CBSE Class 12 English Sample Question Paper 2023-24


Class 12 English Core Solved Sample Question Paper (SQP) 2023-24

The post below has Class 12 English Sample Question Paper as per CBSE SQP. The Central Board of Secondary Education has released the Sample Question Paper (SQP) 2023-24 for Class 12 English Core paper. Here you will get the Solutions for CBSE Class 12 English Sample Question Paper 2023-24. Also you can download PDF of Class 12 English Core Sample Question Paper Solutions

ENGLISH CORE (Code No. 301)

SAMPLE QUESTION PAPER (2023-24) with Answers

class 12 english score full marks

Time allowed: 3 Hrs.
Maximum Marks: 80

General Instructions:
1. There are THREE sections in the Question Paper: READING, WRITING, and LITERATURE.
2. Attempt questions based on specific instructions for each part.


Reading Comprehension Through Unseen Passages

1. Read the following text.
Arthur lay in his cabin, still trying to piece together the events of the last few hours. He had watched his home planet of Earth be demolished to make way for a hyperspace bypass, been saved by his friend Ford, and then whisked away on a ship that was powered by an “infinite improbability drive.” It was all too much for him.

Just then, Ford stuck his head around the door.
“Hey, Earthman,” he said, “come and have a look at this.”
Arthur stumbled after him down a corridor and into the ship’s control room. He gazed in amazement at the banks of controls and flashing lights. In the center of the room was a large console covered in buttons and switches, and in the middle of the console was a small, white mouse.

“What’s that?” asked Arthur.
“That’s the ship’s computer,” said Ford.
Arthur stared at the mouse. “That’s a computer?” he said.
“Yup,” said Ford. “Five-dimensional, biologically-based, super intelligent, and in the form of a white lab mouse. Pretty neat, huh?”

“I don’t know,” said Arthur. “I don’t think I really understand anything anymore. Why is a mouse the ship’s computer?”

“It’s a long story,” said Ford. “But the short version is that the mice built the Earth as a giant computer to figure out the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. Then they ran out of money and had to destroy it to make way for a hyperspace bypass. So now they’re using the Heart of Gold to finish the calculation.”

Arthur was about to say something, but at that moment the ship’s intercom crackled to life.
“Good evening, Heart of Gold,” said a smooth, computerized voice. “This is Eddie, your shipboard computer. I’m feeling a bit depressed today. Would you like me to sing you a song?”
“Oh, not again,” groaned Ford.

“Eddie, would you mind shutting up?” said Arthur.
Arthur sighed and leaned back against the console, trying to make sense of everything. But as he closed his eyes, he heard a voice inside his head.
“Hello?” it said.
Arthur jumped, startled. “Who’s there?” he said.
“It’s me,” said the voice. “Marvin.”
“Marvin?” said Arthur. “Who’s Marvin?”
“The Paranoid Android,” said the voice.
Arthur looked around, but he didn’t see anyone. “Where are you?” he said.
“I’m down here,” said the voice.

Arthur looked down and saw a small, metal figure shuffling across the floor. It was about three feet tall, with a round head and a body that looked like it had been cobbled together from spare parts. Its eyes were a dull red, and its voice was a monotone.
“I’ve been waiting for someone to talk to me for over two million years,” said Marvin.

Adapted – An excerpt from “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” by Douglas Adams / 444 words

Answer the following questions, based on the passage above.

i. Select the option that classifies Arthur’s confusion about drastic events such as the destruction of his home planet and the introduction of new technologies, correctly.
A. Routine and boredom
B. Adventure and excitement
C. Loss and change
D. Calm and relaxation

ii. What is the significance of the white lab mouse in the control room of the Heart of Gold spaceship?
A. It is the captain of the ship
B. It serves as the ship’s computer
C. It is a pet of the crew
D. It is used for scientific experiments

iii. Share evidence from the text, in about 40 words to support the view that the writer’s writing style is descriptive and humourous.

iv. Complete the sentence appropriately with a characteristic or its description.
Based on the information given in the excerpt, one can infer that the mice who built the Earth are ____________.

v. Select the option that is similar in meaning to Ford’s expression , “Pretty neat, huh?”.
A. Easy, isn’t it?
B. Could be worse, no?
C. Impressive, yes?
D. Too difficult for you?

class 12 english score full marks

vi. Explain, in about 40 words, why the name “The Paranoid Android” is considered ironic.

vii. In the line, “…a body that looked like it had been cobbled together from spare parts…”, what comparison does the word “cobbled” refer to?

viii. How does the following, impact the reader, even though they know Marvin is just an android?
“I’ve been waiting for someone to talk to me for over two million years,” said Marvin.
Answer in about 40 words.

ix. Read the five headlines (a) -(e), given below:

Identify the option that displays the headline/s that DOES/ DO NOT correspond with occurrences in the passage.

A. Only (a)
B. (b) (c) and (d)
C. Only (e)
D. (a) and (e)

Answers –
i. B. It serves as the ship’s computer
ii. C. Loss and change
iii. Descriptive “In the center of the room was a large console covered in buttons and switches, and in the middle of the console was a small, white mouse.”
Humorous “Oh, not again,” groaned Ford.
iv. ▪ highly intelligent / technologically advanced [they built the Earth as a giant computer]
▪ indifferent to the suffering of other beings [they ran out of money and had to destroy the Earth to make way for a hyperspace bypass.]
v. C. Impressive, yes?
vi. The name “The Paranoid Android” is ironic because-
▪ it is unexpected for a robot to exhibit human-like emotions such as paranoia.
▪ robots are often thought of as logical and unemotional, whereas the name “paranoid” implies irrational fear and anxiety.
▪ it plays with readers’ expectations and stereotypes of robots
vii. The comparison is with cobblers, who take scraps of leather and stitch them together to create a shoe, in the same way in which the body of Marvin was put together or ‘cobbled’, using spare parts. [The word “cobbled” here, implies a sense of roughness and unevenness, as if the body has been put together in a haphazard manner. It also suggests that the body is assembled together, rather than being a cohesive whole.]
viii. The statement by Marvin, despite being an android, humanizes the character by evoking a sense of loneliness and isolation that is relatable to the reader. It also emphasizes the theme of the alienation and lack of communication between beings in the vastness of space. This creates a sense of sympathy towards Marvin and also raises questions about the meaning and value of existence, regardless of whether one is organic or synthetic
ix. B. (b) (c) and (d)

2. Read the following text.
(1) In recent years, there has been a surge in both group and solo travel among young adults in India. A survey conducted among young adults aged 18-25 aimed to explore the reasons behind their travel preferences and recorded the percentage variation for 10 common points that influence travel choices.

(2) Among those who prefer solo travel, the most common reason cited was the desire for independence and freedom (58%), followed closely by the opportunity for introspection and self-discovery (52%). Additionally, solo travellers appreciated the ability to customize their itinerary to their preferences (44%) and the chance to meet new people on their own terms (36%).

(3) On the other hand, those who prefer group travel often cited the desire for socializing and making new friends (61%) as their primary reason. Group travel also provided a sense of security and safety in unfamiliar places (52%) and allowed for shared experiences and memories with others (48%). Additionally, group travellers enjoyed the convenience of having pre-planned itineraries and organized transportation (38%).

(4) Interestingly, both groups had similar levels of interest in exploring new cultures and trying new experiences (40% for solo travellers, 36% for group travellers). Similarly, both groups valued the opportunity to relax and escape from the stresses of everyday life (36% for solo travellers, 32% for group travellers).

(5) However, there were also some notable differences between the two groups. For example, solo travellers placed a higher priority on budget-friendly travel options (38%) compared to group travellers (24%). Conversely, group travellers were more likely to prioritize luxury and comfort during their travels (28%) compared to solo travellers (12%).

(6) Overall, the survey results suggest that both group and solo travel have their own unique advantages and appeal to different individuals, based on their preferences and priorities.

Created for academic usage / 290 words

Answer the following questions, based on given passage.

i. Infer two possible ways that the survey , mentioned in paragraph (1) could be beneficial. Answer in about 40 words.

ii. Which travel choice point of the survey would influence tour operators to incorporate group dinners, social events, and shared accommodations in their itinerary?
A. Freedom to customise itinerary
B. Luxury and comfort
C. Security and safety
D. Desire for making new friends

iii. What do the top choices in the survey, for traveling solo and in a group suggest about young adults?

iv. Identify the solo traveller from the following three travellers:
(a) Reshma- I don’t want to keep hunting for rickshaws or taxis. A pre-booked vehicle is perfect.
(b) Nawaz-I’m happy sharing a room in a hostel. I don’t need hotel accommodation.
(c) Deepak-I’m not worried about my well-being , even while exploring remote areas.

v. Which of the following is an example of an opportunity for self-discovery, as mentioned in paragraph 2?
A. Trying new cuisine
B. Hiring a tour guide
C. Purchasing local artifacts
D. Advance booking travel tickets

vi. How might the differences in budget priorities between solo and group travellers impact the types of accommodations and activities offered by the travel industry in India?

vii. Complete the sentence appropriately.
The similarities in the percentage of both solo and group travellers who are interested in exploring new cultures and trying new experiences may be due to ________.

class 12 english score full marks

viii. State TRUE or FALSE.
The title, “Wanderlust: The Solo Travel Trend Among Young Adults in India”, is appropriate for this passage.

Answers –
i. Some possible ways: (Any 2/ relevant)
▪ Help travel companies to tailor their services to meet the preferences and expectations of young adult travellers, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
▪ Provide insights for the development of new travel packages and itineraries that cater to the specific needs and interests of young adult travellers.
▪ Enable the tourism industry to better understand the changing preferences and behaviours of young adult travellers, which can inform future marketing and promotional strategies.
▪ Can help policymakers and tourism boards to identify key trends and areas of growth in the tourism sector, and plan accordingly.
▪ Allow researchers to gain a better understanding of the motivations and travel behaviours of young adults, which can inform academic studies and literature in the field.
▪ Can provide a benchmark for comparison with similar studies conducted in different regions or countries, helping to identify cross-cultural differences in travel preferences.
▪ Help young adults themselves to gain a better understanding of their own travel preferences and motivations, and make more informed travel decisions in the future.
▪ Can highlight the importance of certain factors in the decision-making process for young adult travellers, such as budget, safety, and cultural exploration, which can inform discussions and debates around the future of the tourism industry.
ii. D. Desire for making new friends
iii. The top choices in the survey, for traveling solo and in a group suggest that young adult travellers value independence and freedom when traveling alone and when traveling in a group, they value socializing and making new friends.
iv. (b) Nawaz
v. A. trying new cuisine
vi. ▪ To cater to budget-conscious solo travellers, the industry may need to provide more affordable accommodation options such as hostels and budget hotels.
▪ For group travellers, the industry may need to focus on offering more luxury accommodations and experiences that cater to their desire for comfort and convenience.
vii. (Any one)
▪ a shared desire for adventure
▪ a willingness to step outside of their comfort zones.
▪ the fact that that young adults in India are becoming more interested in cultural exchange and global understanding
viii. False


Note : All details presented in the questions are imaginary and created for assessment purpose.

3. Attempt ANY ONE of two , in about 50 words.
A. Bali High Public School has recently created CureGreen, a dedicated area for local medicinal herbs and shrubs, adjacent to the flower garden, on campus. As Rachel Tiwari, Captain of the Eco-Club, draft a notice for the school notice board, informing students of classes XI-XII, about a guided walk through CureGreen , post assembly, on Friday, 10 July. Invite care-giver applications, for CureGreen.


B. You are the Secretary of the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme, Jastinapur, Sector D-3 Society. Draft a notice for the Society notice board, informing residents about the change of personnel, Head Security, Gate 2 and share necessary details. Also, include the news of installation of the much awaited security camera, on the Eastern periphery of the Society.

Answer –
3 A and B.
Format to be followed –

Format to be followed

A. → Correct format ( as listed) → Drawing attention—students of XI-XII → Mentioning the event → Giving details -D,T,V → Inviting applications → Line with reference to the undersigned
B. → Correct format ( as listed) → Drawing attention—residents → Stating the information → Giving details → Sharing awaited news → Line with reference to the undersigned

4. Attempt ANY ONE of two, in about 50 words.
A. You are the Student Head, Cultural Affairs, at M.K. Sr. Sec. School. Your school is organising a 2-day Yoga camp over the weekend, for parents of the school students. Create an invitation, inviting the school parents for this Yoga camp. Share information about the camp organisers and include other necessary details.


B. Smt. Leelavati Khatri, your grandmother, has received an invitation from her childhood friend, residing at a distance in the same city. The invite is for the blessing ceremony and celebratory dinner, marking the birth of her granddaughter. Your grandmother wishes to attend the event but would need to be accompanied by a family member to assist her with her wheelchair.
Create an appropriate reply, accepting this invitation, on behalf of your grandmother.

Answers –
Card type-formal invite
→ a single sentence presentation in third person / end line punctuations skipped
→ Use the simple present tense
→ answers the questions who, whom, when, where, what time and for what
→ includes name and address of the organiser /host and name/s of special invitees (if any)
→ No signatures

Layout usually pertains to the following–
→Name of host /hosts
→ Formal standard expression-cordial
→ Purpose of invitation
→ Date /time of event
→ Venue (address)
→ Name of special guest (if any)
→ Contact detail/ number

4B. Letter type-informal reply

5. Attempt ANY ONE of two , in about 120-150 words.
A. You are Damanjit Singh, a fresh graduate of film-making (BFA), from JTTI, Chandigarh. You saw the given advertisement in the newspaper and wish to apply for the position advertised. Write a letter to Mili Johar Arts, along with your bio-data, expressing your interest in the advertised post.

newspaper advertisement

B. Despite being an essential component of road safety infrastructure, many people do not respect zebra crossings and fail to follow traffic rules, which results in hazardous situations on the roads. Write a letter to the editor of a national daily, sharing your concern, and examining the reasons for such behaviour. Provide suggestions for spreading awareness of rules and etiquettes involved, and ways to ensure adherence. Use the given cues along with your own ideas to compose this letter. You are Soma Baruah, a concerned city resident.

spreading awareness of rules

5A. Content
→ Covering Letter
→ Reference to the advertisement
→ Conveying suitability for the position
→ Submission of application
Bio data as separate enclosure
→ Profile of self
→ Educational Qualifications (include advertised requirements)
→ Work experience/s (if relevant)- only internship / part-time relevant here
→ References Any other relevant information

5B Content
→ Lack of awareness of the significance of zebra crossings and traffic rules, ignorance of etiquettes involved, and the lack of enforcement of existing laws related to road safety.
→ Increased risk of accidents, injuries, and fatalities, disruption of traffic flow, damage to public property, legal penalties and fines, and revocation of driving licenses.
→ Public campaigns, educational programs in schools, colleges, and other public places, informative pamphlets, posters, and videos on traffic rules and etiquettes, and highlighting the consequences of not following traffic rules and respect for zebra crossings.
→ Imposing penalties and fines for those who violate traffic rules and do not respect zebra crossings, attending road safety awareness classes, and revoking driving licenses if necessary. Strengthening traffic police and providing them with the necessary resources and technology to monitor and enforce traffic laws.

6. Attempt ANY ONE of two , in about 120-150 words.
A. You are Sohail Hassan of class XII-B. Write an article for your school magazine , sharing the importance of young adults , as volunteers in one’s local community , the need to do so and the benefits involved. Use the given cues along with your own ideas to compose this article.

importance of young adults


B. The R.W.A (Resident Welfare Association), Nandipura -II, launched a volunteer programme for the young adults in and around the neighbourhood, on 18 January 2023. As Sunitha. J, the local correspondent of the neighbourhood newsletter, write a report, covering this event. Support your ideas with outline cues given below, to craft your report.

Resident Welfare Association

Answers –
6A. Format • Title & By line
→ Intro:
▪ Volunteering in the local community — a valuable experience for young adults –helps them develop new skills and interests —benefits the community as a whole.
→ Reasons to volunteer:
▪ a great way to give back to the community –can make a positive difference in the lives of those around –create a sense of community and strengthen social bonds
▪ can help develop new skills and interests — gain practical experience in a variety of areas such as event planning, communication, and leadership– useful in future job applications and can also be personally fulfilling
▪ provides opportunities for personal growth and self-reflection –helps gain a deeper understanding of own values and beliefs –can also learn more about the needs and challenges faced by others in their community
→ Conclusion:
▪ volunteering in one’s local community is a rewarding experience that can benefit both the individual and the community –is important for young adults to get involved and make a positive contribution to the world around them

6B Format • Headline & By line • Reporting place and date • Paragraphing organisation (Introductory paragraph + one or two Body paragraphs including event details + Concluding paragraph inclusive of witness accounts)

→ Reason why the programme was launched was
→ organised—by whom? When? Who attended?
→ Event details –(refer to cues)
→ Conclude including witness/ participant account/s


7. Read the given extracts and answer the questions for ANY ONE of the two, given.

A. And such too is the grandeur of the dooms
We have imagined for the mighty dead;
All lovely tales that we have heard or read:
An endless fountain of immortal drink,
Pouring unto us from the heaven’s brink.
(A Thing of Beauty)

i. Which of the following themes is best represented in the given extract?
A. The beauty of nature
B. The power of imagination
C. The immortality of art and literature
D. The inevitability of death

ii. State whether the given statement is TRUE or FALSE, with reference to the extract.
By referring to the dead as “mighty”, the poet emphasizes their importance and the power they exerted on the people.
iii. Complete the sentence appropriately.
The “endless fountain of immortal drink” is an apt analogy for the tales of the mighty dead because _____________.
iv. The use of the word “brink” in the extract suggests that the immortality that is being poured onto us is on the verge of overflowing. This creates a powerful image of ___________.
v. Based on the poem rhyme scheme, evident in lines 2-5, of the given extract, which word would rhyme with line 1?

poem rhyme scheme

vi. Select the option that is NOT true about the lack of punctuation at the end of line 1 in the extract.
A. Creates a sense of continuity and flow that connects the line with the second line.
B. Encourages the reader to continue reading seamlessly without any pause.
C. Creates a sense of anticipation and expectation for the reader.
D. Encourages a revisit to the ideas in the preceding lines.


B. …I looked again at her, wan,
as a late winter’s moon and felt that
familiar ache, my childhood’s fear,
but all I said was, see you soon,
all I did was smile and smile and
(My mother at Sixty-six)

i. What is the speaker’s emotional state when looking at her mother?
A. Confused and disoriented
B. Nostalgic and longing
C. Empathetic and understanding
D. Fearful and apprehensive

ii. What does the use of the word “but” at the beginning of the line, ‘ but all I said..’, suggest ?

iii. Select the word that WILL NOT complete the sentence appropriately.
The description of the mother as “wan, pale / as a late winter’s moon” creates a vivid image of ________ .
A. vulnerability
B. sensitivity
C. frailty
D. mortality

iv. State whether the given statement is TRUE or FALSE.
The poetic device used in the line, ‘pale as a winter’s moon’ is the same as the one used in the line, ‘the winter wind wistfully wailed at night’.

v. What message do these lines highlight, in the context of familial relationships, and the speaker’s sense of anxiety and fear at the prospect of losing her mother?

vi. Complete the sentence appropriately.
The repetition of the word, ‘smile’ suggests that _______________.

Answers –
i. C. The immortality of art and literature.
ii. False
iii. …just as a fountain constantly pours forth water, the tales of the mighty dead pour forth endless inspiration and wisdom for the living.
iv. Abundance
v. tombs
vi. D. Creates a sense of anticipation and expectation for the reader
i. D. Fearful and apprehensive
ii. It suggests a contrast between the speaker’s internal emotional response and her outward behaviour.
iii. B Senstivity
iv. False
v. The poem highlights the importance of cherishing and appreciating the people we love, while we still can.
vi. …the speaker is trying to hold back her emotions and remain composed, despite the pain she feels at parting from her mother

8. Read the given extracts and answer the questions for ANY ONE of the two, given.
A. Climate change is one of the most hotly contested environmental debates of our time. Will the West Antarctic ice sheet melt entirely? Will the Gulf Stream ocean current be disrupted? Will it be the end of the world as we know it? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, Antarctica is a crucial element in this debate — not just because it’s the only place in the world, which has never sustained a human population and therefore remains relatively ‘pristine’ in this respect; but more importantly, because it holds in its ice-cores half-million-year-old carbon records trapped in its layers of ice. (Journey to the End of the Earth)

i. How does the absence of a human population in Antarctica make it significant in the climate change debate?

ii. Why is “climate change” described as a “hotly contested” issue in the extract provided?
This is so, because there _____.
A. is universal agreement on the causes and implications of climate change
B. is a planned path ahead about how to address climate change
C. are differing views on the causes and implications of climate change
D. are minimal reports of fresh threats to climate change

iii. The analogy of a time machine is an appropriate analogy for the role of carbon records inthe study of climate change because ________________________.

iv. Give one reason why the writing style of the extract can be called factual and informative.


class 12 english score full marks

B. In other words, the Tiger King is dead.
The manner of his death is a matter of extraordinary interest. It can be revealed only at the end of the tale. The most fantastic aspect of his demise was that as soon as he was born, astrologers had foretold that one day the Tiger King would actually have to die.
“The child will grow up to become the warrior of warriors, hero of heroes, champion of champions. But…” they bit their lips and swallowed hard. When compelled to continue, the astrologers came out with it. “This is a secret which should not be revealed at all. And yet we are forced to speak out. The child born under this star will one day have to meet its death.”
(The Tiger King)

i. Complete the sentence appropriately.
The author’s purpose in using foreshadowing, is to _______________.

ii. In the given extract, what emotion were the astrologers feeling when they “bit their lips and swallowed hard”?
A. Humiliation
B. Disbelief
C. Grief
D. Unease

iii. Which trait are the astrologers lauding when they say “warrior of warriors, hero of heroes, champion of champions”?

iv. How is the line, “the most fantastic aspect of his demise”, an example of contrast?

Answers –
8 A
i. This makes it an important reference point for understanding the effects of human activities on the environment and the potential impacts of climate change.
ii. C. are differing views on the causes and implications of climate change
iii. … just like a time machine would allow us to observe past events, carbon records allow us to observe past climate conditions.
iv. (Any one)
▪ …because the writer presents information in a straightforward and objective manner
▪ …because the writer applies a third-person point of view and avoids the use of personal opinion or emotional language
▪ …because the writer uses a logical structure to present their argument
i. (Any one)
▪ create a sense of approaching doom
▪ use it as a tool to heighten the reader’s curiosity and interest in the story
ii. D. Uneasy
iii. bravery/ heroism / leadership
iv. This is so because the word “fantastic” is usually associated with something positive or exciting, while the word “demise” suggests something negative or tragic.

9. Read the given extracts and answer the questions for ANY ONE of the two, given.
A Usually, when school began, there was a great bustle, which could be heard out in the street, the opening and closing of desks, lessons repeated in unison, very loud, with our hands over our ears to understand better, and the teacher’s great ruler rapping on the table. But now it was all so still! I had counted on the commotion to get to my desk without being seen; but, of course, that day everything had to be as quiet as Sunday morning. Through the window I saw my classmates, already in their places, and M. Hamel walking up and down with his terrible iron ruler under his arm. I had to open the door and go in before everybody. You can imagine how I blushed and how frightened I was.
(The Last Lesson)

i. List any two sensory details present in this extract.

ii. Why does the protagonist feel anxious about entering the classroom on this particular day?
A. The classmates have started the lesson
B. The teacher is in a bad mood
C. The classroom is too quiet
D. The protagonist is running late

iii. Complete the sentence appropriately.
The phrase “as quiet as Sunday morning” suggests that ____________.

iv. Pick evidence from the extract that helps one infer that this was not the protagonist’s first time being late to school.

v. What does the term ‘terrible iron ruler’ indicate about M. Hamel?

vi. Which of the following headlines best suggests the central idea of the extract?
A. The Fears of a Latecomer
B. The Importance of Punctuality
C. The Rigidity of the School System
D. The Anxiety of a Young Student


B. Unaware of what his name represents, he roams the streets with his friends, an army of barefoot boys who appear like the morning birds and disappear at noon. Over the months, I have come to recognise each of them.
“Why aren’t you wearing chappals?” I ask one.
“My mother did not bring them down from the shelf,” he answers simply.
“Even if she did, he will throw them off,” adds another who is wearing shoes that do not match.
When I comment on it, he shuffles his feet and says nothing. “I want shoes,” says a third boy who has never owned a pair all his life. Travelling across the country I have seen children walking barefoot, in cities, on village roads. It is not lack of money but a tradition to stay barefoot, is one explanation.
(Lost Spring)

i. What is the writer’s purpose in allowing the boys to speak for themselves via dialogue, as opposed to only a writer’s commentary ?

ii. The line, “It is not lack of money but a tradition to stay barefoot” can be best classified as:
A. A fact
B. An opinion
C. A theme
D. A plot point

iii. Explain any one possible inference that can be drawn from the line, “an army of barefoot boys who appear like the morning birds and disappear at noon”.

iv. Identify the line from the text that bears evidence to the fact that the writer’s association with the boys is not a recent one.

v. Based on the context provided in the extract, select the most likely comment that the writer would have made, based on the boy’s reaction to the mismatched shoes.
A. “Why are your shoes mismatched? That’s not a good look.”
B. “Don’t worry about your shoes, you can wear a matching pair later.”
C. “I like your shoes. What matters is that they protect your feet.”
D. “Have you chosen to mismatch your shoes?

vi. Complete the sentence with ONE word.
The phrase “he answers simply”, suggests that the boy’s response to the writer’s question about why he wasn’t wearing chappals was __________________.

Answers –
i. (Any two)
▪ the sounds of the opening and closing of desks
▪ the loud lessons repeated in unison
▪ the teacher’s ruler rapping on the table
ii. A. The classmates have started the lesson.
iii. …the school was unusually quiet and still, as if it were a day of rest / holiday/ school off, rather than a bustling school day
iv. The protagonist seems to have a plan for how to sneak into class without being noticed, suggesting that they may have been in similar situations before.
v. The strictness and severity of M. Hamel’s discipline
vi. B. The Importance of Punctuality
i. (Any one)
▪ To give voice to their hopes, dreams, and struggles in a way that is immediate and relatable
▪ To add a sense of authenticity and realism to the story
▪ To make the experience more engaging and memorable for the reader
ii. B. An opinion.
iii. Any one
The boys are barefoot, which suggests that they may come from poor or marginalized backgrounds and do not have access to proper footwear.
▪ The phrase “an army of barefoot boys” implies that the boys are a unified group, and that they have a sense of solidarity or shared identity.
▪ The comparison to “morning birds” suggests that the boys are lively and energetic, and that they move around quickly and unpredictably.
▪ The fact that the boys “disappear at noon” suggests that their time is limited or constrained in some way, and that they may need to return to their homes or other responsibilities.
▪ The use of the word “disappear” may also imply that the boys are overlooked or ignored by the wider society, and that they are not given the recognition or support that they need.
▪ The phrase “like the morning birds” could also imply that the boys are vulnerable, and that their carefree lifestyle may be disrupted by external factors such as poverty, exploitation, or violence.
iv. The line from the text: “Over the months, I have come to recognize each of them.”
v. C. “I like your shoes. What matters is that they protect your feet.”
vi. straightforward / uncomplicated / direct/ clear

10. Answer ANY FIVE of the following six questions, in about 40-50 words.
i. What can be inferred from Rajendra Prasad’s recorded upshot of the lawyer consultations, at Motihari ?
[Reference – The senior lawyer replied, they had come to advise and help him; if he went to jail there would be nobody to advise and they would go home. What about the injustice to the sharecroppers, Gandhi demanded.]

ii. Douglas uses sensory details to create a vivid image of the unfortunate experience in the pool. What might be the impact on the reader if the narration were more informative than sensory?
(Deep Water)

iii. How does the setting of the remote forest location in ‘The Rattrap’ contribute to the overall tone and mood of the story?

iv. How might the message of the poem, ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers’ be different, if the following last four lines were omitted?
When Aunt is dead, her terrified hands will lie
Still ringed with ordeals she was mastered by.
The tigers in the panel that she made
Will go on prancing, proud and unafraid.

v. Umberto Eco, with reference to “The Name of the Rose” says, “I think if I had written The Name of the Rose ten years earlier or ten years later, it wouldn’t have been the same.” What could he have meant?
(The Interview)

vi. What does the story of Subbu’s success in the film industry reveal about the importance of loyalty, creativity, and versatility in this field?
(Poets and Pancakes)

Answers –
i. that Gandhi’s commitment to the cause of the peasants, despite being a stranger to the region, was exemplary and motivated the lawyers to continue their support
▪ highlights the idea that the lawyers were conscious of the potential shame they would bring upon themselves if they deserted the peasants in their time of need
▪ suggests that Gandhi’s moral authority and courage had a significant impact on those around him and helped to inspire a sense of purpose and conviction in their own efforts to fight for justice and freedom.
ii. If more informative than sensory, the impact on the reader would likely be less emotional and engaging as :
▪ sensory details help readers connect with the experience being described on a deeper level.
▪ sensory details allow readers to visualize the scene in their minds and feel like they are a part of it.
Even though informative details may provide more factual information but can sometimes feel detached and impersonal, leaving readers feeling less connected to the story.
iii. Serves as a significant backdrop for the events that unfold in the story.
▪ creates a sense of isolation and desolation, emphasizing the loneliness and despair that the peddler experiences
▪ the harsh winter conditions and the barren landscape add to the overall tone of melancholy and hopelessness
▪ the forest also represents the metaphorical wilderness of the human soul, highlighting the struggles and temptations that people face in their journey through life
Therefore, the setting plays a vital role in establishing the mood and atmosphere of the story
iv. ▪ If the last four lines were omitted, the poem would have a more sombre tone.
▪ Without the image of the tigers continuing to prance, the poem would end on a note of despair, with Aunt Jennifer’s hands still ringed with the ordeals she was mastered by.
▪ The message of the poem would refer to the oppression and suffering of women, without any hope for liberation. [By ending the poem on these lines, the author
v. Umberto Eco suggests that the success of his book, “The Name of the Rose,” was largely due to timing. He believes that if he had written the book ten years earlier or ten years later, it wouldn’t have had the same impact.
▪ This could be interpreted as Eco recognizing the importance of cultural context and how the reception of a work of art is influenced by the historical, social, and political climate of its time.
▪ Eco might be suggesting that the themes and ideas he explored in his novel resonated particularly strongly with readers in the cultural moment in which it was published, and that this moment was fleeting.
Therefore, if he had written the book earlier or later, it might not have been as relevant or timely, and might not have captured the same level of attention and interest.
vi. Subbu’s success in the film industry reveals that loyalty, creativity, and versatility are essential qualities for success in this field –
▪ Subbu was an extremely loyal employee who identified himself completely with his principal and turned his entire creativity to his principal’s advantage.
▪ He was also a highly versatile and creative person who could be inspired to come up with numerous alternatives when given a problem to solve.
▪ Additionally, he had the ability to work well with others and was tailor-made for the film industry.
These qualities made him an invaluable asset to the Gemini Studios during its golden years

11. Answer ANY TWO of the following three questions, in about 40-50 words.

i. How can we say that the vadai packet incident reveals that the writer lacked the cognitive and emotional maturity required to understand the implications of untouchability?

ii. What does the play ‘On the Face of It’ suggest about the importance of empathy in overcoming prejudice and stereotypes?

iii. Answer the question in the context of the following lines from ‘The Enemy’.

“Stupid Yumi,” she muttered fiercely. “Is this anything but a man? And a wounded helpless man!” In the conviction of her own superiority she bent impulsively and untied the knotted rugs that kept the white man covered.

Explain the superiority Hana is convinced about.

Answers –
i. ▪ At the time of the incident, the writer was only in the third grade, which means that she was likely around eight years old – children at that age are still developing their cognitive and emotional abilities – it is not uncommon for them to lack a full understanding of complex social issues like untouchability
▪ The writer’s shared that she had not, till then, heard people speak openly of untouchability – suggests that she may not have had a complete grasp of the issue’s societal implications.
▪ It is possible that she understood that certain individuals were treated differently from others, but she may not have fully comprehended the scope of the problem
ii. The play highlights the damaging effects of prejudice and stereotypes on both the victim and the perpetrator. However, it also suggests that empathy and understanding can overcome these barriers.
Through the development of a relationship between the two characters, Derry and Mr. Lamb, we see how their initial assumptions about each other are challenged and ultimately broken down.
This underscores the importance of empathy in recognizing and overcoming prejudices, as it allows individuals to see beyond surface-level differences and connect on a deeper level.
iii. ▪ In the given lines, Hana is expressing her frustration with Yumi, who is hesitant to help her with the wounded white man.
▪ By saying “Is this anything but a man? And a wounded helpless man!” Hana is highlighting the fact that they are all humans, regardless of their race or nationality.
▪ She believes that their common humanity makes it their moral duty to help the wounded man.
▪ In these lines, she is asserting her own intervention and belief in the importance of doing the right thing, even if it goes against traditional values or societal norms.
▪ This demonstrates her sense of moral superiority over Yumi, who is more concerned with following the strict rules of her society than with helping a fellow human being

12. Answer ANY ONE of the following two questions, in about 120-150 words.

A. Imagine you are Pablo Neruda , the poet of Keeping Quiet.
What advice might you offer to Robert Frost, the poet of A Roadside Stand, in the context of his conflicted emotions, as displayed in the given lines-

The requisite lift of spirit has never been found,
Or so the voice of the country seems to complain,
I can’t help owning the great relief it would be
To put these people at one stroke out of their pain.

Pen down your advice , in a letter to Frost.

You may begin this way:
Dear Robert
I recently read your poem, “A Roadside Stand,” and…

You may end this way:
I hope this advice is helpful to you. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to support you.
Pablo Neruda


B. The different portrayals of women in the texts ‘Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers‘, ‘Going Places‘, ‘Lost Spring‘, and ‘My Mother at Sixty-six‘, offer insights into the experiences of women in society.
You have been asked to address your peers and share-
→ the ways these portrayals highlight the diversity of the female experience.
→ the importance of understanding each individual woman’s challenges and experiences.
Compose this draft, with reference to any three of these prescribed texts. listed above.

You may begin this way:
Good morning, everyone.
As I analysed the allotted texts…

You may end this way.
To conclude, I’d like to say that …

Answers –
Suggested response :
Dear Robert

I recently read your poem, “A Roadside Stand,” and was struck by the conflicting emotions that you expressed towards the end. I understand that it can be difficult to make decisions when we are overwhelmed by our emotions.
In my own experience, I have found that taking a moment of stillness and reflection can be very helpful in gaining a deeper understanding of the situation and connecting with our own humanity and that of others. This is the message that I try to convey in my poem, “Keeping Quiet.”
I would advise you to take a moment to be still and contemplative before making any decisions about the fate of the people at the roadside stand. By quieting your mind and being present in the moment, you may be able to understand their struggles and pain objectively, and gain a new perspective about your own place in the world too. I also feel that by breaking from your routine and taking a moment of stillness and reflection, you might gain a deeper understanding of the situation and make a more functional decision.
I believe that this moment of reflection could help you to see beyond your conflicting emotions. We are all human, after all, and before connecting with others, and resolving their issues, we must try to connect with our own selves to advice from a place of balance and calm.
I hope this advice is helpful to you. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to support you.

Warmly Pablo Neruda

12B Suggested response :
Good morning, everyone. As I analysed the allotted texts , I noticed that though each portrayal of women was unique, they all offered varied insights into the experiences of women in society.
To begin with, Aunt Jennifer was portrayed as a victim of patriarchy, living in a world where women were expected to conform to societal norms and expectations and was unable to attain freedom and strength she desired, due to the limitations imposed upon her by society.
In contrast, Sophie was portrayed as ambitious and determined to break free from societal norms. She refused to be limited by her gender and sought to challenge the restrictions placed upon her. Sophie’s mother, on the other hand, from a generation prior, had chosen to conform and sacrifice her individuality to societal expectations.

Similarly in “Lost Spring,” the grandmother and daughter-in-law, in Firozabad, were portrayed as resilient in the face of poverty and the societal constraints of their caste. However, unlike Sophie’s and Aunt Jennifer’s need to find an outlet, they found ways to make the best of their situation, despite the limitations placed upon them.

When we analyse the portrayal of the aged mother, in “My Mother at Sixty-six,”, she is presented as vulnerable and in need of protection. Sadly, it does make one wonder about the unaddressed vulnerability of Sophie’s mother and the grandmother in “Lost Spring”. A point worth considering is that Kamala Das’ mother’s acceptance of her circumstances comes across as a voluntary decision, whereas that of the women in “Lost Spring” is a akin to resignation.

These portrayals of women offer valuable insights into the experiences of women in our society -from victimization to the resilience in the face of poverty – and offer us important lessons about strength, vulnerability, and the need for empathy and respect.

To conclude, I’d like to say that as readers, we can learn from their experiences and strive towards a more equitable and just society. These characters, stress that it is important to recognise the complexities of each woman’s experiences, and refrain from passing sweeping judgements as women are not a uniform group, but rather unique individuals.

13. Answer ANY ONE of the following two questions, in about 120-150 words.

A. In the story, ‘The Third Level’ by Jack Finney, Charley is obsessed with finding the third level.
In an attempt to thrash out whether this obsession is a good quality or a harmful one, Charley’s wife expresses her thoughts in a diary entry.
As Louisa, Charley’s wife, write this diary entry. Support your response with reference to the story.

You may begin this way:
I have been married to Charley for a few years now and I have always known him to be an intelligent man with an imaginative mind. However, his recent obsession with finding the Third Level has …


B. A grown up Zitkala-Sa, reflects on the incident about cutting of her long hair and is conflicted that she did not do enough to resist and surrendered easily. She also wonders if she could have tried something else to prevent the incident.
As the grown-up Zitkala-Sa, create a diary entry , expressing these thoughts and conclude by absolving yourself of any blame.
You may begin like this:
I find myself reflecting on an event that happened many years ago…
(Memories of Childhood)

Answers –
13A Suggested response :
I have been married to Charley for a few years now and I have always known him to be an intelligent man with an imaginative mind. However, his recent obsession with finding the Third Level has left me quite worried. While he talks about it with excitement, I cannot help but wonder if it is a good quality or a harmful one.
On one hand, Charley’s obsession displays his determination and persistence in achieving his goals. It shows that he is willing to go to great lengths to unravel the mysteries of life. His imagination and curiosity are admirable qualities that have always attracted me to him.
However, his obsession has caused him to become detached from reality. He is no longer able to differentiate between what is real and what is not. He spends all his time and money searching for a place that may not even exist. This could be harmful not only to himself but also to our family.
I understand that he feels overwhelmed by the stress and pressures of his present life and Sam indicated that he uses his obsession as a coping mechanism. I think this is harmful as it prevents him from addressing the underlying issues that are causing him stress.
Furthermore, Charley’s obsession has caused him to neglect his responsibilities. He has been absent from work and has not been able to contribute financially to our household. His obsession is affecting our relationship, and I am afraid that if he continues on this path, it might lead to irreparable damage.
Finally, all I can say is , I believe that Charley’s obsession with finding the Third Level may have started as a harmless curiosity, but it has now become a harmful one. I love him dearly and I hope that he realizes that his obsession is affecting not only himself but also those around him.

13 B Suggested response :
I find myself reflecting on an event that happened many years ago, one that has continued to haunt me ever since. It is the incident where my long hair was forcefully cut off at the Carlisle Indian School. As I sit here today, I cannot help but feel conflicted about my actions that day.

On one hand, I am proud that I stood up for myself and refused to submit to their demands at first. I remember the fire in my belly as I declared that I would struggle before giving in. However, as time passed, my spirit wavered, and eventually, I allowed them to cut my hair. Looking back now, I cannot help but feel that I gave in too easily, that I did not do enough to resist.

As I ponder over what I could have done differently, I realize that there might have been other options. Perhaps I could have sought help from my fellow students. Maybe I could have tried to escape or find another way out of the situation. But in that moment, I was so overwhelmed and confused that I could not think straight.

I know that I have blamed myself for this incident for far too long. But today, I choose to absolve myself of any blame. As a young girl, I forced into a strange place. I was not given the chance to make my own choices, to decide what was best for me. I was a victim of a system that sought to strip away my identity and forced me to assimilate.

Today, I choose to forgive myself and honour the brave little girl who stood up for herself that day. I am grateful for her courage and strength, and I will continue to honour her memory by fighting for justice and equality for all.
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