NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 3 MCQs – Iswaran the Storyteller

Iswaran the Storyteller MCQ Questions with Answers


CBSE Class 9 English Moments Book Chapter 3 Iswaran the Storyteller MCQ Questions with Answers

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Q1- Who is the writer of this lesson?

A) R.K Laxman
B) D.K.Tiwana
C) Khushwant Singh
D) None


Q2- What kind of story teller Iswaran was?

A) good
B) very good
C) master storyteller
D) none


Q3- What was Iswaran fond of reading?

A) books
B) comics
C) fiction
D) popular Tamil thrillers


Q4- What does the writer create while narrating his stories?

A) melodrama
B) humour
C) suspense,surprise and dramatic flavour
D) none


Q5- Whose story did Iswaran tell Mahendra?

A) leopard’s
B) lion’s
C) mad elephants
D) none


Q6- How did Iswaran make the elephant unconscious?

A) using a gun
B) shooting at him
C) giving him injection
D) using Japanese Art Karate (Ju- Jitsu)


Q7- Where did the elephant enter?

A) room
B) house
C) school ground
D) none


Q8- What did Mahendra tell Iswaran after hearing ghosts’ story?

A) he was lying
B) it was horrible
C) ghosts do not exist in reality
D) All


Q9- What did Iswaran often see at night at his workplace?

A) ghosts
B) elephants
C) strange birds
D) All


Q10- Why did Mahendra want to shift from his workplace?

A) he didn’t like the place
B) weather didn’t suit him
C) because of the fear of ghosts
D) All


Q11- Why does Iswaran use dramatic suspense and surprise in his story narration?

A) to catch the attention of the listeners
B) to boast
C) to fake
D) to befool others


Q12- How did Iswaran describe the uprooted tree?

A) adding suspense and surprise
B) using hands and eyes dramatically
C) catching the attention
D) all


Q13- What influenced Iswaran’s style of narration?

A) Tamil Thrillers
B) his father
C) his grandmother
D) none


Q14- According to Iswaran what made the story interesting and enjoyable?

A) elaborated descriptions
B) suspense and surprise
C) dramatic sense
D) all


Q15- Where did Iswaran hit the elephant to make him unconscious?

A) third toe nail
B) second toe nail
C) on his neck
D) on his trunk


Q16- What kind of a person did Mahendra claim himself to be?

A) intelligent
B) well read
C) brave and rational
D) All


Q17- What made Mahendra wake up on a full moon night?

A) A moan
B) a nightmare
C) a noise
D) all


Q18- What did Mahendra see from the window?

A) A cat running after a mouse
B) dark cloud like form holding a bundle
C) a mouse
D) a friend


Q19- How did Iswaran entertain Mahendra?

A) telling him stories just like a television
B) by scaring him like ghosts
C) by telling him jokes
D) none


Q20- What kind of person was Iswaran?

A) curious learner
B) dedicated, loyal and obedient worker
C) multitalented full of positive traits
D) all



Answer key

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 A 11 A
2 C 12 D
3 D 13 A
4 C 14 D
5 C 15 A
6 D 16 C
7 C 17 A
8 C 18 B
9 A 19 A
10 C 20 D


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