JEE Main Exam Preparation Tips: How to establish a balance between your board preparations and JEE preparations

See another Video by Sahil Khanna, Director Genesis Educates . Sahil gives us tips for JEE Main Exam Preparation without hampering the preparations for the crucial board exam:

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We recently brought you some important study tips for the coming Class XII boards. Those who followed the article, know how we asked students to shift their focus primarily on their preparations for the boards until they are over. However, since then we have been bombarded with questions from various JEE aspirants who want to know how to establish a fine balance between their preparations for the boards and the JEE Main Exam.

Therefore, in today’s special, we are going to show you how you can continue preparing for your JEE (Main) exam without hampering the preparations for the crucial board exam.

First and foremost, you must constantly remind yourself that major part of  the Class 12 boards are still going to be the subjective type. As per the new Exam pattern only 25% of the exam will be comprised of objective type. Therefore, you obviously cannot afford to dedicate a lot of time practicing and solving objective type questions only. This is precisely why you must come up with a strategically planned schedule that allots some decent amount of time for both objective and subjective type questions (Read: Use Google Calendar to remember important dates and plan your study schedule for JEE Exam).

Also, you must not emphasize on the amount of time you spend studying. Instead, focus on how to divide them in such a way that you can make the most out of each minute you spend on the study table. It’s obvious that studying for your boards will help you give you a better grasp over the syllabus for each subject, thus helping your preparations for JEE Main as well; however, at the same time you must also make it a point to dedicate some time every day for solving objective type questions that you will be facing in the cutthroat competitive entrance test.

As you all know that JEE Mains is a computer based examination. Therefore, it is advised to you to practice online mock test in order to understand the mode of exam completely.

Apart from that, spend another hour or so analyzing your performances on these mock tests. It’s important that you do this step very carefully because without properly analyzing your strengths and weaknesses, you won’t be able to progress much in your preparations. The more you are familiar with your weaknesses and strengths, the better you will be able to streamline your preparations for the boards to eliminate those. For example, if your evaluation suggests that you have some conceptual problems in Nuclear Physics, then mitigate all your doubts by allotting some extra time on those chapters during your preparation time for boards.

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