NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 5 MCQs – In The Kingdom of Fools

In The Kingdom of Fools MCQs


CBSE Class 9 English Moments Book Chapter 4 In the Kingdom of Fools MCQ Questions with Answers

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Q1- What does this story speak about?

A) kings
B) kings and their ministers
C) a kingdom ruled by a foolish king and his silly minister
D) all


Q2- What kind of story is this?

A) A folktale
B) a mocktale
C) a humorous
D) a serious


Q3- What does this story throw light upon?

A) foolish people and the dangers they pose
B) kings and their ministers
C) always be happy
D) wise people


Q4- What is the theme of this lesson?

A) foolish people are unpredictable and dangerous
B) kings are dangerous
C) gurus are wise
D) have good friends

Q5- Why are the people in the kingdom called foolish?

A) because they follow all the ridiculous orders passed by their king
B) because they listen to their king
C) because they do silly things
D) because they are foolish


Q6- What is the message of the story?

A) be wise and stay away from foolish people
B) listen to the kings
C) kings are fools
D) none


Q7- How did the guru save the people of the kingdom?

A) by flattering the king
B) making the king believe that the new stake will bring fortune
C) by helping the kingdom getting rid of the foolish king and his silly minister
D) all


Q8- Who were the idiots?

A) king and his minister
B) people
C) gurus
D) all


Q9- What did the king and his minister decide to change?

A) people
B) customs
C) night with day
D) all


Q10- How was the night changed with day?

A) people would work at night and sleep during day
B) by lighting the kingdom
C) by decorating everything
D) none


Q11- How were the people made to obey the king’s orders?

A) by threatening to kill
B) by speaking to them
C) by showing them sword
D) none


Q12- Who visited the kingdom?

A) a guru and his disciple
B) a king from another kingdom
C) a merchant
D) a princess


Q13- What did the guru and his disciple find at the grocery shop?

A) many beautiful things
B) same price for all the things
C)  a duddu
D) none


Q14- Why was the guru initially happy?

A) because of the capacity of buying all things at a nominal price
B) because of the change systems
C) because of the foolish people
D) All


Q15- Why did guru decide to leave the place?

A) because of some urgent work
B) he had a message to leave the place
C) king ordered to leave the place
D) because he thought that it was not safe to be with fools for a long time


Q16- Who left the city?

A) disciple
B) guru
C) silly minister
D) king


Q17- What did the guru tell his disciple?

A) the people were innocent
B) the city was full of surprises
C) behavior of foolish is unpredictable and it was not safe to live with them
D) none


Q18- Who broke into the merchant’s house?

A) king
B) silly minister
C) disciple
D) a thief


Q19- How did the thief enter the merchant’s house?

A) jumping the wall
B) from the backdoor
C) by making a hole into the wall
D) none


Q20- What killed the thief after the loot?

A) a man stabbed him
B) a knife
C) wall of the old house fell on his head and killed him
D) none


Q21- Whom did the thief’s brother blame for the death of the thief?

A) destiny
B) people
C) merchant
D) All


Q22- How did the merchant escape from the punishment?

A) with his wisdom
B) guru saved him
C) his friends saved him
D) all


Q23- Whom did the merchant hold responsible for the thief’s death and saved his own life?

A) his father
B) the mason who built the wall
C) his forefathers

D) none


Q24- How did the bricklayer save his life?

A) by putting the blame on the merchant
B) by putting the blame on the dancing girl
C) by putting the blame on a hawker
D) by putting the blame on his father


Q25- How did the dancing girl save herself?

A) by putting the blame on the goldsmith
B) by putting the blame on the minister
C) by putting the blame on her master
D) none


Q26- How did the goldsmith save himself?

A) by putting the blame on merchant’s father
B) by putting the blame on the dancing girl
C) by putting the blame on is workersr
D) none


Q27- What did the merchant plead?

A) it was his father’s deal and not his
B) it was godsmith’s fault
C) it was bricklayer’s fault
D) None


Q28- What argument did the king present to punish the merchant?

A) He inherited his father’s sin in the same way as he inherits his wealth
B) He must sacrifice for his father’s sake
C) He must accomplish his father’s half done works
D) None


Q29- Why was the merchant not executed?

A) because he was too thin to fit in the stake
B) because he was crying
C) because he pleaded before the king
D) none


Q30- Who did the king decide to execute in place of the merchant?

A) a man who became fat because of eating
B) a poor man
C) merchant’s relative
D) none


Q31- To whom did the sanyasi pray in his heart before being executed?

A) God
B) His deceased father
C) Guru
D) All


Q32- How did Guru realize his disciple’s plight and reach to save him in the kingdom?

A) with his magical power and vision
B) a disciple informed him
C) a spy helped him
D) all


Q33- What did the Guru plead to the king to save his disciple?

A) to kill him first and later his disciple
B) The king was great
C) admired the king
D) none


Q34- What did Guru tell the king?

A) That he was great
B) that whosoever would die first the god king of justice would be happy and would give C) him a chance reborn as a king
D) that his sacrifice would bring fortune to the place


Q35- What made the king and his silly minister go for the stake first?

A) Guru’s words and their own foolishness
B) their greed
C) their foolishness
D) All


Q36- Why did the king and his ministers decide to go for the stake themselves?

A) because of Guru’s words and their greed to take the benefit themselves
B) people’s words
C) guru’s cunning words
D) man’s plight


Q37- How did the king and his men make the guru and his disciple free?

A) by disguising themselves as criminals
B) by making them run from the place
C) by passing orders
D) None


Q38- On what condition did the guru agreed to be the next king?

A) if his disciple would be a minister
B) if he could order without thinking
C) if old laws are changed
D) none


Q39- What was the price of all things during the foolish king’s rule?

A) 5 duddu each
B) 4 duddu each
C) 1 duddu each
D) 2 duddu each


Q40- According to the guru whose behavior is unpredictable?

A) king’s
B) people’s
C) foolish people’s
D) disciples



Answer key

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 C 11 A 21 C 31 C
2 A 12 A 22 A 32 A
3 A 13 B 23 B 33 A
4 A 14 A 24 B 34 B
5 A 15 D 25 A 35 A
6 A 16 B 26 A 36 A
7 D 17 C 27 A 37 A
8 A 18 D 28 A 38 C
9 C 19 C 29 A 39 C
10 A 20 C 30 A 40 C


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