Character Sketch of The Little Girl


Give a Character Sketch of Kezia, Kezia’s Father, Grandmother and Mr Mc Donald from Class 9 English Beehive Book Chapter 3 The Little Girl


Character Sketch of Kezia

The Little Girl Kezia was always afraid of her father and avoided him as much as she could. She took a great sigh of relief whenever he left for work. She trembled with fear whenever she confronted him. She would mumble in terror whenever she was near him. According to her, her father was a rude and harsh person and she would try hard not to confront him whenever he was at home.

Kezia is highly sensitive and empathetic. She feels deeply and is acutely aware of the emotions of others, including those of her father, whom she loves dearly. She often finds herself torn between her desire to please her father and her own individuality. Kezia struggles to conform to the strict and rigid expectations set by her family. She feels suffocated by their rules and traditions, which restrict her freedom and creativity. Despite her efforts to please her father, she finds herself continuously disappointing him. Kezia yearns for acceptance and approval from her family, particularly her father. She feels a strong need to connect with him and be recognized for who she truly is. Her constant longing for her father’s love and acceptance drives her actions and shapes her character.

However, Kezia’s demeanour towards her father transformed soon. One day, suddenly, her mother fell ill and was hospitalized. Her grandmother went along with her mother. So, Kezia was left alone in the house with no one around except the cook, Alice. During the daytime, everything went well but during night-time, Kezia found it hard to sleep. She had a dreadful nightmare of a butcher holding a knife and a rope, who came closer smiling wretchedly and she was unable to move from that place. This nightmare woke her up and when she opened her eyes she noticed that her father was standing right next to her. She understood that her father loved and cared for her in his own way. Kezia realised that her father was usually cranky every day for the hard work he did to earn a living for his family and was too tired by evening to come and play with her.

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The Little Girl Overview – The theme of the story is the relationship between children and their parents and the writer Katherine Mansfield wants to tell us that children share a very important bond of love with their parents. Although when children are small, when they are young they do not feel that their parents love them because their parents are strict and many actions of the parents seems unjustified. But as children grow up they realise that all the acts done by their parents were beneficial for them. The parents were concerned for them and beneath the strictness lies a heart full of love for the children. And this bond of love between parents and their children has been highlighted through this story.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Kezia

Q1 Describe Kezia’s appearance and demeanor as portrayed in the chapter.
Q2 How does Kezia’s relationship with her family members, especially her father, influence her character?
Q3. What comparison does Kezia draw between her dad and Mr Mc Donald? What realization does she have later?


Character Sketch of Kezia’s Father

Kezia’s father was a hard-working but short-tempered man. He was a strict disciplinarian too. He used to be very tired after working so hard all day long. But every morning he would come to her room and give her a goodbye kiss. He was also awefully rude with Kezia on most of the days. Although he loved Kezia but was not able to show his love and pay attention towards her. When Kezia’s mother was hospitalized, she was alone in her room. He comforted her when she was afraid. Although he was very soft hearted but appeared to be rough and hard.

Some Questions on Character Sketch of Kezia’s Father

Q1. How was Kezia’s father different from Mr. McDonald’s?
Q2. What did Kezia’s father do that scared her?


Character Sketch of Grandmother

Kezia’s grandmother is the mother of Kezia’s father, she addresses her as Grannie. She is the one who takes care of Kezia and understands her fear of her father because of his domineering attitude. She would feel bad for Kezia when she got scolded by her father and tried to help her win her father’s heart. She always encourages Kezia to make efforts for her parents and create a bond with them. She tells Kezia to talk nicely to her parents. The grandmother is a supportive character.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Grandmother

Q1. What is the relationship between grandmother and Kezia?
Q2. List the efforts made by grandmother to take Kezia closer to her parents.


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Character Sketch of Mr Mac Donald

Mr MacDonald lived in the neighbourhood of Kezia. He was a loving man who was always smiling and playing with his children. He treated his children in a very friendly manner. He was exactly the opposite of Kezia’s father. He never punished his children. He was a different sort of father who was very loving and showed his affection.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mr Mac Donald

Q1. How was the relationship between Mr Mac Donald and his children?
Q2. What kind of father is Mr Mac Donald?


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