Class 8 English Poem 1 MCQs The Ant and the Cricket

The Ant and the Cricket MCQs‌

NCERT Class 8 English Honeydew Book Poem 1 The Ant and the Cricket Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

The Ant and the Cricket MCQs – CBSE has introduced MCQs in the new Exam Pattern. Here are a few MCQs from CBSE Class 8 English Honeydew book Poem 1 The Ant and the Cricket for the convenience of the students. Answers can be checked from the answer key provided at the end. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 8


1. Whose fables is the poem “The Ant and The Cricket” adapted from?

A. Rudyard Kipling

B. Paulo Coelho

C. Dan Brown

D. Aesop

2. The poet has described the cricket as-

A. Silly

B. Young

C. Accustomed to sing

D. All of the above

3. When did the cricket begin to complain?

A. Summers and spring

B. When he was drenched in rain

C. When he found his cupboard was empty

D. All of the above

4. Which word is closest to the meaning ‘scarcity of food’?

A. Sarvation

B. Hunger

C. Misery

D. Famine

5. What did he want from the ant?

A. Mouthful of grain

B. Shelter from rain

C. New clothes

D. Only A and B

6. Did he wish to repay the ant?

A. Yes

B. No

C. Maybe

D. Not mentioned in the poem

7. What would he die of, if the ant didn’t help him?

A. Starvation and famine

B. Starvation and sorrow

C. Starvation and poverty

D. Starvation and weakness

8. Who said “I am your servant and friend”?

A. ant
B. cricket
C. both
D. no one

9. What was the policy of the ants?

A. Never borrow, never lend

B. Always give and take

C. Share and grow

D. None of the above

10. What did the ant advise him to do all winter?

A. Sing

B. Dance

C. Sleep

D. Rest
Answer key

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 D 6 A
2 D 7 B
3 C 8 A
4 D 9 A
5 D 10 B


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