Tips on choosing the correct branch for engineering

So you’ve made up your mind that ‘Engineering’ is what you want to pursue after your Class XII and that this is what you will make your career out of.  Choosing engineering as the stream is not the last decision you will be expected to make at this moment. The most important and gut wrenching decision would be short listing your stream in engineering.

The choice of selecting your stream is a tough one because this is what you would be stuck with the longest of time for, not only for the next four years but also while making career choices.

Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science, Chemical, Aeronautical or something else?  There are a number of streams which can confuse the students opting amongst them. Deciding upon the right engineering stream is quite difficult for both students and their parents. While most just give into parent and peer pressure, it is our advice to you to carefully think things through before making this decision. While some look at their interest, aptitude or their future job prospects; it is all of these which should be contributing while making the decision of choosing your stream for further education in engineering. 

Besides the most popular branches like Mechanical, Computer, Electrical and Civil, there are numerous other engineering branches like Chemical, Biotechnology, Aeronautical, Industrial, Instrumentation, Marine, etc. which have a good scope. Although some might argue that if you’re the good at what you do then regardless of the stream you choose, you will be able to leave your mark.

Let’s look at so pointers that will help you make up your mind about your future ventures. 

Catch 22: Branch or college

The first and foremost is choosing what matters more to you; the college you are applying to or the course that you want to choose. The fortunate ones can get both but others need to make a choice. In both cases, research well on the internet, literature that the colleges offer, accreditations, faculty, infrastructure and anything else you think you should be giving attention to. Although we would suggest of giving more emphasis and importance to the course you would to pursue rather than just the institution, but the last decision is for you to make. 

Aim for the long run

There are greater things at stake here, than just you’re four years of engineering. Don’t have a narrow perspective on things and think of the long run than just some years ahead of you. The decision you take here will not only be shaping you’re educational graph but will also be forming your career. There is neither a better or best nor a bad or worse field to pursue. It is only how you study for these years and how you work hard to shape your future.

Prioritize your interests

These are the shaping years of your education and career. Do not make decisions based on some else’s pressure or simple because someone else seems to be doing so. Stick to the basics and follow what you think you feel like doing. Your aptitude and interests should be the two most definite constraints and parameters while choosing your branch. There are many who get forced into a choice because of their parents or end up opting for things due to peer pressure, try and make up your own mind and make sure you don’t end by a the end of the four years of engineering, hating the decision you made and regretting it.

In no way, can you be an expert on what is expected out of you in the  respective courses/branches so make sure you take assistance from your parents, teachers, mentors, seniors, counselors or anyone who you think will be able to advice you on the decision for choosing a branch for engineering. You are not expected to know everything and that is why there are people there to help you out but listening and making the final decision should be your call.

Happy Engineering!


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