A Truly Beautiful Mind MCQs – NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 4

A Truly Beautiful Mind MCQ Questions with Answers


Chapter 4 A Truly Beautiful Mind MCQ Questions with Answers

CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Book


A Truly Beautiful Mind MCQs – CBSE has introduced MCQs in the new Exam Pattern. Here are a few MCQs from Class 9 English Beehive book Chapter 4  A Truly Beautiful Mind for the convenience of the students to test their knowledge and understanding of the Chapter A Truly beautiful mind. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 9

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Q1- Whose genius still reigns after 50 years of his death?

A) M.K. Gandhi
B) Nehru
C) Stephen
D) Einstein



Q2-  Whose name has become synonymous with genius?

A) Einstein’s name
B) Gandhi’s name
C) Wright Brothers
D) All



Q3- When was Einstein born?

A) on 14 March, 1879
B) on 10 March 1878
C) on 14 March 1877
D) on 14 March, 1875



Q4- Where was Einstein born?

A) Bulgaria
B) Ulm
C) Georgia
D) None



Q5- What did Albert’s mother think of him?

A) He was a born genius
B) He is intelligent
C) He will rule the world
D) Albert was a freak



Q6- What did Albert’s classmates call him?

A) A genius
B) Dull
C) Brother Boring
D) Stupid



Q7- By what age did Einstein not learn to speak?

A) Three and half years
B) Four and half years
C) Five and half years
D) Two and half years



Q8- How many times did Einstein utter a word when he learnt to speak?

A) Thrice
B) Four times
C) Once
D) Twice



Q9- What did Einstein love to play with?

A) Plastic Toys
B) Mechanical toys
C) Friends
D) None



Q10- What did the school headmaster say about Einstein?

A) He would be a genius
B) He is great
C) He can’t be a success at anything
D) None



Q11- When did Einstein begin to learn playing the violin?

A) At the age of seven
B) At the age of eight
C) At the age of nine
D) At the age of six



Q12- Where did Einstein score good marks in all the subjects?

A) at Munich in a school
B) At Switzerland
C) At Italy
D) None



Q13- Why did Einstein leave the school?

A) For good
B) He had clash with the teachers
C) He didn’t like discipline and order in the school
D) All



Q14- When did Einstein’s family move to Munich?

A) When he was 15 months old
B) When he was 12 months old
C) When he was 14 months old
D) When he was 16 months old



Q15- Where did Einstein wish to continue his study?

A) German
B) Munich
C) Switzerland
D) None



Q16- Why did Einstein decide to continue his study in Switzerland?

A) It was good city
B) It was more liberal than Munich
C) He liked the place
D) All



Q17- In which subjects was Einstein gifted and interested?

A) English and History
B) Mathematics and Physics
C) Mathematics and Biology
D) Physics and English



Q18- Where did Einstein go after school?

A) To a university in Zurich
B) To a university in Munich
C) To  a university in German
D) To a university in Switzerland



Q19- What did Einstein call Mileva Maric?

A) Clever Creature
B) Silly
C) a dumbo
D) a good lady



Q20- Why did Mileva Maric come to the University at Zurich?

A) It was the only university which gave degrees to women
B) It was a good university
C) It was near her city
D) She liked the place



Q21- With whom did Einstein fall in love?

A) A girl from Munich
B) Mileva Maric
C) A girl from Germany
D) None



Q22- When did Einstein complete his graduation?

A) 1912
B) 1900
C) 1901
D) 1978



Q23- At what age did Einstein do his graduation?

A) at 21 years of age
B) at 22 years of age
C) at 23 years of age
D) at 24 years of age



Q24- When did Einstein secure a job?

A) 1901
B) 1903
C) 1902
D) 1904



Q25- Before securing a job what did Einstein do and which theory did he give to the world?

A) Worked as a mechanic, he gave the theory of light
B) Worked as a teaching assistant and gave private lessons .He gave the theory of mass and energy.
C) Played violin, he invented the phone
D) None


Q26- What does this lesson “A Truly Beautiful Mind” speak about?

A) Beauty of the mind
B) Beauty of the world
C) The life of Einstein
D) None



Q27- When was Einstein awarded with the Nobel prize?

A) 1938
B) 1956
C) 1945
D) In 1921 for his contributions to Physics


Q28- What is the message of this lesson?

A) A beautiful mind not only creates beautiful ideas but also to use them for the welfare of the humanity
B) Always think big
C) Be like Einstein
D) Win a Nobel Prize



Q29- Which destruction is referred to in the lesson?

A) Destruction of inventions
B) Destruction by authoritarians
C) Destruction caused by the atom bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki
D) None


Q30- Why has the author referred to the late speaking age of Einstein?

A) To show that apparently his growth rate was slower than the children of his age
B) To show that he was a slow learner
C) To show his disability
D) None




1 D 11 D 21 B
2 A 12 A 22 B
3 A 13 D 23 A
4 B 14 A 24 C
5 D 15 C 25 B
6 C 16 B 26 C
7 D 17 B 27 D
8 D 18 A 28 A
9 B 19 A 29 C
10 C 20 A 30 A



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