NCERT Class 9 English Chapter 10 ” The Beggar MCQs “


The Beggar MCQs


CBSE Class 9 English Chapter 10 The Beggar MCQ Questions Answers from Moments Book


The Beggar MCQs – CBSE has introduced MCQs in the new Exam Pattern. Here are a few MCQs from Class 9 English Moments book Chapter-10 The Beggar for the convenience of the students. Take Free Online MCQs Test for Class 9



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Q1- Who is the writer of this story?

A) Anton Chekhov
B) Bills Cosby
C) Anne Besant
D) None


Q2- How was the beggar earning money?

A) by telling false stories
B) by telling lies
C) by rousing sympathy in the listeners
d) all


Q3- Who did not give alms to the beggar?

A) Sergai
B) People on the road
c) Sergai’s maidservant
D) None


Q4- What is the theme of the lesson?

A) be kind
B) don’t be kind
C) kindness can transform anyone for the better
D) all


Q5- Who made the beggar lead a good life?

A) Olgy the cook
B) Sergei
C) a music teacher
D) none


Q6- Who was Sergei?

A) an advocate
B) a teacher
C) a lecturer
D) none


Q7- What was the name of the beggar?

A) Mushkoff
B) Chekhov
C) Lushkoff
D) None


Q8- What did Sergei give to the beggar?

A) food
B) milk
C) work to chop the wood
D) none


Q9- What was the name of the cook?

A) Sergei
B) Olga
C) Lushkoff
D) None


Q10- How much did money Sergei pay to the beggar for cutting wood?

A) half a rouble
B) 40 Copecks
C) 35 Copecks
D) 25 Copecks


Q11- How much money Lushkiff was earning as a notary?

A) 25 roubles a month
B) 35 roubles a month
C) 45 roubles a month
D) 20 roubles a month


Q12- Why was Lushkoff removed from the choir?

A) due to his weakness
B) due to his drunkenness
C) weak body
D) poor health


Q13- What forced Lushkoff to be a beggar?

A) choir group
B) his circumstances
C) his employer
D) none


Q14- How did Olga help the beggar?

A) by giving him food
B) giving him medicine
C) by chopping wood for him
D) none


Q15- Why was Lushkoff not willing to work?

A) because of poor health
B) because of his drunkenness
C) because he was hungry and weak
D) all


Q16- Why did Lushkoff agree to work for Sergai?

A) Sergei trapped him
B) because he was feeling ashamed
C) because of his own pride
D) all


Q17- Which incident became a turning point in Lushkoff’s life?

A) Sergei’s offer to work
B) Olgy’s help
C) removal from choir group
D) None


Q18- What was Lushkoff doing before begging?

A) dancing
B) singing
C) teaching
D) none


Q19- Why was Lushkoff telling lies to the people?

A) to seek sympathy
B) to get alms
C) to befool them
D) none


Q20- Where did Sergei meet Lushkoff after two years?

A) in his house
B) in his maid’s house
C) outside a theatre
D) none



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Answer key

Q. No. Answer Q. No. Answer
1 A 11 B
2 D 12 B
3 A 13 B
4 C 14 C
5 A 15 D
6 A 16 D
7 C 17 A
8 C 18 B
9 B 19 B
10 A 20 C



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