NCERT Solutions for Class 9 English Beehive book Reach for the Top Part 2 Maria Sharapova Important Question Answers Lesson 7


Class 9 English Reach for the Top Part 2 Question Answers – Looking for Reach for the Top Part 2 question answers (NCERT solutions) for CBSE Class 9 English Beehive Book Chapter 7? Look no further! Our comprehensive compilation of important questions will help you brush up on your subject knowledge. Practising Class 9 English question answers can significantly improve your performance in the exam. Our solutions provide a clear idea of how to write the answers effectively. Improve your chances of scoring high marks by exploring Chapter 7: Reach for the Top Part 2 now. The questions listed below are based on the latest CBSE exam pattern, wherein we have given NCERT solutions to the chapter’s extract based questions, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and long answer questions

Also, practising with different kinds of questions can help students learn new ways to solve problems that they may not have seen before. This can ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and better performance on exams.


  • Reach for the Top Part 2 Extract Based Questions
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    Class 9 English Reach for the Top Part 2 Question Answers Lesson 7 – Extract Based Questions

    Extract-based questions are of the multiple-choice variety, and students must select the correct option for each question by carefully reading the passage.

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    A. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

    There is something disarming about Maria Sharapova, something at odds with her ready smile and glamorous attire. And that something in her lifted her on Monday, 22 August 2005 to the world number one position in women’s tennis. All this happened in almost no time. Poised beyond her years, the Siberian born teenager took just four years as a professional to reach the pinnacle.

    Q1. What contrast does Maria present?
    Ans. Maria Sharapova is affable and has a fast smile. Her impulsive demeanor is in contrast to her elegant clothes.

    Q2. What rank did Maria obtain in 2005?
    Ans. She rose to the top spot in women’s tennis.

    Q3. How long had it taken her to reach this position?
    Ans. It had taken her merely four years to reach this position.

    Q4. Where had Maria come from? How old was she then?
    Ans. Maria came from Siberia to the United States at the age of nine.

    B. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

    However, the rapid ascent in a fiercely competitive world began nine years before with a level of sacrifice few children would be prepared to endure. Little Maria had not yet celebrated her tenth birthday when she was packed off to train in the United States. That trip to Florida with her father Yuri launched her on the path to success and stardom. But it also required a heart-wrenching two-year separation from her mother Yelena. The latter was compelled to stay back in Siberia because of visa restrictions. The nine-year-old girl had already learnt an important lesson in life — that tennis excellence would only come at a price.

    Q1. What does the phrase “rapid ascent” mean?
    Ans. The term “rapid ascent” describes the quick rise to fame that Maria Sharapova experienced.

    Q2. What had taken place nine years before?
    Ans. Maria had travelled to the United States from Siberia nine years ago to train in tennis.

    Q3. What sacrifice did Maria make?
    Ans. While her mother had to remain in Russia, Maria travelled to the United States with her father.

    Q4. What did Maria learn from this?
    Ans. Maria discovered that attaining tennis greatness would have a cost, and she would have to pay it.

    C. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

    Little Maria had not yet celebrated her tenth birthday when she was packed off to train in the United States. That trip to Florida with her father Yuri launched her on the path to success and stardom. But it also required a heart-wrenching two year separation from her mother Yelena.

    Q1. How old was Maria when she came to the United States?
    Ans. Maria Sharapova came to the United States when she was just nine years old

    Q2. From where did she make the journey to Florida and why?
    Ans. She travelled to Florida from Russia’s icy expanses in order to pursue tennis training.

    Q3. What aspect of the trip was the most heartbreaking?
    Ans. She had to live apart from her mother for two years, which was heartbreaking.

    Q4. Why was her mother unable to join her?
    Ans. Due to visa limitations, her mother was unable to travel with her.

    D. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

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    “Instead of letting that depress me, I became more quietly determined and mentally tough. I learnt how to take care of myself. I never thought of quitting because I knew what I wanted. When you come from nothing and you have nothing, then it makes you very hungry and determined … I would have put up with much more humiliation and insults than that to steadfastly pursue my dream.”

    Q1. Where was the speaker at the time?
    Ans. The speaker, Maria Sharapova, was at the tennis academy in Florida.

    Q2. What was it that couldn’t make her feel down?
    Ans. Maria was abused and tormented by the older trainees at the Florida tennis training centre. They would wake her up late at night and tell her to clean and organise the room.

    Q3. What was the impact of that on Maria?
    Ans. She became more motivated and psychologically tough due to the seniors’ bullying.

    Q4. What about the speaker’s personality does the extract make clear?
    Ans. The excerpt demonstrates the speaker’s capacity for facing challenging conditions head-on and refusing to give in to unfavourable circumstances.


    Class 9 English Beehive Reach for the Top Part 2 Lesson 7 Multiple Choice Questions

    Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) are a type of objective assessment in which a person is asked to choose one or more correct answers from a list of available options. An MCQ presents a question along with several possible answers.


    Q1. Other students would come in at 11 p.m. and give Maria orders during her training period ____________.
    A. To clean the room
    B. To cook for them
    C. To make them desserts
    D. All of the above

    Ans. A. To clean the room

    Q2. Maria put up all the humiliations and insults during her training period __________.
    A.To pursue her education
    B. To pursue her music
    C. To pursue her dream for tennis
    D. To be the richest tennis player in the world

    Ans. C. To pursue her dream for tennis

    Q3. Sharapova cherished books by _________.
    A. Sydney Sheldo
    B. Charles Dickens
    C. William Shakespeare
    D. Arthur Conan Doyle

    Ans. D. Arthur Conan Doyle

    Q4. What are Sharapova’s hobbies?
    A. Fashion, Dancing
    B. Singing
    C. Reciting
    A. Both A and B

    Ans. D. Both A and B

    Q5. What’s Sharapova’s mantra for success?
    A. Being competitive
    B. Working hard
    C. Respecting her job
    D. All of the above

    Ans. D. All of the above

    Q6. What was the most important thing for Maria?
    A. to earn money
    B. to do a good business
    C. to become number one in the world
    D. all of the above

    Ans. C. to become number one in the world

    Q7. Maria is associated with
    A. Serbia
    B. Siberia
    C. Moscow
    D. Paris

    Ans. B. Siberia

    Q8. Depressing treatment in the U.S made Maria ________.
    A. weak
    B. nervous
    C. timid
    D. tough

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    Ans. D. tough

    Q9. Who went to the United States along with Maria?
    A. her mother
    B. her father
    C. her grandmother
    D. her teacher

    Ans. B. her father

    Q10. When did Maria Sharapova become the top female tennis player in the world?
    A. 22 August 2004
    B. 22 August 2005
    C. 22 August 2006
    D. 22 August 2007

    Ans. B. 22 August 2005



    Class 9 English Reach for the Top Part 2 Short Question Answers (including questions from Previous Years Question Papers)

    In this post we are also providing important short answer questions from Chapter 7 Reach for the Top Part 2 for CBSE Class 9 exam in the coming session


    Q1. What do you know about Maria Sharapova?
    Ans. The well-known tennis player Maria Sharapova won the women’s singles title at Wimbledon in 2004 and became the world’s top female player in 2005. Despite being of Russian descent, she received her tennis instruction in America. She enjoys dancing, singing, and reading books. She works really hard and is highly committed.

    Q2. How is Maria’s personality a mix of contrasts?
    Ans. Maria’s poise, mental stability, and inner strength don’t seem to match her glam outfit, endearing demeanour, and ready grin. Her refined exterior and her contented inner self appear to be at odds with one another.

    Q3. Maria possesses some contradictory characteristics. What are they?
    Ans. Maria appears to be quite stylish in terms of appearance, yet she has a nice personality that shows she is approachable and down to earth. Although she seems sophisticated, she is also friendly and approachable. She seems to love evening gowns more than junk food, such as pancakes with chocolate spread and orange beverages.

    Q4. Explain: “all this happened in almost no time”
    Ans. The expression “all this happened in almost no time” refers to Maria’s fast ascent to the top of the tennis world and her emergence as the sport’s top player inside the first four years of her professional career.

    Q5. What does Maria declare to be her mantra for success?
    Ans. Maria puts a lot of effort into achieving her goals. She is not averse to giving anything up. She forbids herself from being nostalgic and romantic. She strives to excel in all she does and is fiercely competitive. She is motivated by her desire to excel and her ambition to top the women’s tennis world rankings. This is her success mantra.

    Q6. How was Maria different from other children?
    Ans. Compared to other kids her age, Maria was more composed, confident, and tolerant. She also possessed an inner strength that allowed her to undertake sacrifices that few kids would even consider making, like being away from her mother or putting up with senior players’ bullying at the dormitory. She persevered despite challenges and challenging circumstances, unlike most kids, and worked hard to succeed.

    Q7. Why was Maria brought to Florida in the USA by her father? Why didn’t her mother go with her? How did Maria respond to this separation?
    Ans. Maria’s father took her to Florida in the United States to get professionally trained as a tennis player and to the pinnacles of fame and achievement in this sport. Due to visa limitations, Yelena, her mother, was unable to travel with her. The young child found this two-year separation to be quite difficult, but Maria made this sacrifice so that she might follow her ambitions.

    Q8. How does Maria describe her journey from Siberia to the United States?
    Ans. Maria had to leave her mother, nation, and home at the age of nine in order to go to the US. In a distant country where she did not even speak the language, she was forced to make numerous sacrifices. She endured a lot of humiliation and insults as a result of senior players bullying her. But she resisted giving in. She rose to the top of the women’s tennis world rankings because of her fierce competitiveness and dedication.

    Q9. What important lesson did Maria learn during the first two years of her stay in the USA, away from her mother?
    Ans. Maria discovered that brilliance had a cost during her first two years in the USA, while she was living apart from her mother. She knew she would have to give up things and work really hard if she wanted to be at the top of the tennis world. In order to achieve her dream, she went through the agonising two-year separation from her mother. She also learned how to endure difficult circumstances with patience.

    Q10. How did some of the other pupils at the tennis academy trouble her? How did Maria cope with this?
    Ans. The other tennis academy students were much older than Maria, and they frequently came back to the room after Maria had gone to bed at 11 p.m. They would force her to get out of bed and clean and organise the space. Maria overcame this difficulty by refusing to become depressed by it. Instead, it increased her resolve and mental toughness.



    Class 9 Reach for the Top Part 2 Long Answer Questions Lesson 7


    Q1. What do you know about Maria Sharapova’s parents?
    Ans. Yuri and Yelena Sharapova, Maria’s parents, helped her succeed by recognising her promise at a young age and using all of their efforts to secure for her the best tennis training available in the USA. They gave their gifted daughter their entire support while knowing full well that it would be costly and challenging.
    For two years, Yelena endured the heartbreaking separation from her dearly loved child as Yuri toiled away to pay for Maria’s training. They showed unwavering faith in their child’s talents as parents, which inspired Mana to keep moving forward and get through the obstacles in her path.

    Q2. What problems did Maria face as a child while she trained at the tennis academy in Florida? What sustained her?
    Ans. Maria’s ascent to the top required her to make many sacrifices as a young child and endure loneliness. At the tender age of nine, Maria immigrated to the US alone because her mother was unable to travel with them due to visa constraints. She missed her mother tremendously during the first two years of their heartbreaking separation.
    Despite having travelled with her to the US, her father was unable to visit her often because he needed to work long hours to support Maria’s tennis training. In addition to that, the other trainees at the Florida tennis academy mistreated, tormented, and degraded her. They were rude to Maria, who was much younger, and forced her to clean the room and tidy up after they woke her up late at night.
    Maria, however, never let these issues defeat her. Maria persevered through the challenges without considering giving up; in fact, the challenges she faced reinforced her willpower and increased her will to achieve. Maria had her eyes firmly fixed on her goal of being the top player in women’s tennis.

    Q3. One has to sacrifice something to achieve something good in life. Do you agree? Justify with reference to Maria Sharapova.
    Ans. Yes, I agree—one can never succeed in life without sacrifice. This is true, as demonstrated by Maria Sharapova. Maria Sharapova had to give up her favourite pastimes as a child in order to succeed as a tennis player. She left home at a young age to pursue her dreams.
    She accompanied her father to the USA when she was nine years old. Due to her mother’s visa constraints, she was unable to travel with her. Her father, who had come to the United States with her, had to work incredibly hard to pay for her tennis lessons. She couldn’t see him frequently. She was bullied by the more experienced players at the hostel, who kept her up late at night cleaning and organising the room: If she hadn’t given up her childhood, she would not have achieved fame.

    Q4. The lives of Santosh Yadav and Maria Sharapova have much in common to prove that determined and consistent hard work paves the way to success. Identify the points of comparison and contrast in the lives of these two great players.
    Ans. Santosh Yadav, an illustrious mountaineer from India, and Maria Sharapova, a tennis sensation from Russia who received her training in the United States, are live proof that success can be attained by unwavering dedication, perseverance, and hard work. To succeed, these young ladies had to battle adversity. Santosh was from a small village in the Haryana region of Rewari, while Maria was from the icy plains of Siberia, where there were insufficient training resources available to her.
    While both girls’ parents supported them, Santosh occasionally struggled to convince her conservative family of her decisions, whereas Maria’s parents were willing to make any effort to ensure her success. However, in order to pursue their passions, both of the young girls had to give up the warm and nurturing environment of their homes.
    Both women had unwavering resolve, tremendous physical and mental fortitude, and unwavering focus on their objectives. Within a four-year timeframe, they both became the top performers in their respective fields. Yadav travelled from the plains of Rewari to the snowy Mount Everest, whereas Sharapova travelled from the frozen Siberia to the lowlands of Florida. However, they are both devoted patriots, and their love for their nation never wavers.


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