Status of Engineering Studies in India

In India, there are more than 3000 engineering colleges and the number of Engineering graduates is increasing every day. Though the number of Engineering graduates is increasing every day, the number of Jobs available remains the same. And as a result of this most graduates remain unemployed.

Outdated Syllabus

The syllabus followed by most engineering colleges in India is very backdated as compared to engineering syllabus of other countries. Colleges in India do not focus on involving students in different activities and in-depth learning, therefore, their knowledge remains only theory based. Even after completion of engineering students do not feel connected to the subjects. You will find many engineering graduates who after passing their course fail to solve even the problems. We can therefore clearly say that engineering passed out from India failed to connect the theory talk to them with the practical application.

Affordability of fee

These days you will find that the mindset of the people is focused on fulfilling basic life needs and having a comfortable lifestyle. Apart from this people also want to be financially secure. Parents are scared of the failure of their children and therefore they tend to narrow down the job opportunities available in Engineering stream for their children. Parents encourage their children to choose a career which is secured and as a result, most children choose to become an engineer.

Less Jobs More Engineers in the Market

Earlier engineering was considered to be one of the best careers choices, however, these days most engineers remain unemployed. Also if someone is thinking of pursuing engineering from private college he or she must have a big pocket. With the education system becoming commercial with each passing day people are more focused on earning money than learning something in reality.

As mentioned earlier, engineering is losing its essence therefore amongst the 80% school pass out who choose to study engineering only a few end up getting the best job. We must agree that not every engineering graduates are having the same amount of Aptitude and knowledge. The quality of graduates from one college differs to a huge extension to that of another Institute. And when thousands of Engineering graduates start looking for a job, companies only pick the ones who have studied from a reputed college. Therefore there is no wrong in saying that engineering is losing its sheen.

Engineering Colleges Closing Down  

From the number of Engineering Colleges been inaugurated every day we can clearly say that the existing engineering colleges are losing their market. Even though there is a thick canopy of engineering colleges the sunshine falls only at the top. Only some of the best colleges situated in the country get the opportunity to feel the actual sense of placement, infrastructure and best faculty. Today, engineering graduates from medical colleges have to pave their own path solely based on their talent.

With the emergence of new college every day, most colleges do not have anything to boast about. However, the government has made counselling mandatory for being eligible for a loan. Banks often refuse to give a loan to students who are not willing to join the college through the management quota and these seats mostly remain untaken. As a result, many engineering colleges end up with zero admission in some academic years.


Therefore it is advisable to choose an engineering college very wisely. You will notice that Engineering has become more like a marketable product than an academic degree.

We are so busy with earning our daily bread and focusing on making our future secured, that we have forgotten about the true essence of a degree in engineering. Students these days must be more focused on Bing creative rather than earning money. Also, engineering colleges must stop treating students as marketable product and focus on developing Innovation and creativity.

If we want a better education structure to be followed in our country, education must be given the priority. Colleges on the quality of education provided rather than the quantity of students taking admission in each year. The education system needs to be improved to use extend so that unemployment can be eradicated from the country. However, these responsibilities and not only limited to colleges and students, parents also need to focus on creating a better future for their children rather than teaching them how to earn money.

Author: Simli Chatterjee