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How to Write an Email? (for Class X & XII English Syllabus)

What is an Email?

Email Writing: An email is a method of composing, sending, storing, and receiving messages over an electronic communication system. Here we have discussed, what is formal and informal email. The method for formal email has been discussed in detail here (stepwise). The students can see how to compose a formal email and practice to write following the method and email format given below.

Email stands for electronic mail. It is the most preferred means of communication because it is cheaper and faster.



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Email can be categorized into two types –

  1. Formal Email
  2. Informal Email

A Formal email can be written to –

  1. companies
  2. Government departments
  3. Offices
  4. School Principal or teacher

An Informal email can be written to –

  • family
  • relatives
  • friends


Email writing format



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Email Writing Samples with Email Writing Format Samples

Let us discuss the Format of a formal Email

  1. email address of the recipient of the mail.
  2. main subject/reason of writing the email.
  3. Salutation

4. Body of the email:
a) Introduction
b) Matter in detail
c) conclude
5. Courteous leave taking and closing
6. Name, designation and contact details of sender.

The email writing format must be strictly followed in a formal Email. Just like a formal letter, we use formal language in a formal Email also. Use of abbreviations, short forms, slang language should be avoided in a formal Email.

On the other hand, in an informal Email, we can miss out on salutation, leave-taking, and designation and contact details of the sender because we are writing the mail to an acquaintance.



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Email writing format


Email Writing Samples

To see a Sample of Email writing, watch the video below:

How to write an email? Check out the following video giving examples about the email writing format.




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