Give a Character Sketch Margie, Tommy, Margie’s Mother and County Inspector from Class 9 English Beehive Book Chapter 1

Character Sketch of Margie

Margie is an eleven-year-old girl who represents future students in the year 2157. She is a typical young girl who dislikes school which is highly personalized and includes a television and a mechanical teacher. She studies in the comfort of her home. Margie hated her school. When the county inspector came to fix the mechanical teacher, she wished he did not know how to put her back again. He hated the slot the most where she had to submit her homework and test papers. She was glad to know that hundreds of years ago students would go to a school to study and they had real teachers. She yearned for an interactive and open school where she could have friends.

The Fun they Had Overview – This story is regarding school life and how those children who do not go to school, miss school. The setting of the story is in the future when perhaps, there will be no school, no books. Now how those students will miss going to school and will feel that their ancestors that is the present generation- you all, had fun going to school, meeting and helping each other. In the end we come to know that this is an imagination of a young girl named Margie who comes to know that their ancestors used to go to school, all the children used to study together.She feels that they all had a lot of fun when they went to school. So, when we read the story we feel that school life is very good, and we are fortunate that we have real schools where we go, meet friends and get a chance to study together.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Margie

Q1. What kind of student is Margie?
Q2. What does Margie prefer in terms of education?
Q3. How does Margie react when her mechanical teacher malfunctions?
Q4. How does Margie imagine the concept of traditional school?
Q5. How does Margie’s perspective change by the end of the story?

Character Sketch of Tommy

Tommy is Margie’s friend, who is older than her, being thirteen years old. He often answers Margie’s questions in an all-knowing tone because he has seen more tele-books and he has more knowledge about how the school was “centuries ago”. Tommy was fascinated with the past, particularly the way education used to be. He discovers an old book from his grandfather’s attic and marvels at the concept of going to a school with other children and a human teacher. Tommy’s character exhibits a sense of nostalgia and a dissatisfaction with the detached and impersonal method of education prevalent in his time. He represents the universal need for social interaction and the value of a personalized and humanistic approach to learning. Despite living in an era where children rarely interact with each other in person, Tommy craves companionship and expresses a desire to meet other children and play together. He often daydreams about what it would be like to have real friends and a traditional school setting.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Tommy

Q1 What are some key traits of Tommy’s character?
Q2 How does Tommy’s attitude toward education differ from Margie’s?
Q3 How does Tommy’s character contribute to the overall theme of the story?
Q4 Does Tommy’s character change throughout the story?
Q5 How does Tommy’s relationship with Margie evolve over the course of the story?

Character Sketch of Margie’s Mother

Margie’s mother, Mrs Jones is a strict parent and keeps Margie to a strict school schedule. She is disappointed by Margie’s performance in Geography. She calls the County Inspector to check if the mechanical teacher is malfunctioning. This shows that she cares about Margie’s education and hopes for her to perform well in her studies.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Margie’s Mother

Q1. How do we see Margie’s mother’s concern for her education?


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Character Sketch of Country Inspector

The County Inspector was a little, round man with a red face who carried a large toolbox filled with dials and wires. He offered Margie an apple after arriving to mend the mechanical teacher, which gave the impression that he was a decent man. He patted Margie’s head sympathetically and with gentleness. He informed her mother that Margie had given a good performance and that it was not her fault but the Geography sector was geared too quickly. He recognises that the lesson is too challenging for Margie and modifies it to the proper level while still encouraging her so she won’t feel like a failure. He appeared to be a kind and compassionate individual.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of County Inspector

Q1. How would you describe the county inspector?
Q2. What was the attitude of the county inspector?
Q3. What kind of a man do you think the county inspector was?


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