Class 8 English Chapter 5 MCQs Princess September

Princess September MCQs

NCERT Class 8 English It So Happened Book Chapter 5 “Princess September” Multiple Choice Questions  with Answers

Princess September MCQs – Here is a compilation of Free CBSE Class 8 English It So Happened Book Lesson 5 Princess September. Students can practice free MCQs as have been added by CBSE in the new Exam pattern. At the end of Multiple Choice Questions, the answer key has also been provided for your reference.


1. Who is the writer of the story “Princess September”?

A. Rudyard Kipling
B. Rabindranath Tagore
C. T.S. Eliot
D. Somerset Maugham


2. The story talks about the King and Queen of _____.

A. United Kingdom
B. Siam
C. Russia
D. Korea


3. How many daughters did they have?

A. Seven
B. Eight
C. Nine
D. Ten


4. What was the name of the youngest daughter?

A. January
B. October
C. September
D. August

5. “The King of Siam had a peculiar habit” What habit are they talking about?

A. Giving gifts on his birthday instead of receiving them
B. Receiving gifts on his birthday instead of giving them
C. Receiving gifts on others’ birthdays instead of giving it to them
D. Giving gifts to others’ on their birthdays instead of receiving it from them


6. What did the King give to his daughters?

A. Green parrot in green cage
B. Green parrot in golden cage
C. Golden parrot in green cage
D. He did not give them anything


7. What did the parrots say?

A. God save the King
B. Pretty Polly
C. Both A and B
D. None of the Above


8. How many hour(s) did the Princesses give to their parrots each day?

A. One
B. Two
C. Four
D. Countless hours


9. In how many languages could they say ‘Pretty Polly’?

A. Five
B. Seven
C. Nine
D. Eleven


10. “_____ said it was stuff and nonsense and the child had better go to bed without any supper.”

A. Princess September
B. Maids of Honour
C. The Queen
D. The King

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11. “When he had finished, the Princess was ______ any more”

A. Not hungry
B. Not sleepy
C. Not sad
D. Not crying


12. How did the Princess feel when the little bird asked to be her pet?

A. Sad
B. Delighted
C. Depressed
D. Guilty


13. What did the parrots remind the King of?

A. Parrots
B. Nature
C. His daughters
D. His councillors


14. How did the eight princesses feel upon seeing that the little bird received too much attention?

A. Happy
B. Glum
C. Vexed
D. Affectionate


15. What offer did the other Princesses make to Princess September?

A. To buy her the bird
B. To buy her a cage
C. To buy her a dog
D. To buy her a green and yellow parrot


16. Did Princess September accept her sisters’ offer?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Not mentioned in the story


17. Where had the little bird gone?

A. To visit his father
B. To visit his mother
C. To visit his father-in-law
D. To visit his mother-in-law


18. What did her sisters advise her to do when the bird came back?

A. Send him away
B. Lock him in a cage
C. Feed him
D. Show him to the parrots


19. “They got up and walked out of the room, shaking their heads, and they left September very ______.”

A. Relieved
B. Satisfied
C. Anxious
D. Uneasy


20. What did she tell the bird upon locking him in the cage at first?

A. That she was fond of him
B. That her mother’s cats were supposed to be prowling all night
C. That the parrots were open all night
D. She did not lock him in a cage

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21. On what condition did the bird agree to stay in all night?

A. If she kept him in it forever
B. If she gave him food
C. If she let him sleep
D. If she let him out in the morning


22. Did the bird feel like singing that night in the cage?

A. Yes
B. No
C. Maybe
D. Not mentioned in the story


23. Why did the bird reject September’s offer to take him out everyday?

A. He loved staying inside
B. He loved looking through the window
C. He did not like Princess September
D. He did not like the view through the bars of the cage


24. What did the eight Princesses tell her when she was worried about the bird?

A. She should let him out
B. She should stay firm
C. She should sing for him
D. She should force him to sing


25. The next morning, when Princess September tried to wake him up, he looked as if he was _____.

A. Still mad
B. Tired
C. Fine
D. Dead


26. “I cannot sing unless I’m ____”

A. Happy
B. Delighted
C. Well fed
D. Free


27. “Good gracious me, how _____ I am,” he exclaimed.”

A. Melodious
B. Grateful
C. Fortunate
D. Stiff


28. What helped Princess September in becoming extremely beautiful?

A. The little bird’s song
B. Letting the bird free
C. Keeping the window closed
D. Keeping the window open day and night


29. Who did Princess September marry?

A. King of Cambodia
B. King of Columbia
C. King of Canada
D. King of China


30. Who did the other Princesses get married to?

A. Other Kings
B. King’s Councillors
C. Siamese Cats
D. None of the above

Answer Key for Class 8 English It so Happened Book Lesson 5 Princess September MCQs

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 D 11 D 21 D
2 B 12 B 22 B
3 C 13 D 23 D
4 C 14 C 24 B
5 A 15 D 25 D
6 B 16 B 26 D
7 C 17 C 27 D
8 A 18 B 28 D
9 B 19 D 29 A
10 C 20 B 30 B


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