Descriptive Writing Examples, Topics


Descriptive Writing Format, Examples and Topics for Class 10 English Communicative

Descriptive Writing is a scoring topic of writing skills which is in the syllabus of class 10 Communicative English. Students can score full marks with ease because the format is very simple. You need to know all important details of writing a factual description of a person or object. So, read further to get a detailed understanding of the topic.

What is Descriptive Writing?

Descriptive Writing is a type of composition which describes any object, person, process, or event. Descriptive writing allows the reader to paint a picture in their head. Descriptive writing makes your text more appealing and therefore draws in the reader.

Descriptive Writing helps the reader visualize the person, place, thing, or situation being described. When a text conjures a vivid, sensory impression in the reader’s mind, not only does it make the writing more interesting to read; it helps the reader understand the text better and recognize the author’s intention more clearly.

Descriptive Writing Topics

One can describe a variety of occurrences, events, people, objects, feelings, etc. We can classify the topics of descriptive writing as follows-

Describing People
While describing people we take care of the following points

• Height – tall, short, medium height
• Build – thin, underweight, plump, strong, sturdy, fat, overweight
• Hair – long, short, curly, black, brown, grey
• Eyes – dark, brown, big, small
• Complexion – dark, fair, pale
• Other features – beard, moustache, bushy eyebrows, broken teeth, broad chin, thick lips, long face
• Appearance – good looking, charming, ugly, smart, handsome, beautiful
• Qualities – sincere, intelligent, diligent, warm, patient, soft spoken, selfish, kind, honest, innovative, confident, punctual

Describing Places
While describing a place the following points should be taken into consideration

• Name of the place
• Location
• History
• What does it look like (size, appearance, atmosphere)
• What is special about the place?
• What do you like there?
• Do you recommend other people to visit it?

Describing objects
While describing an object the following points should be taken into consideration

• Name
• Physical attributes like colour, weight, size, appearance
• price or source of acquiring it
• Utility of the object
• What is special about it (in case it is a memory or gift)?
• How does it help you
• Do you recommend other people to use it?

Describing Events
While describing an event, the following points should be taken into consideration

• Name of the event
• When did it happen
• What happened (Give details)
• Who were the people involved
• Why was the event important

 Descriptive Writing Word Limit- 100 words

Students have very limited words to write so they are advised-
Do not waste words in giving introductions. Directly jump onto the description of the person or object in question.
Try not to exceed the word limit.

CBSE Class 10 Descriptive Writing Marking Scheme

2 Marks
1 Marks
1 Marks
4 Marks

Descriptive Writing Format

Introduction- In the introduction you should include your topic statement and dwell on the it. That’s the part which will grab the attention of the reader, so it should be written simply and smooth, giving some essential background information for the reader to understand your topic better.
Body- Elaborate your topic more.
Conclusion- You should have your last remarks in this part.

Here are a few useful tips to ace the question on descriptive writing-

descriptive paragraph writing infographic

Pro Tips-

  • Vivid details– Specific details paint a picture in the reader’s mind and appeal to the reader’s senses. Descriptive writing may also go beyond creating a strong sensory impression to give the reader a “picture” of the feelings the description evokes in the writer.
  • Figurative language– Descriptions gain depth when they use literary devices like metaphor, simile, and analogy.
  • Precise language– Precise adjectives, nouns, and powerful action verbs bring the reader’s imagination to life.
  • Thoughtful organization– Descriptive writing about a person might begin with a physical description, followed by how the person thinks, feels and acts.
  • Abide by the word limit.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors

Descriptive Writing Examples (Previous Years Questions with Answers)

1. Write a description, in not more than 100 words, of a potted plant that you and your sibling recently chose to gift your parent. (CBSE English Communicative SQP 2023-24)

I decided on an easy-to-care potted plant to give to my parents. The plant is referred to as the Chinese Money Plant. It has round, flat, shiny, dark green leaves growing up and out from the crown, each ending in a single saucer shaped leaf of about two inches in diameter.
The plant is around forty cm tall and is planted in a clay pot. The pot had a simple yellow and red abstract design that complements the plant well. The soil in the container appears to be rich in organic content, wet, and well-draining.
Overall, we are delighted to gift this beautiful plant to our parents since we are positive that it will cheer them up and provide a little greenery to the home.
(124 words)

 beautiful plant
(Picture for reference only)

2. The Government of India launched a campaign called “Har Ghar Tiranga” under Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsava to mark 75 years of Independence. Describe your experience while participating in the campaign.

Answer –
Har Ghar Tiranga campaign appealed to people to hoist the national flag at their homes to mark 75 years of Indian Independence in 2022. On that day, I woke up early in the morning, bathed and hoisted the Indian National Flag along with my parents in our balcony. After hoisting the flag, we took selfies and uploaded them on the platform. We then watched our beloved Prime Minister hoist the National flag at the Red Fort. My parents educated me on the significance of our flag and remembered the freedom fighters who selflessly fought for our nation’s freedom. Bringing the tricolour home truly invoked the feeling of patriotism in my heart.
(111 words)

3. Describe a zoo.
Last Saturday, I went to the zoo with my family. It was a bright and sunny day. After entering the gate, the first thing we saw was a tank with many turtles in it. As we continued on, we came across some elephants playing with their trunks. We saw deer, giraffes, zebras, hippopotamus, rhinoceros, tigers, leopards, crocodiles and bears. Next, we saw a lion that looked fierce. We were frightened by the loud roar of the lion. There were some monkeys, too, to whom we offered some bananas which they ate cheerfully.
After seeing all the animals in the zoo, we clicked some photos and came out of the zoo.
(110 words)

4. Your school has a new Principal. Write a brief description of your new Principal.
Mrs. Shefali Gautam has been appointed as our new principal from 1st June, 2023. She is 35 years old. She is a highly dynamic, intellectual, and optimistic personality who has brought positivity to the entire school. She is always neatly dressed and wishes students and teachers to follow the same.
One can find her personally checking the uniform, shoes, nails, hairstyle, I-card and badges of students near the gate. She is a disciplined person who works to make sure that every student understands the importance of hard work. Occasionally, she visits a class to inspect the manner in which the teacher is taking the class and controlling the students.
(110 words)

5. Write a factual description of the doctor you visit when you are ill.
Dr. Vinay has been our family doctor for the past 20 years. He always wears a squeaky-clean white coat and carries a stethoscope around his neck. He must be older than fifty. Despite his age, he is recognised for his passion and youthful spirit. He is a kind and empathetic medical professional. Whenever I or my siblings fall sick, he thoroughly examines us and makes an accurate diagnosis and gives us medicines and we recover in no time.
Dr. Vinay is a considerate and highly knowledgeable doctor. He consistently stays up-to-date with the most recent advancements in surgery and medicine. My family and I have full faith in him and follow his advice.
(113 words)

6. Describe the funfair at your school.
This year, our school organised a funfair in the month of December. The junior and senior students were stationed at stalls in groups. The most liked game booths included Test of Strength, Nine Pins, Ring the Duck and Shoot the Basket. The Golden Goal booth, where one had to kick a football into a three-foot wide ring dangling in the air, was the event’s main attraction. The lines for the Chaat, Pakoras, and Dosa stalls were always long. As the evening progressed and the chill increased, everybody wanted to grab a cup of hot coffee and thus rushed to the coffee stall. The funfair this year was a huge success. Hats off to our hardworking faculty and our Principal’s skillful direction.
(121 words)

7. Describe your bicycle.
My father gifted me a bicycle on my birthday. It is blue and silver in colour. I have named my bicycle Skywalker and it has many interesting features. It has different gears which make riding the bicycle very comfortable. There is a headlight, taillight and a horn as well. Additionally, it contains a lock and a basket bottle holder. To further personalise it, I added stickers to my bicycle’s décor. Riding Skywalker is my most recent hobby. Every evening, my neighbourhood friends and I go cycling. To avoid any accidents, my father makes sure I always wear my safety gear while cycling.
I love my bicycle.
(106 words)

8. Describe your pet animal.
I have a pet cat, her name is Coco. She is 5 years old. We got her when she was a little kitten.
Coco has soft, gray fur on her body with a pattern of thick dark-brown stripes and swirls on her coat fur. She is about 16 inches in height and weighs around 4 kilograms. Her eyes are hazel in colour with a hint of yellow-green hue that glows in the dark. She is a muscular cat with a long, supple body, large paws, and strong hind legs. She talks in a meow language, which amuses us. Coco is a friendly, cute, smart and active cat.
(107 words)

9. Describe your classroom.
My Classroom is on the 3rd floor of the school building. It is an open and airy room with a large door and two wide windows through which cool air blows in the morning. The classroom has four ceiling fans, and a large Black-board. In front of the board is a teacher’s table and chair and then student benches are arranged. At each desk, two students can sit comfortably. On the walls, we put pictures of the outstanding personalities of our nation who served the nation selflessly, a large world map and inspirational quotes are also written on chart papers and put up there. Two dustbins are placed in the corners to keep our classroom clean.
(116 words)

10. Describe Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal is one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The monument is located on the banks of Yamuna River in the city of Agra in Uttar Pradesh in India. Taj Mahal, referred to as “A Dream in Marble” is made of luminous white marble. In the ivory-white marbled walls of India’s monument lie these beautifully carved floral designs and calligraphic and abstract geometric motifs. It has four minarets situated at its all four corners in a very aesthetic manner. There are also some water fountains set up in the middle of the cemented footpath in front of the Taj Mahal.
(102 words)

Descriptive writing FAQs

1. What do we mean by descriptive writing?
A1. Descriptive writing is a writing piece in which you give descriptive information about a person or an object. It helps the reader visualize the person, place or event being described.

2. Give a few examples of descriptive writing.
A2. Some examples of descriptive writing are as follows:

  1. Descriptive writing of a person – Your best friend introduced you to his or her sibling. Describe the sibling.
  2. Descriptive writing of a new experience – You had your chess tournament today. You won gold. Describe your experience of the tournament.
  3. Descriptive writing of an object – You purchased a knitting set. Describe the item.


3. Give the details of the question on descriptive writing as asked in class 10 Communicative English.
A3. The question of descriptive writing in class 10 Communicative English carries 4 marks and has to be answered in 100 words.

4. What are the other types of writing?
A4. The other types of writing are as follows:

  1. Informative writing
  2. Creative writing
  3. Narrative writing
  4. Persuasive writing


5. What are the steps to attempt a question of descriptive writing?
A5. The steps in writing a descriptive writing piece are as follows:

  1. List down the importnat points on a rough sheet.
  2. Identify the sequence of the points.
  3. Work out a suitable introduction and conclusion.
  4. Use describing words to make the writing impressive.


6. Is there any format of descriptive writing?
A6. The format of descriptive writing is given below:
Introduction ———————————————————————————————————-

Body ——————————————————————————————————————-

Conclusion ———————————————————————————————————–

7. How can I score full marks in descriptive writing?
A7. You can score full marks in descriptive writing with the help of the following points:

  • Using literary devices can enhance the beauty of your descriptive writing piece. For example, metaphor, simile, analogy.
    Introduce various strong and in-depth details, which help paint a picture or an image of the person, object or experience being described in the answer.
  • Organise your description by starting with physical features and then more intricate features. This is useful while describing a person or an experience.
  • Use powerful action words, precise adjectives to bring the reader’s imagination to life.
  • Follow the word limit of the question.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes.


8. Is descriptive writing question the same as essay writing?
A8. No, essay writing is a type of descriptive writing.

9. What are the 5 characteristic features of a descriptive paragraph?
A9. The essential elements of a descriptive writing are as follows-

  1. Introduction of the subject.
  2. Present situation
  3. Activities / role
  4. Importance to the writer or society
  5. Conclusion


10. What is the main purpose of a descriptive paragraph?
A10. The main purpose of descriptive writing is to describe the person, object or event given in the question. The writer must aim at creating an image in the reader’s mind.

Descriptive Writing Topics for Practice 

  1. Describe your best friend
  2. Describe an animal you like.
  3. Describe the person you admire the most
  4. Describe your fictional hero
  5. Describe your birthday gift.
  6. Describe the Annual Day at your school.
  7. Describe a historical monument that you visited.
  8. Describe your school building.
  9. Describe your favourite hobby
  10. Describe your parents.

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