NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 5 MCQs – The Happy Prince

The Happy Prince MCQs‌


CBSE Class 9 English Moments Book Chapter 5 The Happy Prince MCQ Questions with Answers

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Q1- Who is the writer of the Happy Prince story?

A) Khushwant Singh
B) R.K. Laxman
C) Oscar Wilde
D) Ruskin Bond


Q2- Why was the Prince called happy?

A) because he never cried
B) because he was very lucky
C) because he had everything
D) because he always smiled and was living in palace of happiness


Q3- What was done after the Prince’s death?

A) His statue was made
B) he was forgotten
C) people cried
D) people became corrupt


Q4- Whom did the Happy Prince send the Ruby to?

A) Seamstress- a poor woman
B) a man
C) a beggar
D) Swallow


Q5- What made the Seamstress’s child relaxed?

A) Ruby
B) Happy Prince
C) Swallow
D) Fanning by the Swallow


Q6- Whom did the Prince send the sapphire to?

A) matchgirl and young writer across the city
B) poor lady
C) a beggar
D) none


Q7- Why did Happy Prince send the sapphire to a young writer and the matchgirl?

A) to send hope and make them happy
B) to show them power
C) to surprise them
D) to help them


Q8- What did the swallow notice while flying over the city?

A) plight of the poor and greed of the rich
B) many people and their plight
C) many poor people
D) many waste things


Q9- What made Happy Prince blind?

A) Giving away two saphires
B) an arrow
C) a shooting gun
D) stone pelting


Q10- Why was the Swallow not ready to move to Egypt?

A) Because Happy Prince became blind
B) because of kindness of Happy Prince
C) Because Happy Prince would be alone
D) None


Q11- What moved Swallow’s heart?

A) Happy Prince
B) Happy Prince’s kindness
C) Happy Prince’s assets
D) All


Q12- Why did Happy Prince give away all his assets?

A) to eradicate misery and sorrow from his city
B) to show his power
C) to show his richness
D) None


Q13- Name the most precious things in the story that the angel took to give to God.

A) leaden heart of Happy Prince and the dead Swallow
B) Prince and his assets
C) Ruby,sword and sappire
D) All


Q14- Why were Prince and the Swallow so precious?

A) because of their kindness and selflessness
B) because of their services
C) because they had many possessions
D) they were rich


Q15- What did the Prince do to make the people of his city happy?

A) told them stories
B) gave away all his precious gems and stones
C) talked to people
D) made Swallow fly here and there


Q16- What did Swallow do to be with Happy Prince?

A) helped him flying here and there
B) stopped flying to distant places
C) sacrificed his trip to Egypt
D) All


Q17- What did Swallow become to help the Prince?

A) His messenger
B) His friend
C) His Minister
D) His Assistant


Q18- Where did the Swallow die?

A) in the city
B) under the fountain
C) at the feet of the Statue
D) in a house


Q19- Why did Swallow die?

A) Because of Prince
B) Because of people’s behavior
C) because of growing cold
D) All


Q20- What happens when the Swallow dies?

A) Leaden Heart of the Prince was broken into two pieces
B) Prince cried
C) Prince cried
D) People cried



Answer key

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 A 11 B
2 D 12 A
3 A 13 A
4 A 14 A
5 D 15 B
6 A 16 C
7 A 17 A
8 A 18 C
9 A 19 C
10 A 20 A



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