Class XII NCERT Flamingo Book difficult word meanings 

Here, the difficult words and their meaning of all the chapters of CBSE Class 12 English Flamingo Book have been compiled for the convenience of the students. This is an exhaustive list of the difficult words and meanings of all the chapters from the Flamingo book for CBSE NCERT Class 12 English. The difficult words’ meanings have been explained in an easy language so that every student can understand easily.




Chapter 1  The Last Lesson


  1. A great bustle: a lot of noise created by many people
  2. Apprentice: trainee
  3. At one stroke: at once, in one go.
  4. Beetles:  a large-sized insect
  5. Blushed: face turned red in colour due to shame
  6. Bulletin-board: a notice board for putting up the latest news and communication
  7. Choked: became unable to speak due to strong emotions
  8. Commotion: noise and confusion
  9. Cooed: the sound made by the pigeons
  10. Couldn’t give up: cannot leave
  11. Counted on: depended upon
  12. Cranky: strange, short – tempered
  13. Dreadful: frightening
  14. Drilling: exercising
  15. Fix in his mind: store or keep forever
  16. Gazing: looking intently
  17. Gesture: a signal
  18. Grave: serious
  19. In great dread of: fear of
  20. In unison: at the same time
  21. Mixed up: confused
  22. Not even the littlest ones: refers to the pigeons
  23. Nuisance: problem, burden
  24. Pale: used to describe a person’s face or skin if it has less colour than usual
  25. Pretend: show
  26. Primer: basic reader of any language
  27. Rapping: striking
  28. Resist: to stay away
  29. Saar: a river which passes through France
  30. Sawmill: a factory for cutting wood
  31. Solemn: serious.
  32. Sunday clothes: the best dress that a person has.
  33. Tempting: attracting
  34. Thumbed: torn and damaged
  35. Thunderclap: used in comparison to refer to something startling or unexpected
  36. To reproach: blame
  37. Trumpets: a musical instrument.
  38. Twined: twisted
  39. Who worked right on tracing their fish-hooks: scratching with their claws
  40. Wretches: here, it refers to an unfortunate happening




Chapter 2  Lost Spring – Stories of Stolen Childhood


Story 1 – ‘Sometimes I find a Rupee in the garbage’

class 12 english score full marks

  1. Abound – exist in large numbers
  2. Acquaintance – contact
  3. Amidst – in the middle of
  4. barefoot – wearing nothing in the feet
  5. Bleak – empty
  6. Bother – worry
  7. Content – satisfied
  8. Desolation – the state of being empty
  9. Discarded – thrown away
  10. Embarrassed – feeling ashamed
  11. Excuse – a reason to justify a fault
  12. Glibly – speaking or spoken in a confident way, but without careful thought or honesty
  13. He would have a hard time believing it – it would be difficult for him to believe that his name meant ‘the Lord of the Universe’
  14. Hollow – meaningless
  15. Lighting up – show joy and happiness
  16. Metaphorically–symbolically
  17. Mutters – to speak in a low voice
  18. Panting – taking short and quick breathes
  19. Periphery- outer area
  20. Permits – legal documents
  21. Perpetual state of poverty – never ending condition of being poor 
  22. Scrounging – searching for
  23. Shuffles – slides them over each other
  24. Squatters – a person who unlawfully occupies an uninhabited building or unused land
  25. Tarpaulin- heavy-duty waterproof cloth
  26. Tattered – torn
  27. Transit homes – a temporary home
  28. Wilderness- a wasteland


Story 2 – “I want to drive a car”

  1. Amidst – in the middle of
  2. Apathy – lack of concern
  3. Auspiciousness – good omen
  4. Baggage – burden
  5. Bangs – hits
  6. Beam – shine brightly
  7. Brightness of their eyes – here, refers to the power to see
  8. Bureaucrats – government officials
  9. Choked – blocked
  10. Coexisting – present at the same time and place
  11. Crumbling – falling down
  12. Dawn on her – she will realize
  13. Daylight hours – hours of the day when there is sunlight
  14. Destiny – fate
  15. Dingy – dark, dim
  16. Distinct – separate
  17. Drab – faded, colourless
  18. Draped – covered
  19. Echo – repeat
  20. Furnaces – a closed room or container where heat is produced
  21. Glass-blowing industry – industry related to making glass
  22. God-given lineage – here, a profession carried on through the generations of a family – glass bangle making
  23. Greed – intense and selfish desire for something
  24. Hauled up – dragged, taken away
  25. Hovels – slums
  26. Hurtling down – moving around
  27. Imposed – forced upon
  28. Impoverished – very poor 
  29. Labour – hard work
  30. Lament – complaint
  31. Looking straight into my eyes – with confidence and determination
  32. Looms like a mirage – seems that it will be true in the future but actually it will not be so
  33. Mind – numbing – boring
  34. Mounds – heaps
  35. Piled – kept one on top of the other
  36. Primeval – prehistoric
  37. Reaped – received as a benefit
  38. Renovate – repair
  39. Rings – a sound which is repeated
  40. Sanctity – the state of being sacred or holy
  41. Ser – a unit of measuring quantity
  42. Shanty town – a town that is full of small, roughly built huts
  43. Slog – work hard
  44. Soldering – joining
  45. Spiral – here, a never-ending continuous process
  46. Stigma – dishonor
  47. Stinking – bad smell
  48. To dare – do something courageous
  49. Toil – physical hard work done to earn a living
  50. Tongs – an instrument with two moveable arms joined at one end
  51. Unkempt – not taken care of
  52. Veil – a piece of fine material worn by women to protect or hide the face, cover or hide
  53. Vicious – cruel
  54. Volunteers – freely offers to do something
  55. Welding – joining
  56. Welding – the process of joining metal or glass pieces by heating them
  57. Withdraws – goes back
  58. Wobbly – unsteady
  59. Yard – the open area at the back of the house




Chapter 3 Deep Water


  1. Ached – pained
  2. Aping – copying
  3. Aversion – dislike
  4. Bob – jump
  5. Bruiser – a person who is tough and aggressive and enjoys a fight or argument
  6. Cable – thick rope
  7. Canoes – small boats
  8. Cascades – waterfall
  9. Ceased – ended
  10. Choked – unable to breathe
  11. Command – order
  12. Curtain of life fell – life came to an end
  13. Deprived – to take away
  14. Dizzy – faint, unsteady
  15. Drop – slope from the shallow area to the deep area 
  16. Ducked – push or plunge someone under water
  17. Expending – losing, giving out
  18. Flailed – waved his hands
  19. Handicap – a circumstance that makes progress or success difficult
  20. In the midst of – between
  21. Knocked me down – threw him down
  22. Limp – lifeless
  23. Miniature – small size
  24. Oblivion – the state of being unaware or unconscious of what is happening around one
  25. Panic – fear
  26. Paralysed – incapable of movement
  27. Pounding – repeated beating
  28. Pride – self-respect
  29. Revived – brought back to mind
  30. Rigid – hard
  31. Ruined – destroyed
  32. Seized – gripped
  33. Seized – gripped
  34. Shed – removed
  35. Shrieking – screaming
  36. Skinny – a thin person
  37. Skinny – thin
  38. Slack – to reduce
  39. Specimen – example
  40. Spring – push
  41. Stark – severe
  42. Strategy – plan of action
  43. Strike out – extend
  44. Stroke – a particular style of moving the arms and legs in swimming
  45. Subdued – to overcome
  46. Suffocating – unable to breathe due to lack of air
  47. Summoned – gathered
  48. Surf – wave of the sea
  49. Thrash – hit with force
  50. Throbbed – felt pain in a series of beats
  51. Tinge – touch of colour
  52. To feel at ease – to feel comfortable
  53. Tossed – threw
  54. Treacherous – dangerous
  55. Vestiges – traces
  56. Water wings – A pair of inflatable waterproof bags designed so that one can be attached to each arm, especially of a child learning to swim
  57. Wits – intelligence
  58. Wobbly – weak
  59. Y.M.C.A. – Young Men’s Christian Association
  60. Yakima – a place in Washington, USA
  61. Yell – scream




Chapter 4 The Rattrap

  1. Acquaintance: associate
  2. Alarmed: Frighten
  3. Amazement: wonder
  4. Anvil: a heavy iron block with a flat top and concave sides
  5. Apprentice: learner
  6. Astonished: greatly surprised
  7. Bait: Food placed on a hook to trap a rat, here it is referred to the comforts of life, which is offered to trap someone
  8. Barge: a long flat-bottomed boat for carrying freight on canals and rivers.
  9. Bellows: air bag that emits a stream of air used for blowing air into a fire.
  10. Bossy: Latin word ‘bos’ used for a cow
  11. Boundless: limitless
  12. Carved off: to divide something into parts
  13. Cherished: to love, protect
  14. Clatter: bang
  15. Compassionately: showing sympathy for others
  16. Comrade: A fellow soldier
  17. Confidences: Secrets
  18. Creamery: A factory that produces cheese and cream
  19. Crofter: A person who works on a rented farm
  20. Deigned: do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity
  21. Despair: hopelessness
  22. Dissimulate: pretend
  23. Downhill: worst
  24. Dreary: dull
  25. Embarrassed: awkward, shy
  26. Fist: A person’s hand bent 
  27. Flesh on his bones: here it means that the seller should eat good food to gain some flesh on his body
  28. Forebodings: a foretelling
  29. Forge: A shop where metal is heated
  30. Generous: liberal
  31. Gleamed: Shone
  32. Gloom: dark
  33. Groomed: ready
  34. Haughty: arrogant
  35. Hesitating: to be reluctant
  36. Impenetrable: impassable
  37. In a good season: early enough
  38. Inconspicuously: invisible or which is not noticeable
  39. Incredulous: unbelieving
  40. Interceded: intervened
  41. Kronor: Currency of Sweden
  42. Manor house: A large country house
  43. Maw:  jaws
  44. Mjolis: a game played with playing cards
  45. Modest: humble
  46. Monotonous: boring
  47. Odd Moments: A short period of free time.
  48. Parson: Churchman
  49. Peddler: seller
  50. Perspiration: sweat
  51. Ploddings: walk heavily
  52. Plods: walks heavily
  53. Preach: advice
  54. Prominent: Important
  55. Prosperity: riches
  56. Puckered: wrinkle
  57. Queer: strange
  58. Ragamuffin: A person in rags
  59. Regiment: unit in the army or defence forces
  60. Rolling mill: machine to roll metal into sheets
  61. Scow: a flat-bottomed boat used for transporting cargo to and from ships in harbor.
  62. Sheriff: chief executive officer of crown (in England)
  63. Shoveled: move
  64. Sifted: descended lightly or sparsely as if sprinkled from a sieve
  65. Slouch hat: hat bend on one side of the head.
  66. Smashed: badly broken
  67. Smelter: A machine in which metal is melted to form into a shape
  68. Snare: trap
  69. Sooty panes: window panes covered in soot ( black powder produced when coal, wood etc is burned.
  70. Splendor: luxury
  71. Stagger: To walk with difficulty
  72. Starched collar: Starch is the stuff that makes your shirt collar look crisp and fresh. 
  73. Stuffed: to fill up with something
  74. Summoned: gathered
  75. Sunken: lowered
  76. Tempted: convinced
  77. Thickets: A dense group of bushes
  78. Thumping: the sound of some heavy object beating
  79. Thundered: make a loud noise
  80. Tramp: vagabond, wanderer
  81. Trudging: walking slowly
  82. Undeceive: to tell someone that his belief is mistaken
  83. Vagabond: wanderer
  84. Valet: personal attendant
  85. Whipped: beaten with a whip, here to hit something
  86. Whole shoes: Proper fitted shoes
  87. Wretch: miserable person




Chapter 5 Indigo


  1. Abandoned: deserted, inhibited
  2. Abstractions: something which exists only as an idea.
  3. Accompanied: go along with someone
  4. Accompanied: go somewhere with (someone) as a companion or escort
  5. Adamant: firm
  6. Advent: arrival
  7. Advocate: supporter, protector
  8. Alleviate: uplift
  9. Amazement: surprise
  10. Apparently: seemingly, evidently
  11. Arable: land suitable for farming
  12. Arrangement: Process
  13. Assembled: gathered
  14. Associates: supporters
  15. Authorities: officials, power
  16. Baffled: confused
  17. bail: an amount of money that a person who has been accused of a crime pays to a law court so that they can be released until their trial.
  18. Boarded: get on, enter
  19. Bully: trying to harm others considering them to be weak
  20. Cawnpore: British name for the city of Kanpur
  21. Champaran: A place in Bihar
  22. Chided: criticize, scold
  23. Civil Disobedience: peaceful form of political protest
  24. Committed: dedicated
  25. Compelled: forced
  26. Compensation: payments
  27. Complied: followed or obeyed
  28. Conclusion: result, end of something
  29. Concrete: solid
  30. Conferred: granted
  31. Conflict: to be against someone
  32. Conscience: sense of right and wrong
  33. Consequence: result
  34. Consultations: discussion
  35. Contented: willing to accept something, satisfied
  36. Contract: agreement
  37. Convention: agreement
  38. Conveyance: transportation
  39. Courthouse: court building
  40. Deadlock: a situation in which no progress can be made
  41. Deceitfully: dishonestly
  42. Defenders: protector
  43. Defiance: opposition
  44. Delegates: Representatives
  45. Demonstrations: protest
  46. Depositions: a formal written statement
  47. Desertion: action of leaving a place, organization etc
  48. Distress: torture
  49. Dreaded: regarded with great fear or apprehension
  50. Emaciated: thin
  51. En route: on the way
  52. Entreaty: an earnest or humble request
  53. Eruptions: here, a spot, rash, or other mark appearing suddenly on the skin.
  54. Estate: property
  55. Estates: property
  56. Evidence: proof
  57. Extorted: took forcibly 
  58. Extraordinary: exceptional, remarkable
  59. Fear stricken: afraid
  60. Forthwith: immediately, at once
  61. Grievances: complaints
  62. Guilty: at fault
  63. Harbour: here, entertain
  64. Haunches: thighs
  65. Hitherto: Earlier, Previously 
  66. Humanitarian: Concerned with human welfare
  67. Illiterate: uneducated
  68. Imparting: pass on, giving
  69. Indigo: plant that produces a blue color
  70. Influential: powerful
  71. Initial: at the start
  72. Injustice: unfairness
  73. Instructions: orders, commands
  74. Intertwined: twisted, braided, knitted
  75. Investigations: inquiries
  76. Investigators: the inspectors
  77. Irksome: irritating
  78. Justified: marked by a good or legitimate reason
  79. Leading: prominent, popular
  80. Learned: come to know
  81. Liberation: release
  82. Liberty: free
  83. Lieutenant-Governor: deputy governor
  84. Magistrate: civil officer who administers law
  85. Maltreated: ill treat
  86. Merely: only
  87. Miserable: unhappy, sad
  88. Multitude: a large number of people
  89. Obliged: required, made legally bound to do something
  90. Overtook: went ahead of him 
  91. Pacifist: Peace maker
  92. Peasant: small farmer
  93. Permitted: allowed
  94. Pestered: bother, harass
  95. Pleading: the action of making an emotional or earnest appeal to someone
  96. Postpone: delay
  97. Prestige: honour, esteem
  98. Proceeded: begin a course of action
  99. Prominent: Important, well known
  100. Pronounce: declare or announce
  101. Prop: support
  102. Prosecutor: Lawyer or barrister
  103. Protested: objected, disapproved
  104. Protracted: lasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual.
  105. Province: region, territory
  106. recess: break
  107. Reconvened: to start again after a small break
  108. Representative: spokesperson, agent
  109. Residents: locals
  110. Resisted: opposed, to be against something
  111. Resolute: determined
  112. Reverted: returned
  113. Self Reliance: self sufficiency, self support
  114. Sharecroppers: a tenant farmer who gives a part of each crop as rent.
  115. Spontaneous: voluntary, unforced
  116. Summoned: called
  117. Superintendent: Manager, supervisor
  118. Surrendered: to give in
  119. Sympathy: support, pity
  120. Synthetic: Chemical based, artificial
  121. Tenacity: determination
  122. Tenants: occupants paying rent in cash or kind
  123. Throbbed: produced a lot of vibrations due to a huge crowd
  124. Thugs: cheats
  125. Triumphed: won
  126. Unanimously: without opposition
  127. Uninterrupted: continuous
  128. Unquestioned: not examined or inquired into
  129. Upshot: result, conclusion
  130. Vehement: showing strong feeling; forceful, passionate, or intense.
  131. Vehemently: in an intense manner
  132. Volunteer: a person who offers his service free of cost
  133. Wired: Telegraphed
  134. Withdrew: left
  135. Yeoman: a man who cultivates a small piece of land




Chapter 6 Poets and Pancakes

  1. Affluent: having a great deal of money; wealthy  
  2. Andre Gide: A French writer, humanist, moralist, received the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1947.
  3. Anglo-Burmese: The Anglo-Burmese people, also known as the Anglo-Burmans, are a community of Eurasians of Burmese and European descent, who emerged as a distinct community through mixed relations between the British and other European settlers and the indigenous peoples of Burma from 1826 until 1948 when Myanmar gained its independence from the United Kingdom.
  4. Arthur Koestler:  A Hungarian born British novelist, known for his novel Darkness at Noon.
  5. Averse: having a strong dislike of or opposition to something
  6. Bafflement: confusion, bewilderment
  7. Bare: empty
  8. Barge in:  to walk into a room quickly, without being invited
  9. Blew over: to pass by or to end
  10. Broadcasting: the transmission of programmes or information by radio or television
  11. Catapulted: move suddenly or at great speed
  12. Coat of mail:- a protective garment made of linked metal rings (mail) or of overlapping metal plates
  13. Cold logic: logic that fails to consider human factors such as culture, language, social dynamics, personality and emotion
  14. Communism: collectivism, socialism 
  15. Compunction: reluctance
  16. Conjugal: relating to marriage or the relationship between a married couple 
  17. Conscious: aware
  18. Contrary: opposite in nature, direction or meaning
  19. Countermovement: a movement or other action made in opposition to another.
  20. Countryside: from village
  21. Covertly: secretly
  22. Crimson hue: deep red colour
  23. Critic: a person who judges the merits of literary or artistic works
  24. Cubicle: a small partitioned-off area of a room
  25. Deftly: effortlessly
  26. Deliberately: on purpose
  27. Demeanour:  manner; attitude
  28. Devadasis: In South India, a devadasi is a girl “dedicated” to worship and serve a deity or a temple for the rest of her life. The system was outlawed in all of India in 1988.
  29. Dhoti: a garment worn by male Hindus, consisting of a piece of material tied around the waist and extending to cover most of the legs
  30. Diction: the style of enunciation in speaking or singing; articulation
  31. Direst: terrible
  32. Drudge: a person made to do hard menial or dull work.
  33. Dwarfed: cause to seem small or insignificant in comparison
  34. Enlightened: having or showing a rational, modern and well-informed outlook
  35. Epics: an exceptionally long and arduous task or activity
  36. Etched: here, defined, described
  37. Fiery: red-hot; scorching
  38. Filial: relating to or due from a son or daughter.
  39. Forbidden: not allowed; banned.
  40. Forthcoming: about to happen or appear
  41. Foul: bad
  42. French window: each of a pair of glazed doors in an outside wall, serving as a window and door, typically opening onto a garden or balcony
  43. Genius: an exceptionally intelligent person
  44. Genuine: true
  45. Haunt: frequently visited by
  46. Having a hand in:  to be involved with something
  47. Hideous: extremely ugly
  48. Hierarchy: A system in which members of an organization or society are ranked according to relative status or authority
  49. Homilies: sermon; lecture
  50. Hues: complexion
  51. Ignazio Silone: An Italian writer, who was the founder member of the Italian communist party in 1921, and is known for the book. The God That Failed, authored by him.
  52. Ignominy: public shame or disgrace
  53. Improvident: a person who does not plan his expenses and ends up wasting money
  54. Incandescent: emitting light as a result of being heated; burning
  55. Incriminating: making someone appear guilty of a crime or wrongdoing.
  56. Integration: unification
  57. Khadi: an Indian homespun cotton cloth
  58. Lead: main
  59. Leisure: time when one is not working or occupied; free time 
  60. Literary: associated with literary works or other formal writing
  61. Literati: well-educated people who are interested in literature.
  62. Louis Fischer: A well known American journalist and a writer of Mahatma Gandhi’s biography entitled
  63. Loyalty: a strong feeling of support for someone
  64. Madras Indian Christian: – a particular caste in Indian Christians of people from Madras who have been converted to Christianity religion
  65. Main players: actors performing the main roles
  66. Manuscript: an author’s handwritten or typed text that has not yet been published
  67. Mess: a building or room providing meals
  68. Misery: a state or feeling of great physical or mental distress or discomfort
  69. Overshadowed: was better than
  70. Persevering: continuing in a course of action despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.
  71. Perverts: a person whose sexual behaviour is regarded as abnormal and unacceptable.
  72. played into their hands – to do something that one does not realize will hurt oneself and help someone else
  73. Potions: a liquid mixture
  74. Prerequisite: a thing that is required as a prior condition for something else to happen or exist
  75. Prohibition: the act of forbidding something
  76. Pursuit: hobby, activity
  77. Refrain: lines that are repeated in poetry
  78. Richard Wright: An American writer, known for his novel Native Son and his autobiography Black Boy.
  79. Sneaking into: doing something in a secretive or stealthy way
  80. Sophistication: having a good understanding of the way people behave
  81. Sprawling: spreading over a large area, detailed
  82. Stephen Spender: An English poet essayist who concentrated on themes of social injustice and class struggle.
  83. Struck dumb: shocked
  84. Subsidiary: secondary, supporting
  85. Surmise: guess; suspect
  86. Sycophant: a person who acts obsequiously (excessively obedient) towards someone important in order to gain advantage  
  87. Tempramental:  liable to unreasonable changes of mood.
  88. The Life of Mahatma Gandhi. The Oscar winning film Gandhi is based on this biographical account.
  89. Tirade: a long, angry speech of criticism or accusation
  90. Trapeze: a horizontal bar hanging with two ropes and free to swing, used by acrobats in a circus  
  91. Unwittingly: unknowingly
  92. Vaguely: in a way that is uncertain 
  93. Virtue: behaviour showing high moral standards; here, good luck
  94. Woes: distress




Chapter 7 The Interview

  1. Aesthetics: a branch of philosophy that deals with nature and appreciation of beauty
  2. Amusement: the provision or enjoyment of entertainment
  3. Assault: make a physical attack on
  4. Commonplace: not unusual; ordinary
  5. Condemnatory: expressing strong disapproval
  6. Contemporaries: a person or thing living or existing at the same time as another.
  7. Despise: hate, dislike
  8. Dissertation: a long essay on a particular subject, especially one written for a university degree or diploma
  9. Elevator: a lift
  10. Eliminate: remove
  11. Ethical: relating to moral principles
  12. Extravagant: excessive or elaborate
  13. Fist: a person’s hand when the fingers are bent in towards the palm and held there tightly, typically in order to strike a blow or grasp something.
  14. Formidable: inspiring fear or respect through being impressively large, powerful, intense or capable
  15. Frustration: the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something
  16. H. G. Wells: An English novelist, journalist, sociologist and historian he is known for his works of science fiction. Wells best known books are The Time Machine, The Invisible Man and The War of the Worlds. 
  17. Hypotheses: theory
  18. Interstices: space, gap
  19. Intrusion: the action of intruding; intervention
  20. Joseph Stalin: A great Russian revolutionary and an active political organiser. 
  21. Lionized: give a lot of public attention and approval
  22. Medieval: relating to the Middle Ages
  23. Narration: the action or process of narrating a story
  24. Ordeal: a very unpleasant and prolonged experience
  25. Perpetrated: commited; performed
  26. Persistent: continuous
  27. Petitioners: a person who asks for something
  28. Philosophical: relating or devoted to the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.
  29. Primitive: ancient, olden
  30. Pursue: follow
  31. Repel: drive or force back
  32. Rudyard Kipling: A prolific writer who was known as the poet of the common soldier. Kipling’s Jungle Book which is a story of Kimball O’ Hara and his adventures in the Himalayas is considered as a children’s classic all over the world. 
  33. Saul Bellow:  A playwright as well as a novelist, Bellow’s works were influenced widely by World War II. Among his most famous characters are Augie March and Moses. He published short stories translated from Yiddish. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1976.
  34. Seminal: influential
  35. Serviceable: fulfilling its function adequately; usable
  36. Staggeringly: to an astonishing or shocking degree
  37. Unprecedented: never done or known before
  38. Unwarranted: not justified or authorised
  39. V. S. Naipaul: Known as a cosmopolitan writer. In his travel books and in his documentary works he presents his impressions of the country of his ancestors that is India. He received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2001.
  40. Vile: extremely unpleasant
  41. Vivid: producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind.
  42. Wrecked: destroyed or severely damaged




Chapter 8 Going Places


  1. Abruptly: suddenly
  2. Affections: fondness, love
  3. Apparently: seemingly, evidently
  4. Applause: clapping
  5. Apprentice: learner
  6. Approbation: Approval, acceptance
  7. Arcade: Gallery
  8. Boutique: a small shop selling fashionable clothes
  9. Canal: waterway
  10. Cape: wrap, stole
  11. Chastened: subdue, humble
  12. Chuffed:  cheerful
  13. Cluttered: untidy, litter
  14. Component: part, piece
  15. Cradled: hold
  16. Crooked: bent
  17. Crumbling: broken
  18. Decent: adequate
  19. Despondent: disheartened
  20. Disdain: scorn, disrespect
  21. Distractions: diversion, disturbance
  22. Dragged: pull 
  23. Earmarked: set aside, reserved
  24. Ecstatic: joyful excitement
  25. Elapsed: pass, go by
  26. Envisage: predict
  27. Eruption: explosion
  28. Exotic: foreign, non native
  29. Exposing: uncover
  30. Exultant: overjoyed
  31. Fascination: captivation
  32. Forbade: ban, prohibit
  33. Freckled: pale/brown spot on skin
  34. Frowned: angry
  35. Frowning: annoyed
  36. Gawky: graceless
  37. Gazelle: An Asian-African antelope
  38. Glared: stare angrily
  39. Grimaced: angry
  40. Grimy: dirty, soiled
  41. Grunt: a low rough noise
  42. Hesitant: undecided
  43. Hovered: fly
  44. Hushed: quiet
  45. Inaudible: unheard
  46. Incongruity: inappropriate
  47. Inquisition: questioning
  48. Instinctively: without conscious thought
  49. Jeered: tease someone
  50. Kneeling: be in a position in which body is supported by knees.
  51. Longed: wish
  52. Lumbering: moving in awkward way
  53. Mates: friends
  54. Melancholy: sad
  55. Melodious: musical
  56. Misery: discomfort
  57. Momentarily: briefly
  58. Muffed: messed up
  59. Nosey: curious
  60. Outlying: distant place
  61. Pangs: sharp pain
  62. Perhaps: maybe
  63. Pilgrimage: religious journey, but here their devotion towards football match
  64. Prodigy: a young person with exceptional qualities
  65. Reddening: blush
  66. Resignation: departure, leaving
  67. Reverently: with deep respect
  68. Row: here, so much noise
  69. Scooping: here, eating
  70. Sighed: breathe out
  71. Solitary elm: single tree (elm is a tall tree)
  72. Sophisticated: worldly, Cosmopolitan
  73. Startled: sudden shock
  74. Stooped: shoulder bent forward
  75. Strings: here, group
  76. Suspected: guess, think 
  77. Thunderous:  so strong like thunder of cloud
  78. Tinkering: repairing
  79. Unlikeliest: unexpected, doubtful
  80. Wharf: dock
  81. Wriggled: twist, turn



class 12 english score full marks