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Tips to get High JEE Main AIR Ranking

JEE mains is one of the top entrance exam in India which is given by lakhs of students but only thousands are lucky to make the mark. It's not only a dream to get a good All India Ranking (AIR) but also a requirement to get admission in one of the best institutes in country.
Here are some tips for you to get a good AIR in JEE


1) Go for basics: This is the most important think that you need to take care while giving engineering entrance exam like JEE Main.   Most of the time we do not understand the importance of basics while preparing for exams and directly jump to question papers and if we find it difficult then we quit. Basics help us in understanding the question and it's trap. Most of the JEE questions test your basics rather than your formula remembering skills or speed. If your basics are strong then you can understand the question very well and answer it confidently. You can go to your 12th standard books to clear your basics or some good reference books which are very good for some specific topics. You can also take the advantage of group study with your friends and can clear your doubts.

2) Take time to go in details: Once your basics are clear then you are ready to go in detail, for example while deriving a formula there are always some assumptions made in the end to make it simpler but JEE questions start from those assumptions only, so if you are remembering the final derivation only then you may be in trouble. You need to go in depth of each









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3) Improve your reasoning and analytical skills: It sounds weird that for an engineering entrance exam you need to improve your reasoning and analytical skills but it is true.Exam like JEE always check these skills by various format of questions. You are supposed to reason each and every aspect of question since there are multiple answer questions inJEE .You need to ask yourself every possible question that can be raised from a concept.

4) Use good books which are recommended for JEE: It's not only your hard work that matters but where are you putting it that matters first, So always prepare from standard books recommended for JEE and don't flood yourself with so many books. Most of the books talk about last year papers, MCQs only but focus more on quality than quantity.

5) Work on your weaknesses: Give more time to topics which you feel are tough and take help of 3-4 books to understand that topic. You can also have a look on last year question paperpattern and decide accordingly that how much time you should devote for each topic. For example there are some topics which cover  only 1-2 questions like Probability, Permutation and combinations etcSo there is no need to invest much time on those instead invest on those topics which is of more importance like, Algebra, Calculus, Matrices etc.

6) Join some coaching classes or test series: Although it's not a thumb rule to join coaching classes for JEE but it helps you to keep you on your toes. You need to judge your preparationswith time and a good coaching provides you that platform. You get a chance to rate yourself with your classmate and regular test atmosphere keeps you up to date with your preparations.

7) Practice, Practice & Practice: This is the only tool which will work in long term .There is no substitute of practice and you need to do it to improve your speed,and confidence. It will also help you to understand your knowledge of the subject and the areas where you need to work more.


by M.k. Sharma

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