NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 11 If I Were You MCQ Question Answers

CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 11 If I Were You MCQ Question Answers from Beehive Book



If I Were You MCQs – Students of Class 9 can practice free MCQs which have been added by the CBSE in the new exam pattern. Here you will find the MCQs followed by the correct answer of the Class 9 English Beehive book. Chapter 11 from the book is titled –  If I Were You. We have covered important MCQs from this chapter.


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Q1- Where did Gerrard live?

A) In a hotel
B) In a house
C) Alone in a cottage
D) In a city



Q2- Who entered his cottage?

A) A hawker
B) A thief
C) A criminal
D) All



Q3- What was the criminal’s intention?

A) To steal money
B) To have food
C) To kill Gerrard and take on his identity
D) None



Q4- Who is the writer of this lesson?

A) Jane Auston
B) Douglas James
C) Hillary
D) None



Q5- What is this story about?

A) About a playwright ,Gerrard
B) About an incident from a poet’s life
C) About a thief
D) None



Q6- When did the intruder enter Gerrard’s house?

A) When he was sleeping
B) Early morning
C) When he was about to leave his house to deliver props for a rehersal
D) Midnight



Q7- What was the intruder carrying in his hand?

A) A stick
B) A gun
C) A knife
D) A sword



Q8- Why was the police looking for the intruder?

A) Because he had a charge of theft
B) Because he robbed a bank
C) Because he comitted a murder
D) Because he ran from the jail.



Q9- Why did the intruder want to know everything about Gerrard before killing him?

A) To imitate him
B) To steal his wealth
C) To befool people
D) To take his place



Q10- How did Gerrard befool the intruder?

A) By mimicing
B) Telling jokes
C) By asking him to peep out to look for police outside
D) None



Q11- How did Gerrard save himself from the intruder?

A) By pushing him inside a cupboard and locking it from outside
B) By showing him gun
C) By calling police
D) By shouting



Q12- “At last a sympathetic audience.” Who said this?

A) The intruder
B) The sergeant
C) Gerrard
D) None



Q13- Why did the intruder choose only Gerrard as his mask player?

A) Because he enjoyed a good rapport
B) He was easy to approach
C) Because his face and build was identical to him
D) None



Q14- “I said it with bullets”, why did Gerrard say this to the intruder?

A) To kill him
B) To distract him
C) To save himself from the intruder
D) All



Q15- Who is Gerrard by profession?

A) A spy
B) A soldier
C) A policeman
D) A playwright



Q16- “You’ll soon stop being smart.” Why did the intruder say this to Gerrard?

A) To scare and stop him from being smart
B) To show him his power
C) To kill him
D) None



Q17- What was the surprise for the intruder?

A) Gerrard’s false identity
B) Gerrard was a playwright
C) Gerrard was a policeman
D) None



Q18- What was the surprise for Gerrard?

A) Intruder
B) Intruder’s intention of killing him
C) Intruder was a murderer
D) None



Q19- How many times have the words,’This is your big surprise’ been used in the play?

A) Five times
B) Once
C) Thrice
D) Twice



Q20- Why did Gerrard lie to the intruder?

A) To make him run
B) To give him a false impression
C) To scare the intruder and save himself from him
D) All



Q21- Which words used by Gerrard in the play show that he is a theatrical person?

A) Melodramatic
B) Sympathetic audience
C) Disguised outfit
D) All



Q22- What did Gerrard first do after locking up the intruder?

A) Picked up the phone
B) Sat on the sofa
C) Delivered the props
D) None



Q23- What according to the intruder would stop and scare Gerrard?

A) Knowledge of intruder’s plan of murdering him
B) His true identity
C) Gunpoint
D) His shouting



Q24- What was the story that Gerrard made up to escape the intruder?

A) That police lives nearby
B) He is a spy
C) Gerrard himself was a murderer
D) Delaying of decision by villain he made up a story of melodrama



Q25- What did Gerrard say to the intruder about packed bags?

A) That police was expected to raid his house and he packed his bag to run away
B) That he had to go for rehersal
C) He had to deliver props
D) None



Q26- What is the meaning of melodrama?

A) Display of emotions in a exaggerated manner
B) Bad scenes
C) False scenes
D) Vague things


Q27- Why did Gerrard pick up the phone first after locking the intruder?

A) To inform his friends
B) To inform his coplayers
C) To tell that he won’t be able to deliver props on time for being struck in a trouble and to call the sergeant
D) None



Q28- According to Gerrard where could the sergeant be found?

A) In the street
B) In the police station
C) In the bar
D) None



Q29- Why was Gerrard leaving his house?

A) To deliver props for the rehersal of the play
B) To go to other city
C) For a change
D) None



Q30- What did Gerrard say to the intruder when the phone bell rang?

A) It’s time for rehersal
B) Police has come
C) It’s time to leave
D) All



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1 C 11 A 21 D
2 C 12 C 22 A
3 C 13 C 23 A
4 B 14 C 24 C
5 A 15 D 25 A
6 C 16 A 26 A
7 B 17 A 27 C
8 C 18 B 28 C
9 A 19 D 29 A
10 C 20 C 30 C


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