NCERT English Class 9 Chapter 1 MCQs The Fun They Had

Chapter 1 The Fun They Had MCQs

CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Book Chapter 1 The Fun they Had MCQs (Questions with Answers)

The Fun they Had  Chapter 1 Beehive Book MCQs  – CBSE has introduced MCQs in the new Exam Pattern. Here are a few Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) from Class 9 English Beehive book Chapter 1 The Fun they Had for the convenience of the students. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 9


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Important Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) of The Fun They had Chapter 1 English Beehive Book

Q1- To which world does the story take the readers to?

A) future world
B) past world
C) present World
D) future world where computers will play a major role


Q2- What is Virtual Reality?

A) heavenly world
B) imaginary world
C) reality created by computer software
D) none


Q3- What is a Virtual Classroom?

A) class outside classroom
B) class in the garden
C) class in the field
D) where learning done is through computer software and internet


Q4- What is a Debate?

A) a contest to show ability in arguement between two people
B) contest to fight
C) contest to prove better
D) none


Q5- Who is the main character of the story?

A) parents
B) children
C) Margie
D) Tommy


Q6- How old is Margie?

A) 10 years old
B) 11 years old
C) 12 years old
D) 13 years old


Q7- Which year has the story been set in?

A) 2057
B) 1957
C) 2157
D) 2257


Q8- Who is the author of this lesson?

A) Charles Dickens
B) Isaac Asimov
C) Milton
D) None


Q9- Who are Margie and Tommy?

A) cousins
B) brother sister
C) friends
D) neighbors


Q10- How old is Tommy?

A) 10 years old
B) 13 years old
C) 15 years old
D) 12 years old


Q11- What did Tommy find?

A) an old book with yellow crinky pages
B) a yellow pages book
C) a brand new book
D) a diary


Q12- Where did Tommy find the book?

A) in a public library
B) in a library
C) in his house
D) on the roadside


Q13- What was strange about the book for Margie?

A) its title
B) its pages
C) its still words printed on page
D) its color


Q14- Who was teaching the students in the modern era?

A) a teacher
B) parents
C) computer
D) a mechanical robot teacher


Q15- What is a telebook?

A) an e-book
B) an electronic book
C) book stored in a computer
D) all


Q16- Where was Margie’s school?

A) in a village
B) in a city outskirt
C) in her own house
D) in a room in her house where a computer was set up


Q17- What subjects did Margie and Tommy learn?

A) Mathematics
B) Science
C) Geography
D) All


Q18- Where did Tommy and Margie read various books?

A) in the library
B) in the school
C) on a computer screen
D) none


Q19- Who went to school?

A) Margie
B) Tommy
C) Teachers
D) Margie and Tommy’s ancestors


Q20- Who was the regular teacher who taught the lessons?

A) human teacher
B) computer teacher
C) who teaches
D) mechanical robot teacher who teaches Margie and Tommy


Q21- With whom is the mechanical teacher contrasted with?

A) with other teachers
B) with old teachers
C) with human teachers
D) with other robots


Q22- Why did Margie’s mother call the County Inspector?

A) to repair a leakage
B) to talk to Margie
C) to talk to Tommy
D) to check the fault in Margie’s teacher in the Geography section


Q23- In which subject was Margie failing repeatedly?

A) Science
B) History
C) English
D) Geography


Q24- What did the County Inspector do to help Margie?

A) he reset the teacher to Margie’s level
B) he changed the module
C) changed the teacher
D) changed the syllabus


Q25- The section of which subject was completely deleted from Tommy’s computer?

A) English
B) History
C) Social Studies
D) Geography


Q26- How much time was taken to repair Tommy’s teacher?

A) 15 days
B) 25 days
C) 20 days
D) one month


Q27- Why did Margie hate school?

A) because of machine work
B) no fun was there
C) no new things
D) All


Q28- What was the diffrence between old schools and modern schools/

A) old schools had many friends and modern school had no fellows
B) old schools had human teachers and modern schools had robots
C) old schools had playgrounds and modern school had only computers
D) All


Q29- Did Margie have fixed hours of study?

A) No
B) she studied off and on
C) Yes she had fixed time and hours daily to study except Saturday and Sunday
D) None


Q30- Why did Margie find the old schools interesting?

A) because of the fun
B) because of human teachers
C) because of many friends
D) all




1 D 16 D
2 C 17 D
3 D 18 C
4 A 19 D
5 C 20 D
6 B 21 C
7 C 22 D
8 B 23 D
9 D 24 A
10 B 25 B
11 A 26 D
12 C 27 D
13 C 28 D
14 D 29 C
15 D 30 D


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