A number of the books in the most recent delivery had ripped pages. We chose not to disclose it because it was unimportant, but we won’t put up with another instance of this careless behaviour. Only after thorough bookkeeping is completed will the remaining half of the money be made.

Thank you|
Yours truly

  1. You are Rama, a student of class 10 at Pavan vidya niketan, Delhi and reside at 110/4, Rohini, Delhi. You require school text books, notebooks and stationery items. As you are unwell, place an order for home delivery with the school approved book seller , Gian pustak bhandar, Rohini.

110/4, Rohini

20 August, 2022

The Manager
Gian Pustak Bhandar

Subject: Supply of text books, notebooks and stationery items. 

Dear Sir

Please refer to our three days ago telephone chat, during which we talked about the many text books, notebooks, and stationery supplies in your store that I require. I was unwell last week, therefore I wanted to get something from your business to be delivered to my house promptly and in good shape. So, kindly bring the products listed below to the aforementioned address.

List of articles No. of items
Maths Book 1
Science Book 1
Pencils 2 box
Pens 2 box
Erasers 4 pieces
Sharpener 3 pieces
English Book 1

Please provide a price for the supply of the aforementioned items, taking into account sales tax and any additional fees. Please send the quotation by August 25.

Thanking You
Yours faithfully

  1. The Computer Hub, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi has advertised a discount of 20% on all types of computers and related hardware. You are Rahul, owner of Softpoint Innovations, 110- 111, Nehru Place, New Delhi. Place an order for suitable items for your company.

110-111, Softpoint Innovations
Nehru Place
New Delhi

27th August, 2022

The Manager
The Computer Hub
New Delhi

Subject: Placing an order for computers and related hardware.


On behalf of the owner of Softpoint Innovations, I wished to buy 20 PCs and the related hardware components.
You have a solid reputation for offering top-notch computer hardware. Your PCs are of the best possible quality. After looking through your most recent computer catalogue with a 20% discount, I’m placing an order for 20 computer sets for our company.
The computers should all be of the highest calibre, along with certain necessary software. Substandard goods will be returned. Within seven days, computers must reach the stated address.
Send the invoice with the biggest discount, if any.

Thanking You
Yours truly

  1. You are Jhanvi of 101 Greenash buliding, Mulund, Mumbai and your family is in quarantine due to being Covid positive. Place on order of medicines at the nearby Apollo Pharmacy.

101, Greenash Building

20 August, 2022

Apollo Pharmacy

Dear Sir

Subject: Placing an order for medicines.

Being Covid positive has put my family and I under quarantine, and we need to order some medications. We have always valued the high quality your shop has offered, and this year is no different. The quality is excellent, and the shipping is always on schedule. Therefore, placing the order for the following medications won’t cause us any stress. Please properly deliver these products to our company at the above-mentioned address.

Name of the items No. of items
XYZ 60
ABC 50
EFG 50
PQR 100


All of the things must be in good shape and securely packaged. Please offer us a reasonable discount.

Yours faithfully

  1. The Prime Sports, Sector 7, Chandigarh has advertised a clearance sale on sports goods – tennis balls, basket balls, cricket gloves, pads and shuttle cocks. Being the sports in-charge at PPS, Nabha, place an order for the said items.


19 August, 2022

The Manager
The Prime Sports
Sector 7, Chandigarh

Dear Sir

Subject: Placing an order of sports goods

This makes mention of the quotation from August 19, 2022. Please deliver the things listed below to the address provided.

Name of the Items No. of Items Remarks
Basket Balls 10 Sparton
Cricket Gloves 10 SS
Tennis balls 20 Vicky
Cricket pads 10 SS
Shuttle Cocks 20 Yonex


All of the things must be delivered within a week in good shape, securely bound, and with correct packaging. Once the items arrive at our office, the payment will be done in cash. You would be liable for any damage that occurred during shipping. We do expect the same delivery this time as well, even though you have never given us the chance to complain in the past and the goods have always arrived to us well on time, in perfect condition, and according to our specifications.

Thanking You
Yours Faithfully
(Sports In-charge)

  1. You are Garima a student of class 12 at Kanya mahavidyalaya, Jaipur. You are the head of the school law club. Write an order letter to Law and more book shop, Naya bazar, Jaipur, placing an order for the latest law journals and bare acts.

Kanya Mahavidyalaya

August 21, 2022

Law and More Book Shop
Naya Bazaar

Subject – Placing an order for the latest law journals and bare acts


I am head of School Law Club at Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur. I wish to order something for the club. The necessary law journals are:

MNO 12
IJK 12
STU 10
PQR  12
XYZ 12.

Please deliver the books By September 1, 2022. 50% payment will be made after receiving the order confirmation. The remaining money will be made after delivery. As a frequent customer, I expect to receive a discount off the total price of the books. I greatly anticipate your affirmation. 

Thank you
Yours truly

  1. You are the Sales in-charge at Geeks books, Law circle, Ahmedabad. You have received an order from Chandni, Librarian at GLS, Dhekiabari, Ahmedabad. Write a letter of confirmation of the said order


Geeks Books
Law Circle

August 21, 2022.

GLS Library

Subject – Order Confirmation


I am in charge of sales at Geeks Books, Ahmedabad Law Circle. Your order for the library has arrived. I hereby attest that books will be delivered by September 1, 2022. On receipt of the order confirmation, the 50% payment will be made. Before delivery, the first half of the balance is due.
Since, you are our frequent customer, I am offering a discount on the entire purchase price of the books and looking forward to the upcoming work as well.

Thank you
Yours truly
(Sales In-charge)

  1. You are Geetu a resident of Giani Nagar, Amritsar. You have just shifted to this new city and require a few furniture items and kitchen appliances for your house. Write a letter of order to Home and More, Mall road, Amritsar placing an order for the same.

Giani Nagar

21 August, 2022

The Sales Manager
Home and More
Mall Road

Dear Sir

Subject: Placing order for electronics

Please send the items listed below to the above-mentioned location in a safe manner.

Name of the Items No. of Items Brand
Fans 4 Bajaj
Microwaves 1 LG
Dish Washer 1 LG
Geysers 1 Nova
Almirah 3 Godrej


All of the products should be in good shape, securely bound, and packaged. By the end of the month after the mailing of this letter, the products must be delivered. You would be liable for any damage that occurred during shipping. As in the past, we have never been given the chance to complain, and the goods have always arrived on time, in perfect shape, and in accordance with our requirements. This time, too, we anticipate receiving the same package. As has been customary over the past several years, kindly provide us with a reasonable discount.

Thanking you
Yours faithfully

  1. You are Rohit, owner of Shanti garments, Palika bazaar, New Delhi. Place an order for various inner wear garments, swimwear, etc. for kids with Kindley garment factory Ludhiana.

Shanti Garments
Palika Bazaar
New Delhi

20 August 2022

Kindley Garment Factory

Dear Sir

Subject: Placing an for various inner wear garments, swimwear

This is to advise you that Shanti Garments has chosen to order various swimwear items and inner wear from your business. The list is shown below. Your agents’ pricing quote has been accepted, and the 10% corporate discount you offered has also been accepted. Please arrange for delivery to be sent within 15 days. I have no doubt that the clothes will be packed properly, and you will be held liable for any damage that occurs during shipment. I’m hoping you would respond quickly and effectively to any requests for future returns and exchanges of the pieces. Your agent will get money via a crossed check soon after the delivery.

List of Items Numbers of pieces
Vest 45
Trunks 50
Briefs 40
Swin Suits 30
Thermal Wear 35


Thanking You
Yours faithfully

Order Letter FAQs

Q1. What is the purpose of an order letter?
Ans. The purpose of an order letter is to place an order of items from a company. It is written to purchase goods or to receive some kind of service from a specific company.

Q2. What information should be included in an order letter?
Ans. An order letter contains the following information:

  1. Quantity and details of the goods ordered
  2. The address where the package is supposed to be delivered
  3. Mode of payment
  4. Deadline of delivery

Q3. How should an order letter be structured?
Ans. An order letter should be structured in the following format:

1. Sender’s address

The address of the customer, i.e. the person who is placing the order and writing the letter and the person who will receive the ordered articles.

2. Date

Below address. Leave one space or line and then mention the date. It should be written in long form , for example 23rd January 2022.

3. Receiver’s address

The address of the company, i.e the company from whom the customer is ordering the articles. You may include the phone number or email address of the company, if it is given in the question or if it is required.

4. Subject of the letter

You will mention the purpose of the letter in this. What you are ordering and why.

5. Salutation

(Sir / respected sir / madam)

6. Body

Paragraph 1: Introduction of customer and specify the purpose of writing the letter, which is to order a particular item.

Paragraph 2: Specify the quantity and details of the articles the customer wishes to order. The information should be given in a box in a tabular format

Paragraph 3: The conclusion, in which you will give the deadline of delivery, mode of payment, amount of money already transferred as advance and the amount of money left to be given, and a thank you.

7. Complimentary Closing
Most preferably Yours sincerely

8. Sender’s name, signature and designation (if any)

Q4. What language and tone should be used in an order letter?
Ans. An order letter is a formal letter. Therefore, the language should be formal as well, and the tone cannot be friendly, exaggerating or rude. It should be to the point and concise.

Q5. How should an order letter be addressed?
Ans. In an order letter, the gender of the seller is generally not given in the question. Also, both ‘Dear’ and ‘Respected’ are correct to address the seller. So, an order letter should be addressed in any of the following ways:

Dear Sir/Madam

Respected Sir/Madam


Q6. How should any special instructions or requirements be conveyed in an order letter?
Ans. The question may ask you to specify special instructions or requirements in the order letter. For example – the customer wants to give the item to someone else as a gift. Then, in Paragraph 3 (the para in which you mention the mode of payment, deadline of delivery), you can write a sentence saying that the item needs to be gift-wrapped and properly packed. All special instructions or requirements need to be conveyed in the concluding paragraph.

Q7. How should a quote for the total cost of an order be requested in an order letter?
Ans. If you are ordering the items with the help of a catalogue, then you will need to inform the seller that according to the catalogue, the total cost is ___ in rupees. If the total cost is not known, then you can write “Please send the bill along with the order” in the third paragraph and then you can specify how you will pay the amount. You can also ask the seller to share an estimate cost of the articles required (in paragraph 3).

Q8. How should an order letter be closed and signed?
Ans. An order letter should always be closed with a ‘thank you’. Then comes, complimentary closing (‘Yours sincerely’ is the most preferred one). Then, you will give the sender’s name, signature and designation. Designation may or may not be given.

Q9. How should enclosures be indicated in an order letter?
Ans. In an order letter, enclosures are mentioned after the complimentary closing. The name of the document is written after the abbreviation Encl.

For example-
Yours sincerely

Encl.: Old bill for reference of discount given

Q10. What are some common mistakes to avoid when writing an order letter?
Ans. The following are some common mistakes to avoid when writing an order letter:

The information about the items ordered not given.

The customer not sounding respectful to the seller.

Not mentioning the delivery address

Deadline of delivery, mode of payment, and amount of money to be paid, not mentioned in a specified in a clear language.

Not mentioning details like quantity and brand of items ordered

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