Character Sketch of The Last Leaf


Give a Character Sketch of Johnsy, Doctor , Mr. Behrman and Sue from Class 9 English Moments Book Chapter 7 The Last Leaf


Character Sketch of Johnsy


Johnsy is a young artist with a passionate and artistic soul. She is portrayed as a fragile and vulnerable character. Johnsy’s character undergoes a significant transformation when she falls ill with pneumonia. Her illness takes a toll on her physical and mental well-being, making her lose hope and giving her a pessimistic outlook on life. She becomes consumed by the belief that she will die when the last leaf falls from the ivy vine outside her window. Johnsy’s perception begins to change as she witnesses the resilience of the last leaf clinging to the vine despite harsh weather conditions. It triggers a transformation in Johnsy’s mindset, and she rediscovers her will to live.

The Last Leaf Overview – Two friends Sue and Johnsy live together in a rented apartment. Johnsy contracts pneumonia and loses her desire to live. She announces that she would die when the last leaf fell off the ivy creeper that could be seen from the room’s window. When the last leaf falls off, their neighbour, Mr Behrman goes out in the storm to paint one. This gives hope to Johnsy. On the other hand, Mr Behrman contracts pneumonia and dies.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of Johnsy


Q1: How would you describe Johnsy’s physical appearance and demeanor in “The Last Leaf”?
Q2: What are some key personality traits that define Johnsy’s character in the story? Provide examples from the text to support your answer.
Q3: How does Johnsy’s outlook on life change throughout the course of the story? Discuss the factors that contribute to this transformation.
Q4: Analyze Johnsy’s relationship with her roommate Sue. How does their friendship influence Johnsy’s character development and decision-making?
Q5: What role does Johnsy’s illness play in shaping her character? How does it affect her interactions with others and her perception of the world around her?


Character Sketch of the Doctor


The Doctor is a compassionate and dedicated medical practitioner. He takes his responsibilities seriously and shows genuine concern for his patients. His commitment to his profession is evident in the way he treats Johnsy, and ensures that she receives proper medical care. He shows empathy towards Johnsy’s condition and takes the time to understand her situation. He also provides emotional support during her illness. Despite the seriousness of Johnsy’s condition, he maintains a positive attitude and encourages her to have hope. He believes in the power of the human spirit and emphasizes the importance of a positive mindset in the healing process. When Sue, Johnsy’s roommate, expresses concern about the financial burden of Johnsy’s treatment, the Doctor assures her that his primary concern is his patient’s health and well-being. He does not let financial considerations interfere with providing proper medical care.


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Some Questions on Character Sketch of the Doctor


Q1: What is the Doctor’s role in the story, and how does he contribute to the overall plot and theme?
Q2: How does the Doctor’s attitude towards life and death evolve throughout the story?
Q3: Analyze the Doctor’s relationship with Johnsy. How does he support and care for her during her illness?


Character Sketch of Mr. Behrman


Behrman is a multifaceted individual who is nearing the end of his professional and personal lives. He feels frustrated because he cannot find the inspiration for his greatest work. Mr. Behrman surprises everyone when he shows a deep and selfless devotion towards his art. When Sue shares her worry about the last leaf falling and the impact it may have on Johnsy’s will to live, Mr. Behrman decides to create a masterpiece to save her life. He ventures out in the rain and cold, risking his own health, to paint a leaf on the wall, imitating the real leaf. Through that piece of art, Johnsy regains hope and the will to live. Mr. Behrman’s character embodies the idea that true art is an expression of deep emotion and that selfless acts can have a profound impact on others. He falls ill due to his exposure to the harsh weather and loses his life.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Mr. Behrman


Q1: How would you describe Mr. Behrman’s appearance and demeanor in “The Last Leaf”?
Q2: What is Mr. Behrman’s profession and how does it influence his character and interactions with others?
Q3: Analyze Mr. Behrman’s relationship with Johnsy and Sue in the story. How does he contribute to their lives?
Q4: Explore Mr. Behrman’s personality traits and motivations. What drives him to take on the task of painting the last leaf?
Q5: Discuss the transformation of Mr. Behrman’s character throughout the story. How does his final act reflect his true nature and leave an impact on the readers?


Character Sketch of Sue


Sue is a young illustrator who works for a Magazine. Sue is supported and cared for by her friend. When it comes to difficult circumstances, she is also extremely positive and optimistic. Despite facing hardships, Sue remains optimistic and hopeful, trying to uplift Johnsy’s spirits. She is portrayed as a determined and positive individual who firmly believes in the power of art and beauty. She even covers the costs of the doctor and meals while Johnsy was unwell even though she herself is financially struggling. She exemplifies selflessness and resilience, demonstrating unwavering loyalty and optimism in the face of adversity. Sue’s character serves as a reminder of the power of friendship and the strength that can be derived from hope and artistic inspiration.


Some Questions on Character Sketch of Sue


Q1: How would you describe Sue’s personality based on her actions and thoughts in the story “The Last Leaf”?
Q2: What role does Sue play in the lives of Johnsy and Behrman? How does she impact their characters?
Q3: Analyze the relationship between Sue and Johnsy.
Q4: In what ways does Sue demonstrate her determination and resilience throughout the story?
Q5: Discuss Sue’s attitude towards art and creativity. How does this reflect her character?


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