CBSE Class 10 English Communicative- Interact in English Chapter 6 Virtually True Important Question Answers

Looking for Virtually True question answers for Class 10 English Communicative- Interact in English Chapter 6? Look no further! Our comprehensive compilation of important questions will help you brush up on your subject knowledge. Practising Class 10 English Communicative question answers can significantly improve your performance in the exam. Our solutions provide a clear idea of how to write the answers effectively. Improve your chances of scoring high marks by exploring Chapter 6: Virtually True now. The questions listed below are based on the latest CBSE exam pattern, wherein we have given solutions to the chapter’s extract based questions, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and long answer questions.

Also, practising with different kinds of questions can help students learn new ways to solve problems that they may not have seen before. This can ultimately lead to a deeper understanding of the subject matter and better performance on exams.

Virtually True Question Answers – Book Questions, Extra Questions





Book Questions


A. Answer the following questions.

1. According to the newspaper, what had happened to Sebastian Shultz?
Ans- Sebastian Shultz suffered severe injuries in a car accident. He went into coma.
Doctors classified his condition as serious yet stable. Sebastian was unconscious despite the best efforts of the medics.

2. ‘Dad’s nutty about computers.’ What evidence is there to support this statement?
Ans- The narrator’s father was particularly obsessed with computers since he purchased several of them at the Computer Fair. He purchased speakers, a printer, a modem, a scanner, a 1.2 GB hard drive, a Pentium processor, RAM, and 16 speed CD ROMs.

3. In what way did the second game seem very real?
Ans- The second game was DRAGON QUEST. The narrator imagined himself strolling through the dragon’s castle while it was pursuing them; he experienced a true pursuit and even felt the dragon’s scorching breath on his face.

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4. The last game has tanks, jeeps, helicopters and guns. Which headings would you put this and the other games under?
Ans- Warzone falls under the category of simulation games. Wildwest is a strategy game. Jailbreak is an action game, whereas Dragonquest is a fantasy role-playing game.

5. What was Michael’s theory about how Sebastian had entered the games?
Ans- Sebastian likely had his head smacked in those games when the incident occurred, according to Michael. His recollection had been stored in the computer. At the fair, Michael bought a number of video games. Some of them were Sebastian’s stolen property. The computer was attempting to access Sebastian’s memory while Michael was engaging in those games.

B. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
I didn’t even bother to read the rules of Jailbreak before going in. I knew that my task would be to rescue the boy. And sure enough, my cell mate was prisoner 02478: Shultz. ‘I’ve got to get out of here,’Sebastian sighed. ‘Are you going to help?’
‘Of course,’I said. ‘Have you got a plan?’
Stupid question. With the help of a skeleton swipe-card, we were soon out of the cell
and racing down the corridors. Sirens wailed, guard dogs howled, boots came
tramping. Behind us, steel-barred doors slammed shut. We doged the guards, we fled
the dogs, we made it to a staircase and pounded upwards.

i. What can be inferred about Michael from his words, ‘I knew my task’?
A. confidence
B. negligence
C. resolution
D. superiority
Ans- C. resolution

ii. What is the given extract about?
A. planning an escape
B. concluding an escape plan
C. success of an escape
D. the progression of an escape
Ans- D. the progression of an escape

iii. Pick the option that DOES NOT use the word ‘dodging’as utilised in the extract.
A. He is filling a worksheet of dodging tables.
B. The senator was dodging questions about the crime.
C. He ran across the road, dodging the traffic.
D. The toddler laughed as his mother was dodging the pillows flung at her.
Ans- A. He is filling a worksheet of dodging tables.

iv. Select the option that is true for the two statements given below.
(1) The boys raced down the corridors.
(2) Michael got a clear plan for the escape.
A. (2) is the reason for (1)
B. (1) is the cause of (2)
C. (1) and (2) are not connected
D. (2) is possible only because of (1)
Ans- A. (2) is the reason for (1)

v. Cite an example of personification from the extract.
Ans- Skeleton Swipe Card

3. Answer the following questions briefly.

(a) Why did the news of the ‘miracle recovery’ shock Michael?
Ans- Sebastian Shultz’s miraculous recovery news startled Michael because he didn’t believe that Sebastian Shultz could be the boy he had just met. He had been seriously hurt in a car accident six weeks ago, and the hospital categorised his condition as critical but stable. His parents were informed that the boy was in a coma. Sebastian didn’t regain consciousness.

(b) Michael’s meeting with Sebastian Shultz had been a chance meeting. Where had it took place and how?
Ans- When Sebastian Shultz was seriously hurt in the video game, Michael happened to run into him. When he hit his head during the accident, his memory was recorded on a computer. When Michael played the game, he entered into Sebastian’s memory and so he met him.

(c) What kind of computers fascinated Michael and his dad? Why?
Ans- Michael and his father were intrigued with computers that had a Pentium 150 Mhz CPU, 256 MB of RAM, a 1.2 Gb hard drive, and a 16 speed CD ROM, replete with speakers, a printer, a modem, and a scanner because they could do everything. Even when his schoolwork was terrible, it still looked amazing because he would paint, play music, and make displays.

(d) Describe the first place where Michael was virtually transported.
Ans- Michael was walking through the town, down the sandy road. There was a Sheriff’s badge pinned on his shirt, he was virtually transported into a saloon.

(e) What help did Sebastian Shultz ask Michael for? How did he convey this message?
Ans- After being shot in the first game ‘Wildwest’, the second sheriff or Sebastian Shultz groaned and slumped back against Michael. The match had ended. Michael became aware of the printer turning on. He took the sheet of paper out of the tray. The image of the second sheriff was at the top; this time, he was dressed in sweatpants and jeans. Printed over the bottom was a message- “ I’M STUCK. PLEASE HELP TO RETRIEVE ME. TRY DRAGONQUEST — Sebastian Shultz.”

(f) Why did Michael fail in rescuing Sebastian Shultz the first time?
Ans- Sebastian Shultz was not saved by Michael the first time because the second Sheriff showed there swinging his arms and yelling “don’t go out.” Despite seeming like a computer picture, he was around Michael’s age and moved like one. Michael was instructed to follow him. They hurried along a hallway in a hurry, passed various men, and eventually returned to the tavern. At that point, the second Sheriff mounted a horse, and they both took off quickly.
Sebastian Shultz, the second sheriff, moaned and recoiled in response to the gunshot’s reverberation.

(g) The second attempt to rescue Sebastian Shultz too was disastrous. Give reasons.
Ans- Since the goal of the game was to save the princess from a tower, the second effort to save Sebastian Shultz also failed miserably. Instead, a second knight emerged from the wardrobe and informed Michael, “I’m the one who needs saving.” When Michael realised it was Sebastian, he attacked off the Princess’ long plaits and descended from the tower using them as leverage. The dragon followed them as Michael descended, and when they turned, it was on them. However, the dragon was only concerned about Sebastian. Michael had no control over these events.

(h) Narrate the accident that injured Sebastian Shultz.
Ans- Sebastian was playing a psycho-driven game when his car collided and severely wounded Sebastian Shultz. His head banged on his laptop. He lost consciousness and went into a coma.
Sebastian’s condition on arrival at the General Hospital was described as critical but stable. Sebastian remained in coma despite the best efforts of the medics.

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(i) How had Sebastian Shultz entered the games?
Ans- Sebastian was playing one of the same psycho-drive games that Michael had bought on his laptop when the incident happened. The computer had saved his memories when he hit his head in the accident.

(j) How was Sebastian Shultz’s memory stored on Michael’s disk? How did Michael discover that?
Ans- Michael’s disc had Sebastian Shultz’s memories when he was in the hospital. Games that belonged to Sebastian Shultz were stolen and sold to Michael’s father at the computer expo. So, he restored them to his disk when he played them. Sebastian Shultz had a close brush with death. After he had recovered, he returned to school and narrated his experience to his classmates. Yes Michael’s discovered that.

4. Sebastian Shultz had a close brush with death. After he recovers, he returns to school and narrates his experience to his classmates. As Sebastian Shultz, narrate your experience.
Hi friends, great to see you all. I had almost lost hope to meet you all again ever.
I was travelling out of town for a weekend with some friends six weeks ago. My laptop was with me. We travelled for four hours to get there. I thus signed on to one of my psycho-drive games to keep myself entertained. After an hour of interstate travel, the car abruptly came to a stop. We were travelling at a high pace when the driver lost control, causing the vehicle to flip and crash into a ditch. My head collided with the top of the car as it slid into the ditch, and I lost all vision. What followed after is a blur in my memory.
I was informed that I had fallen into a coma and that only a miracle had been able to revive me. I had again another remarkable occurrence. I was playing a game when the accident happened. Even when I went in, I was unable to exit. My collection of games was stolen while I was in the hospital. Some of those were purchased by Michael, the person who saved me and got me out. He is therefore indirectly my rescuer. I am planning to meet him soon. It’s fantastic to see you all again! I have had a terrifying time, VIRTUALLY!!

5. Continue the story.
Will Michael and Sebastian Shultz meet in real life? Will they be friends? Will they try to re-enter the virtual world together? You may use the following hints:
• How the accident occurred
• Transfer of memory
• Meeting with Michael
• Appeals for help
• Rescue and recovery

Ans- The Shultz family had post-accident sadness. They were anticipating a miracle to occur. Sebastian did heal and awaken from his coma, which is a miracle in itself.
While Sebastian was hospitalised, his video games were taken. Michael, who had acquired the games at the computer fair, was ultimately found by them. Michael joined one of these games online. He first met Sebastian there. Sebastian had entered a psycho-drive game at the time of the mishap but was stuck in it. Sebastian begged Michael to come to his aid. After three unsuccessful tries, he was ultimately saved by Michael. This happened while he was waking up from his coma. Sebastian thanked him through email for his assistance. Sebastian wished to speak with Michael in person. They chose to meet the following Friday after school.
Sebastian and Michael were looking forward to Friday. Friday finally arrived. They connected in a café. They were finally meeting outside of the virtual world. They weren’t uncomfortable, though, for some reason. Sebastian thanked him cordially and even gifted him a game. They talked for some time about their schools, studies, family and their current favourite games.Afterwards, they bid each other farewell while promising to stay in touch both in person and virtually.

6. Put the following sentences in a sequential order to complete the story.
(a) Sebastian Shultz was badly injured in a motorway accident and went into a coma.
(b) Sebastian’s memory was saved in the computer when he banged his head on it
during the accident.
(c) When Michael played the game, he entered Sebastian’s memory.
(d) Michael bought the latest psycho-drive games from the computer fair.
(e) Sebastian Shultz was the second Sheriff in the ‘Dragonquest’.
(f) Michael pulled Sebastian into the helicopter and the screen flashed a score of
(g) Sebastian requested Michael to try ‘Jailbreak’.
(h) Sebastian failed to save the boy who fell through the air.
(i) Sebastian thought the helicopter was the right idea and they should go into the
(j) The games were stolen from Shultz’s house.
(k) Sebastian thanks Michael for saving his life and asks him to keep the games.

1(a) Sebastian Shultz was badly injured in a motorway accident and went into a coma.

2(b) Sebastian’s memory was saved in the computer when he banged his head on it during the accident.

3(d) Michael bought the latest psycho-drive games from the computer fair.

4(j) The games were stolen from Shultz’s house.

5(c) When Michael played the game, he entered Sebastian’s memory.

6(e) Sebastian was the second sheriff in ‘Dragonquest’.

7(g) Sebastian requested Michael to try ‘Jailbreak’.

8(h) Sebastian failed to save the boy who fell through the air.

9(i) Sebastian thought the helicopter was the right idea and they should go into the ‘Warzone’.

10(f) Michael pulled Sebastian into the helicopter and the screen flashed a score of 40,000,000.

11(k) Sebastian thanks Michael for saving his life and asks him to keep the games.

7. Do you think it is a true story? Could it happen to you one day? Here are some opinions about computer games in general.
Ans- It is a “virtually true” story but is not entirely factual. It is one of those tales that falls within the ‘science fiction’ genre. ‘Virtual Reality Technology’- based computer programme creates the people and events as though they actually happened. With this technique, a computer generates visuals that nearly seem to encircle the person seeing them. Nothing regarding the future can be anticipated. Technology and intelligence may let it really happen, let us say, after a few decades from now.

8. Do you think these opinions are biased? Write an article entitled ‘Virtual games are a reality’ in about 150-200 words.
Ans- The opinions can contradict sometimes according to the situation, so telling whether they are biased or not wouldn’t be an appropriate thing to say. Virtual games are played for enjoyment, and teens and adults are more likely to play them in a stimulating virtual reality setting. All reality effects are used to energise the whole situation. There are games that truly immerse you in that virtual environment. Nowadays as technology advances and reaches new heights, they are played with the aid of the keyboard, which serves as the primary input device, as well as several additional multi-modal devices that further improve the game’s effects and bring it closer to reality. The games each offer a unique combination of benefits and drawbacks. Action games separate the player from social development and cause them to become hooked to the games. As a result, the mental state and behaviour of the player change and tend to make a subdued person more aggressive. Virtual reality games have become popular, and as a result, gamers are becoming addicted to them and steadily drifting away from reality.

Extract Based Questions

Extract-based questions are of the multiple-choice variety, and students must select the correct option for each question by carefully reading the passage.

A. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

I suddenly saw the photograph that went with the story, and gasped. The boy in the picture was Sebastian. There was no doubt. “But how?” I muttered.
Sebastian Shultz, the boy I’d got to know so well recently, had apparently been in a coma for all that time. I felt nervous and shivery. It didn’t make any sense at all. I stared out of the train window, and ran through the events in my head.

Q1. Who is ‘I’?
Ans- ‘I’ here is the narrator, Michael.

Q2. Whose photograph did he see?
Ans- Michael notices the photograph of Sebastian Shultz in the paper.

Q3. Find a word in the given extract which means the same as “ catch one’s breath with an open mouth, owing to pain or astonishment ”
Ans- Gasped

Q4. What had happened to him?
Ans- He was badly injured in a motorway accident and was in a coma. The doctors had feared that it could be forever.


B. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

‘Never mind her,’ came a voice, and a second knight appeared from the wardrobe. ‘It’s
me who needs rescuing!’
‘Sebastian?’ I said.
The second knight nodded. ‘Quick,’ he said, ‘while there’s still time.’ And with a pair of scissors he chopped off the two long plaits of the Princess. Then he tied them together, fixed one end round the bedpost and threw the other end out of the window.
‘NOW!’ he screamed, as he leapt from the window and down the hair rope.

Q1. Who is the speaker in the first line?
Ans- Sebastian is the speaker in the first line.

Q2. Who is being spoken to?
Ans- Sebastian is speaking to the narrator, Michael.

Q3. Who is ‘her’ in the above line?
Ans- ‘Her’ is the fair princess Aurora who was in the clutches of a wicked dragon.

Q4. Find a word in the given extract which means the same as “a man who served his sovereign or lord as a mounted soldier in armour.”
Ans- Knight

C. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

I’d hit the jackpot. I’d finally cracked the game.
At least, that was what I thought then. Now I knew that Sebastian Shultz, the boy from the game, really did exist. I’d seen the proof in the newspaper.
But how? I wondered as I got off the train.
At home I checked the Net. I wanted to learn more about the MIRACLE RECOVERY story.

Q1. Who is I in the first line?
Ans- ‘I’ is the narrator, Michael.

Q2. What is the ‘jackpot’?
Ans- ‘Jackpot’ is the perfect score of 40,00,000.

Q3. What was the outcome of the game?
Ans- The narrator won the game and saved Sebastian.

Q4. Find a word in the given extract which means the same as “ an extraordinary event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency.”
Ans- Miracle

D. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

Technology was advancing every day, and Dad couldn’t resist any of the new gadgets or gizmos that came on the market. That was why we went to the Computer Fair. We came away with a virtual reality visor and glove, and a handful of the latest interactive psycho-drive games. They’re terrific. Not only do the visor and glove change what you see, but better than that, you can control the action by what you are thinking. Well, cool!
When we got them, I remember some of them were not new.

Q1. What does he say is “ terrific”?
Ans- Michael says that the psycho-drive games are terrific.

Q2. Why are they terrific?
Ans- They are terrific because they can be driven by mental power.

Q3. What did they purchase?
Ans- Michael and his father purchased a virtual reality visor and gloves and a handful of the latest interactive psycho-driven games.

Q4. Find a word in the given extract which means the same as “ allowing a two-way flow of information between a computer and a computer-user; responding to a user’s input.”
Ans- Interactive

E. Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:

The more futuristic they get, the better you can understand the past. I wasn’t standing in the converted loft-the Powerbase as Dad calls it-anymore. I was really there, striding down the dusty track through the centre of town. There was a sheriff’s badge pinned to my shirt.
As I burst in through the swing doors of the saloon, everyone went silent and glared at me.

Q1. Who is the speaker in the first line?
Ans- Michael is the speaker of the first line.

Q2. What are ‘they’?
Ans- They, here are computers.

Q3. How can one understand the past better?
Ans- The past could be understood better as the computers become more futuristic.

Q4. Find a word in the given extract which means the same as “stare in an angry or fierce way.”
Ans- Glared

Short Answer Questions

In this post we are also providing important short answer questions from Chapter 6 Virtually True for CBSE Class 10 exam in the coming session

Q 1. Who was Sebastian Shultz? What had happened to him?
Ans- Sebastian Shultz was a 14-year-old schoolboy from South London. His memory was stored in a computer game and Michael had bought that game from a fair. Sebastian had got badly injured during the motorway accident and had slipped into a coma. His condition was quite critical though stable.

Q 2. How did Michael enter Sebastian’s memory?
Ans- In a car accident, Sebastian Shultz suffered severe injuries and fell into a coma. When Sebastian hit his head on the computer during the accident, his memory was preserved in it. Michael may have been dragged into the incident by an attempt to recover the memory since he had purchased the games that were purportedly stolen from Sebastian’s home at the computer expo. Therefore when he played the game he entered Sebastian’s memory.

Q 3.Why does Michael find it difficult to believe newspaper reports about Sebastian Shultz?
Ans- Michael had a hard time believing the Sebastian Shultz news story. He was shocked to learn that the youngster he was playing with was the same one who had been unconscious for a long time. He appeared to have magically recovered on the day when he was saved during the game. He thought everything about it was incredibly strange.

Q 4. How did Michael hit the jackpot and finally crack the game?
Ans- In “Warzone,” Sebastian Shultz was successfully saved by Michael. He was successfully hoisted onto the chopper, which took off into the air. He knew he had won the game when ‘Game over’ flashed on the screen, showing a score of 40,000,000.

Q 5. Why did Michael feel bad at the close of ‘Jailbreak’ and how did he reconcile himself?
Ans- Michael could not save Sebastian Shultz. He had failed him and dropped the match as well. Later, he came to terms with the idea that Sebastian was a fictional character in a video game and not a real person.

Q 6. “We both knew that by reliving the accident, something wonderful has happened.” Why does narrator feel so?
Ans- Sebastian and Michael are two intelligent, like-minded beings who have gotten to know one another and have also been there for one another. They got to know one another virtually, which helped them get close in the actual world as well. The virtual character, who was brought back into the real world through the game, was relieved of a position of suffering and agony.

Q 7. Which was the second game that Michael played? How did it seem real?
Ans- In the second game Michael played, he had to find the Dragon’s riches and save Princess Aurora. This game was called “Dragonquest.” The scene in which Sebastian, the second Knight, cuts the princess’ long locks to use as a rope and the sensation of the dragon’s ferocious breath provided the game an aura of sensitivity and realism.

Q 8. Why was Michael surprised to see Sebastian Shultz’ photograph in the newspaper?
Ans- Michael was taken aback when he read about Sebastian’s recovery and saw a picture of him in the newspaper. Sebastian Shultz was a character with whom he had been playing psycho-drive games. When he discovered that Sebastian, the gamer he had helped, was a real person, he was shocked.

Q 9. What was the aim of the game Dragonquest?
Ans- “Dragon quest” was a relatively simple game. In this case, the narrator had to free the lovely princess Aurora, who the evil dragon had imprisoned at the top of a great tower, and collect his treasure. He is also asked to save the knight Sebastian at various points in the game.

Q 10. How did Sebastian Shultz get injured? What did the doctors think of his illness?
Ans- In a car accident, Sebastian Shultz smacked his head on the laptop he was using to play the psycho-drive game. According to the physicians, he was critically ill but stable. They prayed for a miracle to take place since Sebastian was unconscious and everybody wanted him to wake up.

Q 11. Describe the first place where Michael was virtually transported.
Ans- Michael first played the game “Wildwest”, which took him back to the Wild West era and to Texas. He arrived at a town in the desert and was making his way to the salon down a sandy road. He observed that the man’s clothing was adorned with a sheriff’s badge. Everyone in the salon fell silent and gave him a stern look as he entered. He placed an order for a ‘Sarsa Parilla’ drink at the salon’s bar.

Q12 . Who was Black-Eyed Jed and what did he convey to the Sheriff?
Ans- Michael was the Sheriff in the game ‘WILDWEST’. When he was enjoying a drink in the saloon, he was challenged by a Black-eyed Jed the fastest gun in the west. He wanted to confront the Sheriff. So he was called out of the saloon.

Long Answer Questions

Q 1. What are psycho-drive games? Describe the four games played by Michael. Which one do you find most interesting and why?
Ans- Psycho-drive games require mental skill. Through the use of a computer, the characters in the games engage in constant dialogue with the players. These are played while wearing a glove and virtual reality visor. Since the player may direct all activities with their thoughts, one may make the required modifications throughout the game. These video games are quite exciting.

In the story, Michael engages in four psycho-drive games sequentially. We are transported to the fictional “Wild West” and exposed to the dusty cities, castles, dragons, and dungeons that make up this kind of fairyland. But there is one element that connects all the games: the trapped Sebastian who had made a plea to be saved.

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Sebastian makes appearances as the second Sheriff in “Wild West,” the second knight in “Dragon Quest,” a prisoner in “Jail-break,” and a victim in “Warzone.” Michael, the player, is tasked with freeing Sebastian from his imprisoned state. In the first three games, the attempts at rescue turned out to be failures.

Sebastian and Michael’s acts seem to be more planned out and coordinated with one another. They avoid all dangers unharmed and get into a vehicle that is parked on the side of the road. They eventually make it to the waiting chopper, which rises into the skies, after a few slips and misses. The two are unharmed. Michael receives his payment. When his score reaches 40,000,000, he wins the grand prize. This time, he succeeds in saving Sebastian.
The last game is the one I find most fascinating as a reader of the lesson since the mystery was growing on me as well. After three futile efforts, I was starting to lose faith and wondered if Sebastian would be rescued. In the end, Michael had to play the hardest and last game to free the captive “virtually true” character.

Q 2. ‘Everything that I’ve described is virtually true! ‘says the narrator. Even the title of the story is ‘Virtually True’. Justify the statement of the narrator and also the title of the Story.
Ans- Virtual refers to something that merely appears to exist but does not actually exist in the real world. It merely exists in cyberspace and does not exist in actual time or space. The story is told in the work by Paul Stewart about Michael Dawson, a schoolboy who plays interactive and psycho-drive games and discovers, in the process, a particular “Sebastian Shultz” who has to be saved repeatedly.

While it looks that the actual Sebastian suffered from some sort of injury and his memory is clearly preserved in the game, Dawson feels that he is simply trying to break the game throughout. When Sebastian wins the game’s jackpot, the real Sebastian wakes up from his coma and regains his memories. Although Sebastian appears as a fictional character in video games, he is actually a real youngster. Everything that appeared to be unreal on the computer screen is actually real. By engaging in a simulated computer game, Michael has helped the real Sebastian.

Q 3. Will power and determination bring success against all odds. Comment with reference to ‘Virtually True’.
Ans- We learn the value of tenacity from the story “Virtually True.” It demonstrates how a person’s strength of character and tenacity enable him to realise his goals. Sebastian Shultz, who enjoys playing video games a lot, had an accident while doing so. He loses consciousness as his head hits against his seat, but his memory is instantly recorded in the game drive. Doctors inform his father that Sebastian has gone into a coma. Sebastian sells his games to Michael at the computer fair.

Sebastian approaches Michael for assistance as his memory starts to function after Michael launches the game on his computer. In the video games Wild-West Guns, Dragon Quest, and Jail Break, Michael attempts to assist him, but he is unsuccessful. But eventually, he succeeds in the game War Zone and saves Sebastian Shultz. As a result, his determination aids him in accomplishing his goal.

Q 4. Computer based games are becoming a rage with children. This is an addiction that is becoming hazardous, leading to physical and mental stress among the young generation. Lack of physical activity is reducing the children into couch potatoes. How can we establish a balance between the virtual and real world?
Ans- We enter a virtual world through games that seem to be quite similar to the actual world. The young children’s interest is piqued by these games’ abstraction of reality. They are actually experiencing them. They spend all of their time in front of the computer, which is their universe, without getting any food or water.
Children now live in a world of science fiction and fantasy that is largely supported by technology, and entertainment has been redefined. Gloves and visors make the experience more authentic, and the kids become addicted to the newest interactive psycho-drive games. The grownups follow closely behind. The player experiences an unnerving thrill after each victory, which lifts his or her low spirits and provides them the power to control the situation. This is quickly turning into an addiction, particularly among young people.
The blue whale game served as an excellent example of the declining value system. Additionally, health is deteriorating. Technology must be used carefully if we want to stop this growing threat. Children should be encouraged by their parents to engage in outdoor activities, learn about nature, and—most importantly—to develop their social skills. To guarantee that the youngsters develop into mature, healthy, and focused adults rather than retarded robots, it is important to set an example for them by leading a balanced lifestyle.

Q 5. “Dear Michael, it said, Thank you! I am not sure how it happened, but thanks, you saved my life.” Even though Michael did not know Shultz personally, he made every attempt to save him. What values did Michael display?
Ans- The lines above are taken from Sebastian’s email to Michael. The two characters were strangers to one another. After reading the story, we have all been introduced to the sequence of events that led to the entire “virtually true” incident.

But Michael always thought that he looked different from all the other characters he connected with in the games every time Sebastian asked him to be saved during a game. When he failed to save Sebastian, he was deeply concerned by the fact that there was something ‘human’ about Sebastian.

This may be described as Michael’s feelings of empathy and sympathy for the boy, who appeared to be around his own age. He wasn’t going to give up since he cared so much about Sebastian, who was stuck. He eventually succeeds in saving him while participating in the fourth game. The lesson subtly emphasises moral principles including compassion, empathy, willpower, shared concern, thankfulness, and the need to treat others with respect.

Q 6. How did Michael save Sebastian?
Ans- Michael did not see Sebastian after the ‘Jailbreak”. The following day, all of a sudden, a mail appeared with a request from Sebastian for a final try to save him, along with a statement that an accident would have to happen for an escape to be made feasible. It was suggested that you enter the “Warzone”. When Michael followed his directions, he noticed that the city was unfamiliar to him.

Machine guns continued to shoot in the air, there were tall buildings without windows and filled with holes, walls were collapsing, and bombs continued to detonate nonstop. Between all of this, Michael had to free Sebastian from his captivity. After frantically rushing around, they discovered a helicopter. However, a tank fire forced them to retreat once again. Then Sebastian yelled at him to get into a jeep that was waiting by the road, and they started driving away.

To avoid the tank that was hurling the two of them, Sebastian hit on the brakes and sent the jeep flying. Michael was taken into the helicopter as a result of the crash. Still seated in the vehicle was Sebastian. Sebastian was thankfully also flung into the air as the tank crashed with the vehicle. Michael ultimately dragged him inside the aircraft after he had landed on the hatch. Sebastian was saved, and the game ended.

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