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Packing MCQ Question Answers



CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 7 Packing MCQ Question Answers from Beehive Book




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Q1- Why was Jerome willing to do packing?

A) because of his expert packing skills
B) he did not want to miss anything
C) he wanted to steal his friend’s belongings
D) he liked doing it



Q2- While packing things George and Harris did a few silly things, name them.

A) broke a cup and upset almost everything
B) squashed a tomato
C) trod on butter and stepped on a banana
D) all



Q3- Who was the best packer?

A) Jerome
B) Harris
C) George
D) None



Q4- Who was the worst packer according to Jerome?

A) George
B) Harris
C) Montmorency
D) All



Q5- Why was Jerome the best packer?

A) because of his ability to pack things in order
B) because of his words
C) because his boasting
D) none



Q6- Who was irritating George and Harris?

A) Jerome
B) Montmorency
C) Packing
D) All



Q7- Who made a mess of everything?

A) Harris
B) Montmorency
C) George
D) All



Q8- What was Montmorency’s contribution to the packing?

A) made packing easier
B) packing became quicker
C) packing was worsened
D) all



Q9- How was packing worsened with Montemorency’s contribution?

A) packing became tiresome
B) became a perfect nuisance
C) put his leg into jam and sat over the things
D) all



Q10- What does uncanny mean?

A) strange
B) mysterious
C) difficult to explain
D) all



Q11- How did George and Harris start their packing?

A) squeezing tomatoes
B) breaking a bucket
C) breaking a sauce plate
D) breaking a cup


Q12- Who trod on the butter?

A) George
B) Harris
C) Jerome
D) All



Q13- What was the writer (Jerome) proud of?

A) his selling skills
B) his learning abilities
C) his negotiation skills
D) his packing skills



Q14- What was the name of the dog?

A) Tommy
B) Montmorency
C) Tom
D) Romy



Q15- What happened when George put butter on the chair?

A) Harris sat on the chair and butter was stuck to his back.
B) Montmorency ate it
C) Jerome ate it
D) George kept it in the fridge





Q16- Who offered to do packing first?

A) Montmorency
B) George
C) Harris
D) Jerome



Q17- What was the most irritating thing for Jerome?

A) Montmorency
B) people’s behavior
C) seeing people doing nothing
D) packing



Q18- Who packed the hampers?

A) Montmorency
B) Jerome
C) George and Harris
D) All



Q19- Why did George and Harris’ reaction irritate Jerome?

A) because he was losing a chance to educate them
B) he wanted to supervise over them and educate them
C) he didn’t like them
D) none



Q20- What did Jerome often forget to pack?

A) his shirts
B) boots
C) toothbrush
D) all



Q21- Where did Jerome finally find his toothbrush?

A) in a boot
B) in the cupboard
C) in the suitcase
D) none



Q22- Why did Jerome feel the need to reopen his bag?

A) because he had packed his tobacco pouch in it
B) because he forgot to pack toothbrush
C) to find his boots
D) none



Q23- What did George and Harris offer to pack?

A) tomatoes
B) boots
C) Hampers for carrying food
D) All



Q24- Who were Jerome’s friends?

A) Montmorency
B) George and Harris
C) Can’t say
D) None



Q25- Finally, at what time did Jerome pack the bag finally?

A) 8.05 p.m
B) 9.05 p.m
C) 10.05 p.m
D) 11.05 p.m



Q26- Who was Montmorency?

A) Jerome’s friend
B) Jerome’s neighbour
C) Jerome’s cousin
D) Jerome’s pet dog



Q27- What did Montmorency do to the jam?

A) ate it up
B) threw it away
C) put his leg into it
D) none



Q28- What did Montmorency think the lemons to be?

A) rats
B) squirrels
C) balls
D) none



Q29- What time did the packing finish finally ?

A) 11.05 p.m
B) 11.24 p.m
C) 11.35 p.m
D) 12.50 p.m



Q30- What horrible idea struck Jerome’s mind after packing his bag?

A) whether his toothbrush is packed or not
B) boots are packed
C) tobacco pouch is kept or not
D) none






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