NCERT Class 9 Chapter 11 “If I Were You Summary, Explanation, Question Answers”

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By Ruchika Gupta


if i were you


CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 11 If I Were You Summary, Explanation with Video, Questions Answer from Beehive Book

If I were you Summary – CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Book Lesson 11 If I Were You Summary and Detailed explanation of the lesson along with meanings of difficult words.
Also, the explanation is followed by a Summary of the lesson. All the exercises and Questions and Answers given at the back of the lesson have been covered. Also, Take Free Online Test for Class 9 Click Here

CBSE Class 9 Beehive Lesson 11 – If I were you

By Douglas James



If I Were You Introduction

This play is about a playwright named Gerrard. How he escapes being killed by an intruder who wants to steal his identity and live peacefully. Gerrard fools the intruder, confines him in a cupboard and finally, hands him over to the sergeant.

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If I Were You Summary

If I Were You Summary – Gerrard was a playwright. He had to leave his house to deliver props for a rehearsal. Just then, an intruder entered his home. He was carrying a gun. He wanted to kill Gerrard and live on his identity. The intruder had committed a murder and was wanted by the police. So, he thought of stealing Gerrard’s identity so that he could live peacefully. He wanted to know details about Gerrard before killing him so that he could imitate him well.
Gerrard said that he was a crook too and that if the intruder stole his identity, even then he would be chased by the police. He had killed someone and the police had evidence against him. He further added that he was carrying false moustaches and other props so that he could disguise himself and hide from the police. He sensed that the police could raid his house that night. He had positioned an accomplice on the road to warn him of danger. Gerrard fooled the intruder to believe him by saying that if the intruder felt that Gerrard was lying, he could kill him. As the phone rang, Gerrard said that it was time to leave. When the intruder did not believe Gerrard, he asked him to peep out through the door of the garage and see the police for himself. In fact, the door was that of a cupboard. As the intruder bent forward, Gerrard pushed him inside the cupboard and locked it. Then he called the sergeant as he would hand over the intruder to the police.

If I Were You Summary in Hindi

जेरार्ड एक नाटककार थे। रिहर्सल के लिए रंगमंच की सामग्री देने के लिए उन्हें घर से जाना था । तभी एक घुसपैठिया उनके घर में घुस गया।
वह बंदूक लेकर घुसा । वह जेरार्ड को मारना चाहता था और उसकी पहचान पर जीना चाहता था। घुसपैठिए ने एक हत्या की थी और पुलिस को उसकी तलाश थी। इसलिए, उसने जेरार्ड की पहचान चुराने के बारे में सोचा ताकि वह शांति से रह सके।
वह उसे मारने से पहले जेरार्ड के बारे में विवरण जानना चाहता था ताकि वह उसकी अच्छी तरह से नकल कर सके। जेरार्ड ने उसे बातों में उलझाया – कहा कि वह भी एक बदमाश था और अगर घुसपैठिए ने उसकी पहचान चुरा ली तो भी पुलिस उसका पीछा करेगी।
उसने किसी की हत्या की थी और पुलिस के पास उसके खिलाफ सबूत थे। उसने आगे कहा कि वह झूठी मूंछें और अन्य सामान ले जा रहा था ताकि वह खुद को पुलिस से छिपा सके।
उसे अंदेशा था कि पुलिस उस रात उसके घर पर छापा मार सकती है। उसने अपने एक साथी को खतरे से आगाह करने के लिए सड़क पर खड़ा कर दिया था।
जेरार्ड ने घुसपैठिए को यह कहकर मूर्ख बनाया कि अगर घुसपैठिए को लगा कि जेरार्ड झूठ बोल रहा है, तो वह उसे मार सकता है।
जैसे ही फोन आया, जेरार्ड ने कहा कि यह जाने का समय है। जब घुसपैठिए को जेरार्ड पर विश्वास नहीं हुआ, तो उसने उसे गैरेज के दरवाजे से बाहर झाँकने और पुलिस को खुद देखने के लिए कहा। दरअसल, दरवाजा एक अलमारी का था।
जैसे ही घुसपैठिया आगे झुका, जेरार्ड ने उसे अलमारी के अंदर धकेल दिया और ताला लगा दिया। फिर उसने हवलदार को बुलाया क्योंकि वह घुसपैठिए को पुलिस को सौंपना चाहता था ।

IF I Were You Explanation


SCENE: A small cottage interior. There is an entrance back right (which may be curtained). Another door to the left must be a practical door. The furniture is simple, consisting of a small table towards the left, a chair or two, and a divan rather upstage on the right. On the table is a telephone.

(When the curtain rises Gerrard is standing by the table making a phone call. He is of medium height, and wearing horn-rimmed glasses . . . He is dressed in a lounge suit and a great coat. His voice is cultured.)

The play is set in a small cottage. The room has an entrance on the right hand side with a curtain on it. There is another door to the left side of the room which is in use. The room has simple furniture- a small table to the left, a chair or two and a small bed on the right side of the room. On the table, a telephone is kept. As the curtain on the stage is rolled up, Gerrard is found standing by the table, making a phone call. He is of medium height and is wearing spectacles that are in the shape of horns. He is wearing a lounge suit and a great coat. His voice indicates that he is cultured and well – educated.


GERRARD : … Well, tell him to phone up directly. I must know … Yes, I expect I’ll still be here, but you mustn’t count on that … In about ten minutes’ time. Right-ho. Goodbye.
(He puts down the phone and goes to the divan on the left, where there is a travelling bag, and starts packing. Whilst he is thus engaged, another man, similar in build to Gerrard enters from the right silently — revolver in hand. He is flashily dressed in an overcoat and a soft hat. He bumps accidentally against the table, and at the sound Gerrard turns quickly.)


Gerrard is speaking on the phone. He says that the person should call him up directly. He adds that he would reach in ten minutes, bids ‘goodbye’ and puts the receiver back on the phone. Then he goes to the divan and starts packing the stuff in a travelling bag. While he is busy packing, another man who is similar to Gerrard enters the room silently from the right side. He has a gun in one hand. He is dressed in a bright coloured dress- an overcoat and a soft hat. He bumps into the table and Gerrard turns around at the sound.

GERRARD : (pleasantly) Why, this is a surprise, Mr— er—

Gerrard speaks pleasantly to the stranger and says that he is surprised to see him.


INTRUDER : I’m glad you’re pleased to see me. I don’t think you’ll be pleased for long. Put those paws up!

Intruder: a person who intrudes, especially into a building with criminal intent.
Paws: here, hands

The intruder says that he is glad to find Gerrard happy to see him. He adds that Gerrard won’t remain happy when he comes to know of his intentions. The intruder asks Gerrard to raise his hands.

GERRARD : This is all very melodramatic, not very original, perhaps, but…

Melodramatic: excessive emotions than are required for the situation

Gerrard finds the intruder’s behaviour to be dramatic and not very natural.

INTRUDER : Trying to be calm and —er—

The intruder says that he is trying to be composed and ……. (he is short of words to complete the sentence)

GERRARD : ‘Nonchalant’ is your word, I think.

Nonchalant: not showing anxiety, interest or enthusiasm

Gerrard adds that he wants to say that he is trying to be calm and nonchalant that is, not to show anxiety or enthusiasm.

INTRUDER : Thanks a lot. You’ll soon stop being smart. I’ll make you crawl. I want to know a few things, see.

The intruder thanks Gerrard for completing the sentence and says that soon he will stop acting smart. He adds that he will torture him and make him crawl.

GERRARD : Anything you like. I know all the answers. But before we begin I should like to change my position; you may be comfortable, but I am not.

Gerrard says that the intruder could ask him anything but before that he wanted to sit comfortably.

INTRUDER : Sit down there, and no funny business. (Motions to a chair, and seats himself on the divan by the bag.) Now then, we’ll have a nice little talk about yourself!

The intruder command Gerrard to sit on the chair and sits on the divan. He wants to talk about the two of them.

GERRARD : At last a sympathetic audience! I’ll tell you the story of my life. How as a child I was stolen by the gypsies, and why at the age of thirty-two, I find myself in my lonely Essex cottage, how …

Gypsies: nomads

Gerrard says that finally, he has a person who is concerned about him and wants to know about his past. He adds that he would tell him about his life, how as a child he was stolen by a group of nomads and why at the age of thirty-two years was he living all alone at this small cottage in Essex. By saying this, he developed an air of suspense around him.


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INTRUDER : Keep it to yourself, and just answer my questions. You live here alone? Well, do you?

The intruder was not intrigued by Gerrard’s words. He wanted answers to his set of questions and did not want to hear to what Gerrard had to say. He asked if Gerrard lived there alone.

GERRARD : I’m sorry. I thought you were telling me, not asking me. A question of inflection; your voice is unfamiliar.

Inflection: a change in the modulation of voice

Gerrard says that the way in which the intruder spoke, made him feel that he was telling him that he lived alone rather than asking him if he did live alone. He added that the intruder’s voice was not familiar to imply that he wanted to know about him.

INTRUDER : (with emphasis) Do you live here alone?

The intruder repeated his question with emphasis and asked Gerrard if he lived there alone.

GERRARD : And if I don’t answer?

Gerrard asked what would the intruder do if he did not answer his question.

INTRUDER : You’ve got enough sense not to want to get hurt.

The intruder warned Gerrard that if he did not want any harm, then he should obey his orders.

GERRARD : I think good sense is shown more in the ability to avoid pain than in the mere desire to do so. What do you think, Mr— er—

Gerrard spoke intelligently and replied that his good sense reflected in his ability to avoid pain than the mere desire to avoid it. He asked the intruder about his opinion and addressed him as “Mr – er -” to indicate that he wanted to know his name.

INTRUDER : Never mind my name. I like yours better, Mr Gerrard. What are your Christian names?

The intruder replied that he need not know his name and on the other hand, asked Gerrard his Christian name (i.e. the name he was given when he was baptised in the church).

GERRARD : Vincent Charles.

Gerrard replied that his Christian name was Vincent Charles.

INTRUDER : Do you run a car?

The intruder’s next question was if Gerrard had a car.


Gerrard replied negatively.

INTRUDER : That’s a lie. You’re not dealing with a fool. I’m as smart as you and smarter, and I know you run a car. Better be careful, wise guy!

The intruder said that Gerrard was lying. He said that he was not foolish. He was smarter than him and knew that he had a car. He warned Gerrard not to befool him.

GERRARD : Are you American, or is that merely a clever imitation?

Gerrard asked the intruder if he was really an American or was he copying American accent.

INTRUDER : Listen, this gun’s no toy. I can hurt you without killing you, and still get my answers.

The intruder got angry and said that his gun was not a toy. He could harm Gerrard and still would get a reply to his questions.

GERRARD : Of course, if you put it like that, I’ll be glad to assist you. I do possess a car, and it’s in the garage round the corner.

Gerrard showed that he got scared and said that he would be happy to help the intruder. He accepted that he had a car and said that it was in the garage.

INTRUDER : That’s better. Do people often come out here?

Then the intruder asked whether the place was frequented by many people.

GERRARD : Very rarely. Surprisingly few people take the trouble to visit me. There’s the baker and the greengrocer, of course; and then there’s the milkman — quite charming, but no one so interesting as yourself.

Gerrard replied that he rarely had any visitors. He added that very few people underwent the trouble of visiting him. Other than the baker, green grocer and the milkman, no one else bothered to visit him.



INTRUDER : I happen to know that you never see tradespeople.

The intruder said that he had come to know that Gerrard did not meet tradespeople.

GERRARD : You seem to have taken a considerable amount of trouble. Since you know so much about me, won’t you say something about yourself? You have been so modest.

Gerrard commented that the intruder had gone through a lot of trouble to gain information about him. He added that as the intruder knew a lot about him, he should disclose some details about himself too. He added that the intruder had been reserved and had not talked much about himself.

INTRUDER : I could tell you plenty. You think you’re smart, but I’m the top of the class round here. I’ve got brains and I use them. That’s how I’ve got where I have.

The intruder said that he had a lot to talk about himself. In case Gerrard thought himself to be smart, he was smarter. He had brains and used his intelligence to achieve things.

GERRARD : And where precisely have you got? It didn’t require a great brain to break into my little cottage.

Gerrard commented that the man had just broken into his small cottage which was not a big deal and did not require much intelligence.

INTRUDER : When you know why I’ve broken into your little cottage, you’ll be surprised, and it won’t be a pleasant surprise.

The intruder said that the reason for his entering Gerrard’s cottage would shock Gerrard.

GERRARD : With you figuring so largely in it, that is understandable. By the way, what particular line of crime do you embrace, or aren’t you a specialist?
Embrace: accept

Gerrard replied that by seeing the intruder’s behaviour, he knew that his reason for entering his house would be shocking. Then he inquired about the crime that the intruder specialized in.

INTRUDER : My speciality’s jewel robbery. Your car will do me a treat. It’s certainly a dandy bus.

Dandy: stylish, fashionable

The intruder replied that he specialized in jewel robbing. He added that Gerrard’s car would be a gift for him because it was very stylish.

GERRARD : I’m afraid jewels are few and far between in the wilds of Essex.

Gerrard commented that in Essex, jewels were hardly found. He wanted to say that it was futile for the intruder to visit the area as he would not find any jewels there.

INTRUDER : So are the cops. I can retire here nicely for a little while.

The intruder added that just like jewels, cops were also scarce in Essex and so, he could live there peacefully.

GERRARD : You mean to live with me? A trifle sudden isn’t it; you’ve not been invited.

Gerrard asked if the intruder wanted to live with him. He commented that the decision was sudden and that he had not invited the intruder to live with him.

INTRUDER : You won’t be here long; so I didn’t trouble to ask.

The intruder replied that he did not take the trouble to ask permission from Gerrard because he won’t be there for long.

GERRARD : What do you mean?

Gerrard asked that what did he mean by that.

INTRUDER : This is your big surprise. I’m going to kill you.

The intruder replied that the surprise was that he intended to kill Gerrard.

GERRARD : A little harsh, isn’t it?

Gerrard said that the man sounded harsh.

INTRUDER : (with heavy sarcasm) Yeah, I’ll be sorry to do it. I’ve taken a fancy to you, but it’s just got to be done.

The intruder replied sarcastically that he would be sorry to do that because he had developed a liking for him.

GERRARD : Why add murder to your other crimes? It’s a grave step you’re taking.

Gerrard said that killing a person was a serious crime and advised the intruder not to do so.

INTRUDER : I’m not taking it for fun. I’ve been hunted long enough.
I’m wanted for murder already, and they can’t hang me twice.
The intruder said that he was being chased by the police as he had already murdered a person. If he would kill another one, the punishment would still remain the same as they could not hang him to death twice.

GERRARD : You’re planning a gratuitous double, so to speak. Admitted you’ve nothing to lose, but what have you to gain?

gratuitous double: done without reason.

Gerrard said it meant that the intruder was planning to murder him without any reason. He agreed that the intruder would not lose anything but asked him that what would he get by killing him. He wanted to know the reason for him to kill Gerrard.

INTRUDER : I’ve got freedom to gain. As for myself, I’m a poor hunted rat. As Vincent Charles Gerrard I’m free to go places and do nothing. I can eat well and sleep and without having to be ready to beat it at the sight of a cop.

To beat it: to leave immediately

The intruder replied that in return for killing Gerrard, he would get freedom. As he had committed a murder, he was hunted by the police and was hiding like a rat. Upon stealing the identity of Vincent Charles Gerrard, he would live a life of freedom. He could go to places, eat and sleep without the fear of being caught by the police.

GERRARD : In most melodramas the villain is foolish enough to delay his killing long enough to be frustrated. You are much luckier.


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Gerrard commented that in many dramatic plays the villain was showed to be a foolish person. He would delay being killed and eventually got frustrated due to the delay. Then he would commit some foolish act and get trapped. But the intruder was luckier than such villains.

INTRUDER : I’m O.K. I’ve got a reason for everything. I’m going to be Vincent Charles Gerrard, see. I’ve got to know what he talks like. Now I know. That posh stuff comes easy. This is Mr V.C. Gerrard speaking. (Pantomime of phoning, in imitation cultured voice.) And that’s not all. (He stands up.) Get up a minute (Gerrard stands.) Now take a look at me.

Posh: rich, showy
Pantomime: to mime or copy someone

The intruder replied that he was fine because he was doing this for a reason. He wanted to live on the stolen identity of Vincent Charles Gerrard. He enacted Gerrards style of speaking which he had learnt when he had overheard Gerrard talking on the phone. The intruder mimed Gerrard and asked how was his performance.

GERRARD : You’re not particularly decorative.

Gerrard commented that the acting was not very attractive.

INTRUDER : No! Well, that goes for you, too. I’ve only got to wear specs and I’ll be enough like you to get away with it.

The intruder commented that it wasn’t so because Gerrard’s behaviour was such. He added that he only required spectacles and he would look just like Gerrard.

GERRARD : What about your clothes? They’ll let you down if you’re not careful.

Gerard asked the intruder that what would he do about his clothes. His dress sense was not like him and could put him in trouble.

INTRUDER : That’ll be all right. Yours will fit me fine.
The intruder replied that this was not a problem as he would wear Gerrard’s clothes. They would fit him well.

GERRARD : That is extremely interesting, but you seem to miss the point of my remark. I said, you were luckier than most melodramatic villains. It was not a tribute to your intelligence. You won’t kill me for a very good reason.

Tribute: to show gratitude, respect or admiration for someone or something

Gerrard said that the intruder did not understand his remark when he said that the intruder was luckier than most melodramatic villains. He added that he was not praising the intruder’s intelligence but he wanted to say that the intruder would not kill him until he had a major reason to do so.

INTRUDER : So that’s what you think.

The intruder commented that that was what Gerrard thought.

GERRARD : You’ll let me go, and thank God you didn’t shoot sooner.

Gerrard said that the intruder would leave him alive. He thanked God that the man had not shot at him till that moment.

INTRUDER : Come on. What’s on your mind! Better be quick. This conversation bores me.

The intruder ordered Gerrard to be quick and disclose all that was going on in his mind. He was getting bored by the lengthy conversation.

GERRARD : Your idea is to elude the police by killing me and taking on my identity?

Elude: escape

Gerrard said that the intruder’s plan was to escape the police by killing Gerrard and stealing his identity.

INTRUDER : Yes, I like the idea.

The intruder confirmed his plan.

GERRARD : But are you sure it’s going to help you?

Gerrard asked the intruder that was he sure that this plan would help him escape the police.

INTRUDER : Now listen here. I’ve got this all planned. I did a job in town. Things went wrong and I killed a cop. Since then I’ve done nothing but dodge.

Dodge: to avoid someone, here, the police.

The intruder said that he had planned everything. He did a job in the town. Something went wrong and he murdered a policeman. Since that day he was on the run.

GERRARD : And this is where dodging has brought you?

Gerrard said that finally, the intruder had reached his cottage while running from the police.

INTRUDER : It brought me to Aylesbury. That’s where I saw you in the car. Two other people saw you and started to talk. I listened. It looks like you’re a bit queer — kind of a mystery

Queer: strange

The intruder said that while he was on the run, he reached a town called Aylesbury. There he saw Gerrard and overheard two men discussing him. Their discussion revealed that Gerrard was strange and mysterious.

GERRARD : A mystery which I propose to explain.

Gerrard added that he could explain the mystery that surrounded him.

INTRUDER : (disregarding him) You phone your orders and sometimes you go away suddenly and come back just the same. Those are just the things I want to do. Hearing about you was one of my luckiest breaks.

The intruder overlooked Gerrard’s request and continued his speech. He said that Gerrard would order things over the phone, would go away and return suddenly. He also wanted to do such things. Getting to know of Gerrard was the luckiest happening for him.

GERRARD : Apparently you haven’t the intelligence to ask why I am invested in this cloak of mystery.

Invested in: taken up, adopted
Cloak: cape, robe

Gerrard commented that the intruder was not intelligent to guess that why was he surrounded by this air of mystery.

INTRUDER : (preparing to shoot) As I said before, this conversation bores me.

The intruder prepared to shoot at Gerrard as he was getting bored by the conversation.

GERRARD : Don’t be a fool. If you shoot, you’ll hang for sure. If not as yourself, then as Vincent Charles Gerrard.

Gerrard warned the intruder not to act foolishly. If he shot at him, he would be hanged to death. He added that even if he stole Gerrard’s identity, he would be hanged to death.

INTRUDER : What is this?

The intruder got curious upon hearing this.

GERRARD : This is your big surprise. I said you wouldn’t kill me and I was right. Why do you think I am here today and gone tomorrow, never see tradespeople? You say my habits
would suit you. You are a crook. Do you think I am a Sunday-school teacher?
The game’s up as far as I’m concerned. Things went wrong with me. I said it with bullets and got away. Unfortunately they got one of my men, and found things the fool should have burnt. Tonight I’m expecting trouble. My bag’s packed ready to clear off. There it is.

Sunday-school teacher: used to indicate an honest man

Gerrard said that this was the big surprise for the intruder. The reason behind Gerrard being a secretive man, his not have visitors and his activities being suitable for the intruder was that he was also a wrong man. He was not an honest man like a school teacher. His game got over when he had to kill someone with a gun. After that, one of his accomplice got caught by the police. They got evidence against Gerrard from him. That particular night, Gerrard was expecting that the police could raid his house to catch him and so, he had packed his bag and was ready to escape.

INTRUDER : It’s a bag all right and this is a gun all right. What’s all this?

The intruder had to clue to all this. He agreed that Gerrard had a bag and a gun but why was he carrying odd stuff like artificial moustaches, wigs and props.

GERRARD : That’s a disguise outfit; false moustaches and what not. Now do you believe me?

Disguise: give a different appearance in order to hide one’s identity

Gerrard replied that he was carrying these props so that he could change his appearance in order to hide himself. He hoped that the intruder would believe him.

INTRUDER : (musingly) I don’t know.

The intruder was still doubtful about Gerrard’s words.

GERRARD : For God’s sake clear that muddled head of yours and let’s go. Come with me in the car. I can use you. If you find it’s a frame, you’ve got me in the car, and you’ve still got your gun.

Muddled head: confused mind
Frame: false

Gerrard requested the intruder to believe his words and accompany him in his car. He added that the intruder could help him escape and if he felt that Gerrard’s words were false, he could kill him with his gun.

INTRUDER : May be you’re right.

The intruder believed Gerrard and said that probably he was right.

GERRARD : Then don’t waste time.
(Goes and picks up hat and bag.)

Gerrard was in a hurry. He picked up his hat and bag.

INTRUDER : Careful, boss, I’m watching you.

The intruder warned Gerrard that he was watching his moves.

GERRARD : I have got a man posted on the main road. He’ll ring up if he sees the police, but I don’t want to leave … (telephone bell rings) Come on! They’re after us. Through here straight to the garage.

Gerrard said that one of his accomplice had been positioned on the road to warn him if he saw the police. Just then the telephone bell rang and Gerrard said that it was time to leave. He directed the intruder to leave through the garage door.

INTRUDER : How do I know that you are telling the truth?

The intruder doubted Gerrard’s words.

GERRARD : Oh, don’t be a fool. Look for yourself.
(Gerrard opens door and steps away. Intruder leans forward to inspect it, with his side towards Gerrard, but with the revolver ready. As he turns his head, Gerrard gives him a push into the cupboard, knocking the revolver out of his hand. He slams the door and locks it, picks up the revolver and goes to the phone, where he stands with the gun pointed at the cupboard door.)

Gerrard said that the intruder should not be foolish. He asked him to see for himself. He opened the door and stepped to one side so that the intruder could see outside. The intruder leaned forward with the gun still

pointed towards Gerrard. As he turned his head, Gerrard pushed him into the cupboard and the gun fell off the intruder’s hand. (The door was not of the garage but it was a cupboard door). As Gerrard pushed the intruder inside the cupboard, he closed the door and locked it. He picked up the revolver and walked towards the phone, the gun pointed towards the cupboard, in case the intruder tried to escape.

INTRUDER : (rattles door and shouts) Let me out of here!

The intruder rattled the door of the cupboard and shouted to be freed.

GERRARD : Hello. Yes, speaking. Sorry I can’t let you have the props in time for rehearsal, I’ve had a spot of bother — quite amusing. I think I’ll put it in my next play. Listen, can you tell our friend the Sergeant to come up here at once? You’ll probably find him in the Public Bar.

Props: things used by actors to change appearance
Spot of bother: something that causes inconvenience or trouble

Gerrard answered the phone and said that he would not be able to deliver the props in time for the rehearsal of the play because he had been troubled by someone. He added that he would add this incident to his next play. This shows that Gerrard was a playwright. He asked the person to send the sergeant to his residence. He added that probably the sergeant could be found in the public bar.

If I Were You Question Answers


Answer these questions.

1. “At last a sympathetic audience.”
(i) Who says this?
(ii) Why does he say it?
(iii) Is he sarcastic or serious?

i) Gerrard
ii) Gerrard says this because he is glad that finally, someone has asked him to speak about himself.
iii) he is sarcastic



2. Why does the intruder choose Gerrard as the man whose identity he wants to take on?

Answer: The intruder chooses Gerrard because he feels that they are similar to each other. As he has committed a murder, he plans to steal Gerrard’s identity and live peacefully.


3. “I said it with bullets.”
(i) Who says this?
(ii) What does it mean?
(iii) Is it the truth? What is the speaker’s reason for saying this?

i) Gerrard
ii) It means that when things went wrong, Gerrard had to kill a person.
iii) No, it is not the truth. Gerrard said this in order to escape being killed by the intruder.


4. What is Gerrard’s profession? Quote the parts of the play that support your answer.

Answer: Gerrard is a playwright. This is indicated from the following –
i) This is all very melodramatic, not very original
ii) At last a sympathetic audience
iii) In most melodramas the villain is foolish enough to delay his killing long enough to be frustrated. You are much luckier.
iv) I said, you were luckier than most melodramatic villains.
v) That’s a disguise outfit; false moustaches and what not.
vi) Sorry I can’t let you have the props in time for rehearsal, I’ve had a spot of bother — quite amusing. I think I’ll put it in my next play.



5. “You’ll soon stop being smart.”
(i) Who says this?
(ii) Why does the speaker say it?
(iii) What according to the speaker will stop Gerrard from being smart?

i) the intruder
ii) The intruder says this to scare Gerrard
iii) According to the intruder, when Gerrard would come to know that his aim was to kill him, he would get scared and stop being smart.



6. “They can’t hang me twice.”
(i) Who says this?
(ii) Why does the speaker say it?

i) the intruder
ii) The intruder says that he has committed a murder and Gerrard’s murder would be his second murder. He was not scared of being punished as already, he was to be hanged for the first murder and if he did one more, they would not hang him twice for committing two murders.



7. “A mystery I propose to explain.” What is the mystery the speaker proposes to explain?

Answer: Gerrard proposes that his lifestyle was mysterious as he did not meet many people and did not have any visitors. He proposed to explain the reason for his mysteriousness.



8. “This is your big surprise.”
(i) Where has this been said in the play?
(ii) What is the surprise?

i) This has been said twice in the play. Firstly, when the intruder reveals his plan to kill Gerrard. Secondly, by Gerrard when he reveals his false identity to the intruder.
ii) The intruder’s surprise is his intention of killing Gerrard. Gerrard’s surprise is his false identity.



Consult your dictionary and choose the correct word from the pairs given in brackets.

1. The (site, cite) of the accident was (ghastly/ghostly).
2. Our college (principle/principal) is very strict.
3. I studied (continuously/continually) for eight hours.
4. The fog had an adverse (affect/effect) on the traffic.
5. Cezanne, the famous French painter, was a brilliant (artist/artiste).
6. The book that you gave me yesterday is an extraordinary (collage/college) of
science fiction and mystery.
7. Our school will (host/hoist) an exhibition on cruelty to animals and wildlife
8. Screw the lid tightly onto the top of the bottle and (shake/shape) well before
using the contents.


  1. Site, ghastly
  2. Principal
  3. Continuously
  4. Effect
  5. Artist
  6. Collage
  7. Host
  8. shake


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