NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 3 MCQs – The Little Girl

The Little Girl MCQ Questions with Answers


CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Book Chapter 3 The Little Girl MCQ Questions with Answers


The Little Girl MCQs – Here are free MCQs of Class 9 English Beehive book Chapter 3 The Little Girl as per the new exam pattern introduced by the CBSE. Students can take help of these free MCQs of Class 9 English Beehive book Chapter 3 The Little Girl and prepare for the exams. The correct answers have been given at the end of the page. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 9


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Q1- What is this story about?

A) children
B) fears of children
C) childhood fears
D) a little girl and her feelings for her father


Q2- Why was Kezia afraid of her father?

A) he used to speak rudely to her and always found faults in her
B) she thought that he was a hard hearted man
C) once he beat her for tearing his papers
D) All


Q3- Who is the author of this story?

A) A.R.Rahman
B) Katherine Mansfield
C) Cecile
D) Thomson


Q4- Why does grandmother ask the little girl to make a present for her father?

A) his birthday was approaching next week
B) he was going on a tour
C) his anniversary was coming
D) he was going to retire


Q5- Name the people in Kezia’s family.

A) father
B) mother
C) grandmother
D) All


Q6- What did Kezia’s father do before going to his office?

A) went to the temple
B) touched his mother’s feet
C) took a walk
D) he used to kiss Kezia before going to office.


Q7- What was Kezia’s father’s routine after coming back from his office?

A) he would go for bath
B) he would take his meal
C) he used to take tea and liked to read newspaper
D) none


Q8- What did Kezia’s father do on Sundays?

A) he used to have sound sleep to take rest.
B) he went for movies
C) he used to visit his friends
D) gossip


Q9- How did Kezia’s grandmother help her to have a better relation with her father?

A) by asking her to prepare food for him
B) by sending her to talk to him in his room
C) by asking her complete her homework
D) all


Q10- What did Kezia’s mother ask her to make?

A) chapati
B) snacks
C) a gift of pin cushion
D) none


Q11- Why did Kezia’s efforts to please his father irritated him?

A) he was a rude man
B) he was unhappy
C) didn’t know how to speak to the children
D) she had torn his important speech papers


Q12- What did Kezia think of her father?

A) he is a very good father
B) he loves children
C) he is very harsh
D) all


Q13- Why did Kezia avoid her father?

A) she wanted to surprise him
B) she wanted to check him
C) she wanted to play hide and seek
D) she was afraid of him


Q14- Who was Mcdonald?

A) Kezia’s uncle
B) Kezia’s teacher
C) Kezia’s grandfather
D) Kezia’s neighbor


Q15- What did Kezia wish?

A) she wished her father to be happy like Mcdonald
B) to run here and there
C) to live alone
D) none


Q16- What was Mcdonald playing with his children?

A) rugby
B) chess
C) cricket
D) Tag


Q17- What changed Kezia’s perception about her father?

A) his scolding
B) her grandmother
C) her mother
D) the night she got a nightmare he comforted her


Q18- Where were the two girls hanging?

A) on Macdonald’s shoulders
B) on Macdonald’s arms
C) on Macdonald’s coat pockets
D) None


Q19- What kind of a father was Mr. Macdonald?

A) jovial natured
B) very strict
C) rude
D) harsh


Q20- Why did Kezia start feeling lonely?

A) because of her father
B) her father scolded her
C) because her mother fell sick
D) None


Q21- Why did Kezia go to her father’s lap?

A) Her mother was sick
B) She wanted to feel safe
C) to seek solace
D) All


Q22- How did the little girl feel when her father looked at her from the spectacles?

A) happy
B) dancing
C) joyful
D) terrified


Q23- How did Kezia feel when she had to speak to her father?

A) joyful
B) confident
C) she would stutter while speaking to him
D) none


Q24- What did Kezia think of her father when he used to yawn?

A) she compared him to Mr.Macdonald
B) she compared him to god
C) She compared him to a giant
D) None


Q25- Where did grandmother send Kezia on Sunday afternoons?

A) to the playground
B) to the temple
C) to her friend’s house
D) to her father and mother in the drawing room


Q26- Why did grandmother send Kezia to her father in the drawing room Sunday?

A) to make her comfortable with her father
B) to make her understand her father better
C) to help her have a nice talk with him
D) all


Q27- What did Kezia’s father do in the drawing room on Sunday afternoons?

A) reading newspaper
B) taking tea
C) talking to her mother
D) sleep on the sofa


Q28- What would Kezia find her mother doing on Sunday afternoons in the drawing room?

A) talking to her father
B) busy in her work
C) reading
D) nothing


Q29- Who suggested Kezia to make a gift for her father?

A) her mother
B) her grandmother
C) Mr. Macdonald
D) None


Q30- Why did Kezia tear the papers?

A) to play
B) to clean her room
C) to fill the cushion
D) all




1 D 11 D 21 D
2 D 12 C 22 D
3 B 13 D 23 C
4 A 14 D 24 C
5 D 15 A 25 D
6 D 16 D 26 D
7 C 17 D 27 D
8 A 18 C 28 C
9 B 19 A 29 B
10 C 20 C 30 C


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