Starting a college after school is an exciting time in anyone’s life and marks as a new beginning full of promise. Universities or college years are the most exciting years of our life. You encounter a wealth of knowledge, meet countless new people and paving the way for your future.  


Here’s a few things aspiring engineers should know when they started college.


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What preparation a first year engineering student should do when he/she joins the course?

Answer: There are so many advices that people will give you but here I will highlight the most important one which are very crucial for your career and personality building.

  1. If you had never been away from home and a hostelite now then it is very important for first few months to deal with homesickness. Have a daily busy routine, develop habit of reading newspaper, play games, watch TV/surf net and make some good friends in hostel for enjoying life.
  2. Have a good bond with seniors to understand college atmosphere and routine. This will help you to align your goals properly.
  3. In first year focus on studies seriously and maintain a good CGPA throughout. This is very important in engineering career. You should not regret it later since at the time of placement it matter the most.
  4. If you didn’t get branch of your choice then keep your eyes and ear open for any vacant seat in first few months that you can get easily without much competition. If not then still you can fight at the end of 1st year but then you need a very good CGPA to get branch of your choice. So be serious about studies.
  5. In first year you will get intro of various engineering subjects and very basic flavor of each and every branch but don’t neglect it. It may develop your interest further towards one particular field.
  6. Keep a good impression on teachers. It matters a lot during internal. You don’t need to be first bencher for that but not last bencher too. Make your presence felt in class by asking doubts and questions.
  7. Don’t get misguided by other students to take things casually, take your own space and time.
  8. Enjoy college life but set your priorities right since start. I have seen a lot of good students to indulge in wrong stuff and spoiled their career.
  9. Don’t study only. Participate in all college functions, be part of some club of your interest, Take lead and responsibilities whenever get opportunities to do so. All these things will help you in developing a different personality altogether. But always keep one thing in mind all these things should not be at cost of your CGPA.
  10. Have a good company of friends with common interest. Try to be with people of different genre so that you can learn something different from each and every one.


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At the last, enjoy your engineering life because these are one of the best days you will cherish throughout your life.