What to do after engineering is a challenging question faced by many students. They are confused, as there are many options available for engineers. It is very important to do all the planning well in advance so the thought is clear when the student completes engineering. The world is full of various opportunities and one should know when to grab them. In this article, we will discuss various career options after engineering that a student can opt for.


Various Career Options After Engineering

Now, let us have a look at the best engineering branch and various options that one has after completing a degree in Engineering.


1. Higher study in engineering

Many students aspire to do further studies after engineering like M Tech/ME. The students who have completed their B.Tech/B.E. can prepare for the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) that tests the understanding and knowledge of engineering subjects. A good GATE score can give admission opportunities to prestigious colleges like IIT and NIT for M.Tech/M.E.

Many students also opt for an M.S. degree usually from a foreign university. For this, the student needs to clear TOEFL/IELTS and GRE to get scholarships. Some colleges like BITS, VIT, and SRM have their own entrance exams.


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Students can get any of the following degrees-

  1. M.Tech
  2. M.tech + PhD Programs
  3. Research Fellow
  4. MS

After doing these programs you can join corporate, teaching, research labs in govt. sector like BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center), TIFR, ISRO, NCL, IISER, CSIR, IUCAA (Inter- University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics),etc

Students can also enter academics and research in the field of engineering by preparing for JAM. One can pursue a Ph.D. in the area of interest. The research involves a lot of hard work and dedication but is fruitful in the long run.


2. MBA after Engineering 

Studying management is a popular choice among students after engineering. It helps in getting a high-paying job with lots of responsibility and exposure. The students who get admission to MBA through Common Aptitude Test (CAT) score are able to get admission in a good MBA college and a very good score can help to get into IIMs which are considered as the most prestigious business school. The CAT entrance exam is the most popular exam after engineering.

This is the best option to reach the top position in the corporate world in very little time. One can get managerial roles after completing an MBA. Managers are amongst the highest-paid professionals in India. One can specialize in HR, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales, and International. Relations. Along with CAT, there are other MBA entrance exams after engineering like XAT, SNAP, CMAT, TISS, NMAT, and IRMA which can also give entry to MBA courses.


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3. Become an expert

There are many diploma and certification courses after engineering offered by various colleges in the subjects which are in-demand. Today, many companies are looking for engineers who are experts in a specific field. The engineers who are familiar with the latest technologies like artificial intelligence, data science, and blockchain are in great demand. These high-quality courses also provide campus placements.

There are many options in this field and the candidate can choose one of their interests and can master it. The top courses and skills in demand are:

  1. Robotics
  2. Ethical Hacking
  3. Protocol Testing
  4. VLSI
  5. Embedded Technology
  6. Machine Designing
  7. Blockchain
  8. Digital Marketing
  9. Data Science
  10. Artificial Intelligence


Jobs in this sector are better paid and also add a specialized educational qualification and skill to the resume.


4. Entrepreneurship and startups

Earlier, engineers were not very confident with the concept of entrepreneurship. But, after seeing the success of many entrepreneurs, the new generation has started to enter this field. It requires a lot of patience but the returns one gets after great efforts are priceless. This is the best option for the person who has unique ideas and money to invest in the business. This gives an individual the freedom to express their creativity and ideas.

A startup  is a new trend nowadays where you can start something of your own with just 2-3  people working with you on a small scale. Government is also supporting this initiative with proper guidance and mentorship programs. They also support it by providing financial support in terms of loan and other benefits.


5. Campus Placements- Jobs in private sector

Most of the colleges hold campus placements drive for their students. These campus placements help the students in getting a high-pay job even before they get their degree. The student should apply for the desired company and should do good preparation. The students have to work hard since their first year to get recruited in the company of their choice. The overall performance of the student right from the starting is considered by the recruiting companies. 

It is better to get a job through campus placements as it is very difficult to get a job after leaving college. Campus placements for the engineering students are on a rise and companies are offering high packages to the shining students who have an all-round performance.

There are ample job opportunities for students at different companies. It is up to the candidate to work hard and grab the opportunity. The candidate can grab the job in a private company as well as the government sector.


6. Public Service Undertaking

After engineering, one can enter the government-run PSUs and get a well paid job. There is a lot of competition to get a job in this sector. The student needs to clear GATE to get the job. There are many PSUs that announce the required GATE score for the application. The GATE score of that specific year is only considered. There are PSU like BHEL, SAIL, and IOCL that offer great pay, security, and a respectable position in society.


7. Civil Services – Indian Engineering Services,etc

The UPSC recruits engineers under the Indian Engineering Services. This is a government job opening which promises job security and opportunity for growth as well. At the state level, the state governments also recruit engineers under the respective state civil services.

An engineer can also appear for the other Civil Services exams like IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. 

Civil Services are for those candidates who have the ambition to serve the nation and strive for its betterment. It is one of the most sought after career options. The candidates need to crack the toughest examination i.e. UPSC. The candidate needs to study very hard to clear this exam. The UPSC CSE exam has three stages: Preliminary exams, Mains exams which is a written exam followed by an interview. 

The candidates who have a very good score and get a high rank can get prestigious posts like IAS, IPS, or IFS. 

Many engineers are diverting their interests towards civil services which are the backbone of India. According to the reports, about 50% of candidates appearing for the exam are engineers. The candidate can prepare for state or central civil service examination. On clearing the written test, the candidate is selected after the tough round of interviews. The candidate is then selected for the training.


8. Armed Forces

The armed forces also recruit a number of engineers every year. Even the Indian Army recruits engineers which is a good option for engineers looking for a respectable employment while serving the nation.


9. Merchant Navy

There is a high recruitment rate in the Merchant Navy also as they require someone to deal with the infrastructure development. These jobs are very reputed and high-paying. Opportunities exist in navigation, engineering and catering & hospitality for enthusiastic and hard working people. Once qualified you will be rewarded with generous pay and leave periods.


10. Teaching 

Getting yourself involved with a well-reputed company is not the only career option for engineering students. The students who love academics can also join an engineering college as a professor. The profession gives ample opportunity to grow one’s professional life. 

The candidate can also give coaching classes to those students who are trying to get admission to engineering. It can also be an additional source of income and will also help in brushing up the knowledge.


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The Bottom Line

There are many career options for engineers and the person should select one which is of their interest and choice. Studying engineering requires intelligence and a lot of dedication and hard work. One can go for higher education after engineering or prepare for civil services examinations. If the candidate has no interest in academics, then doing a job is the best option. One can also start their business if they have creative ideas and funds to start the business. Planning the next step carefully will surely lead to the path of success.