Sure Shot tips to crack JEE Main Exam

Tips to Crack JEE Main Exam

JEE Main has long been one of India’s most prestigious and challenging entrance exams – one that serves as engineering aspirants’ gateway to the best institutes across the country. Every year,  Lakhs of students appear in the exam, out of which only a few thousand manage to get ranks in the merit list. These numbers are itself pretty much self explanatory when it comes to comprehending how much cut throat competition exists in the engineering entrance test.
This is precisely why it is absolutely necessary for all candidates to ensure that their preparations are thorough and strategically planned. Following are some important tips that may help you seamlessly accomplish the said objective.


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Have faith in your abilities – that’s always the first step
Believe in yourself – that’s the first and foremost step that you should focus on. In the absence of self confidence, you will be only putting up a meaningless, haphazard effort. Analyze the exam pattern and structure; come up with a plan and attack the goal with a positive mindset.


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Collect Resources:
The mission you are embarking on is a rather tough one-perhaps tougher than any other entrance test in the country. Therefore, it is absolutely important for you to have at your disposal all necessary resources that could potentially help in your preparations. Collect quality books and study materials. If possible, find and assemble online resources whenever and however necessary.


Come up with a practical study schedule:
When you are appearing in any competitive exam – not just JEE – you should always remember the fact that quality study sessions will always prevail over quantity. It essentially means that how many hours you spend on the study table does not really matter – what actually matters is how you manage those hours.

Plan your study schedule in such a way that not even a single minute goes wasted.

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Be attentive in class:
A candidate should be aware that most of the topics in the syllabus of JEE Main are from class 11 and 12 curriculum set by the CBSE. Therefore, always pay attention when you are in the class. Make notes and solve the questions given in the NCERT books of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.


Work on your speed and accuracy:
Speed and accuracy are the most important things when you are appearing in any competitive exam. So, when you are appearing for JEE Mains exam you should definitely work on your speed of solving questions with accuracy. For this you should practice as many questions as possible. You can also solve previous year question paper.


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Evaluate yourself consistently
Even though you may be attempting a lot of mock tests in your coaching institute or private tuitions, it is important that you frequently evaluate your preparations with the help of several mock tests a week.

Here’s an excerpt from one of our articles on How to balance between Boards and JEE Preparation:
In order to make that possible, spend at least one hour to 90 minutes every day for solving these objective type questions. While doing so, ensure that you solve at least 20 questions from two minimum subjects. For example, if you solve 20 questions from Physics and Mathematics each on Monday, spend the next day solving 20+20 questions from, let’s say – Chemistry and Physics.”

In the same article, we mentioned how it is of the utmost importance that you regularly analyze your performance in these mock tests so as to find strong and weak points of your preparation.

Spend another hour or so analyzing your performances on these mock tests. It is important that you do this step very carefully because without properly analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, you won’t be able to progress much in your preparations. The more you are familiar with your weaknesses and strengths, the better you will be able to streamline your preparations for the boards to eliminate those.

You can try Engg. Entrance Exam Test Prep MCQ Question Bank CD. The link is given below:


Don’t refer to many books initially:
You should not be in a mad rush to complete books after books. The NCERTs are the best to understand concepts. You can go for one extra book for practice. Books like H.C Verma for physics, R D Sharma for Mathematics, etc. are sufficient. It is important to learn the variety of questions that can be asked. 


Take care of your physical and mental health:
It is an essential factor in life. There is no point in studying continuously and getting exhausted. One has to eat right, exercise, play games, and socialize a bit.

This will help you tackle the future better. So, to keep yourself healthy follow the following steps:

  1. Add fruits in your diet
  2. Avoid junk food
  3. Increase water intake
  4. Take 6 to 8 hours of sleep everyday


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