NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 2 MCQs – The Sound of Music

The Sound of Music MCQ Questions with Answers

CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Book Chapter 2 The Sound of Music MCQ Questions with Answers

The Sound of Music MCQs – Students of Class 9 can practice free MCQs which have been added by the CBSE in the new exam pattern. Here you will find the MCQs followed by the correct answer to the NCERT Class 9 English Beehive book. Chapter 2 from the book is titled – The Sound of Music, Part 1 – Evelyn Glennie Listens to Sound without Hearing It and Part 2- The Shehnai of Bismillah Khan. We have covered important MCQs from this chapter. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 9


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Q1- Who was deaf in the lesson?
A) Evelyn
B) Ron Forbes
C) Bismillah Khan
D) Evelyn’s mother
Q2- How old was Evelyn when she went to Royal Music academy?

A) 17 years old
B) 18 years old
C) 19 years old
D) Below 17


Q3- When was Evelyn’s deafness noticed?

A) when she was 18
B) when she was 19
C) when she was 8
D) none


Q4- When was Evelyn’s deafness confirmed?

A) by the age of 5
B) by the age of 6
C) by the age of 8
D) by the age of 11


Q5- Who helped Evelyn to continue with her music?

A) her mother
B) teacher
C) father
D) Ron Forbes


Q6- Who spotted Evelyn’s potential?

A) her father
B) friends
C) mother
D) Ron Forbes


Q7- Which places had Evelyn worked for?

A) poor children
B) prisons and hospitals
C) schools
D) none

Correct Answer:B


Q8- What was life for Evelyn?

A) dance
B) nature
C) music
D) all


Q9- Where was the Royal music Academy?

A) U..S
B) Burmingham
C) Paris
D) London


Q10- What did Evelyn want to pursue?

A) fashion
B) study
C) music
D) none


Q11- What did Aurangzeb ban in his palace?

A) playing of Pungi
B) playing Sitar
C) playing music
D) none


Q12- Why was playing Pungi in Aurangzeb’s palace banned?

A) it had a sharp sound
B) it wasn’t good
C) it was unpleasant
D) all


Q13- Who thought of improving the sound of the Pungi?

A) a musician
B) a singer
C) a barber
D) none


Q14- How is the Shehnai different from the Pungi?

A) Shehnai has a better sound
B) Shehnai looks more beautiful
C) Shehnai is made of wood
D) All


Q15- Who changed the perception of the Shehnai?

A) Tansen
B) Evelyn
C) Bismillah Khan
D) All


Q16- Where was the Shehnai played traditionally?

A) In temples
B) in wedding ceremonies
C) auspicious ceremonies
D) all


Q17- When did Bismillah get his first big break as a Shehnai performer?

A) in 1938, when All India Radio came into existence
B) 1945
C) 1987
D) 1989


Q18- Why did Bismillah refuse to go to the U.S.A.?

A) because the Shehnai had no future there
B) he didn’t like the place
C) because of his love for Banaras and river Ganges
D) all


Q19- Where did Bismillah play the Shehnai on 15th August 1947?

A) at Ganga Ghat
B) in Banaras
C) near Red Fort
D) at Kaashi


Q20- Why was the event of Shehnai Playing on 15th August a historic one?

A) Bismillah became popular
B) people appreciated his performance
C) it was Independence day
D) all


Q21- From where did Shahnai get its name?

A) From barber (Nai in Hindi)-+ King (Shah in Hindi)
B) From a Barber
C) King gave its name
D) None


Q22- Shehnai is a refined version of which instrument?

A) musical instrument
B) mouth organ
C) Guitar
D) Pungi


Q23- Where did Bismillah give his first break through performance?

A) at the Red Fort
B) at Varanasi
C) at All India Radio
D) U.S.A


Q24- According to the lesson,who was present on the event of 15th August,1947?

A J L Nehru
B M K Gandhi
C Rajendra Prasad
D All of these


Q25- Why did people discourage Evelyn to pursue music?

A) it was not considered good
B) it was difficult
C) it was expensive
D) because she was deaf


Q26- What did Ron Forbes advise Evelyn?

A) forget music
B) listen to music
C) feel music with her body
D) none


Q27- How did Evelyn hear music?

A) through drums
B) through fingers
C) by feeling vibrations through her diffrent parts of body- fingers,hair,feet
D) all


Q28- What did Evelyn want to spread through her music?

A) message of love , peace and happiness
B) music is not difficult
C) music is not difficult for deaf people
D) deaf people can learn music


Q29- Who played Shehnai at King’s palace?

A) a barber
B) a musican
C) a singer
D) a courtsman


Q30- What was the source of inspiration for Bismillah?

A) Red Fort
B) Royal Palaces
C) Ganga Ghats
D) None




1 A 11 A 21 A
2 A 12 D 22 D
3 C 13 C 23 C
4 D 14 A 24 A
5 D 15 C 25 D
6 D 16 D 26 C
7 B 17 A 27 C
8 C 18 C 28 A
9 D 19 C 29 A
10 C 20 C 30 C


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