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CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 11 If I Were You Important Question Answers From Beehive Book 


If I Were You Important QuestionsHere is the CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 11 If I Were You Important Question Answers from Beehive Book for Term 2 Exam. Students can Practice the Important Questions and Prepare Well for the Exam. Also, Take a Free Online Test for Class 9 Click Here


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If I Were You Important Question Answers (MCQs)


Q1. “He is flashily dressed…” . Which of the following best gives the meaning of ‘flashily’?

  1. a) In a way intended to gain attention
  2. b) In a way intended to gain benefits
  3. c) In a way intended to befool the other
  4. d) In a way intended to lose attention

Ans : (a)


Q2. “Put those paws up”. The word ‘paws’ signifies ______.

  1. a) feet
  2. b) hands
  3. c) paws
  4. d) Both a and b

Ans : (b)


Q3. Choose the synonym of ‘inflection’.

  1. a) moderation
  2. b) repetition
  3. c) articulation
  4. d) All of these

Ans : (c)


Q4. Why does the intruder ask so many questions?

  1. a) He is curious
  2. b) He is a fan
  3. c) He wants to impersonate
  4. d) He wants to be friendly

Ans : (c)


Q5. “I’m afraid jewels are few and far between in the wilds of Essex”. What can be said about the area where Gerrard lived?

  1. a) It was the countryside
  2. b) It was a city
  3. c) Nothing can be said
  4. d) None of these

Ans : (a)


Q6. “…. And without having to be ready to beat it at the sight of a cop.” What is the meaning of ‘to beat it’?

  1. a) To go away
  2. b) To leave
  3. c) To run away
  4. d) All of these

Ans : (d)


Q7. The intruder specialized in ______ crimes.

  1. a) All types
  2. b) Jewel robbery
  3. c) Car robbery
  4. d) robbery

Ans : (b)


Q8. The intruder feels that he just needs to wear ______ to look like Gerrard.

  1. a) specs
  2. b) tie
  3. c) hat
  4. d) watch

Ans : (a)


Q9. When the intruder overheard men talk about Gerrard, he seemed like a _____ man.

  1. a) nice
  2. b) mystery
  3. c) friendly
  4. d) rich

Ans : (b)


Q10. Why does Gerrard say “Do you think I am a Sunday school teacher”?

  1. a) Sunday school teachers are poor
  2. b) Sunday school teachers are law-abiding
  3. c) Sunday school teachers are intelligent
  4. d) Sunday school teachers are learned

Ans : (b)


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If I Were You Important Subjective Questions


Q1. How did Gerrard befool the intruder to be able to save himself?

Important Points-

Gerrard was packing his bag and talking 

on the phone

Suddenly, saw the intruder

He was pointing a gun at Gerrard

Gerrard was shocked and scared but did not lose presence of mind

Said that he too was a criminal

Locked the intruder in a cupboard and called the police


Q2. Why did the intruder come to Gerrard’s house?

Important Points-

Intruder was a criminal, wanted by the police.

Wanted to assume Gerrard’s identity by killing him

Planned to live in his house with his identity


Q3. What work does Gerrard do? How do you know this?

Important Points-


Worked for a theatre

Disguise outfit, false moustache and other props indicate 

Talks on phone regarding props and play


Q4. Sometimes we think we cannot be cheated since we consider ourselves over-smart. Was this proved correct for Gerrard, in the play If I were You? Discuss the values required to be stronger and not be cheated.

Important Points-

Gerrard was alone in cottage, talking 

on phone

All of a sudden saw the intruder

revolver to kill Gerrard

Gerrard remained calm

Intruder was a jewel thief, had killed a cop and police was after him.

He wanted to steal Gerrard’s identity

Gerrard concocted a story that he was a criminal too

proof was his bag with all props

He befooled the intruder by saying 

that by killing him, he will be accused of two murders

Added that his friend was standing on the road and wouls inform him as soon as the police arrive

Took intruder to the door to show outside

It was a cupboard, when intruder bent to peep, Gerrard pushed him in and locked him

Called the police to get him arrested


Q5. Why does the intruder choose Gerrard as the man whose identity he wants to take on?

Important Points-

Same build

Similar appearance

Gerrard was queer, did not talk to tradespeople

As Vincent Charles Gerrard, he could move around freely, eat and sleep without having to run from cops


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